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Dainty Angel Decorations
Designed by Judi Maddigan for AMACO®

Create a charming ornament, wall hanging, or gift package tie
with push molds and polymer clay.


AMACO® Push Molds—Roses, Butterfly Angel, and Hearts & Swirls
FIMO® Polymer Clay—White, Caramel, Rosewood, Leaf Green
FIMO® Mix Quick kneading medium
One crocheted round white doily, 4"
Metallic gold cord, 30"
1 clear rhinestone, 3mm (optional)
Arts & Crafts Goop™
Acrylic paint: burgundy, golden brown, light gray blue, metallic gold
Peach chalk or blush make-up
Aluminum foil

Dainty Angel Equipment

#2/0 liner brush
#4 flat brush
Damp cloth for wiping paint
Circles template or ruler
Glass baking dish
Disposable hand wipes (optional)


  1. Condition the Fimo® by warming then kneading it until elastic and pliable. Add as much Mix Quick™ as needed to make the clay smooth and flexible, but do not add so much that it becomes sticky.

  2. Mix the colors. For flesh color, mix a 3/4" ball of White and a 5/16" ball of Caramel. For lime, blend equal parts of Leaf Green and White. For pink, mix a 3/4" ball of White and a 5/16" ball of Rosewood. For mauve, mix equal parts of White and Rosewood.

  3. Angel: Read the general directions on the back of the push molds package. Using the Butterfly Angel mold, mold one head with flesh and a pair of wings with White. Flatten upper inside edge of each wing and place about 1/2" apart on a piece of aluminum foil (see photo right).

  4. Hearts and Swirls: Mold five right swirls and one medium heart with Caramel. Arrange swirls in a semi-circle below wings (see photo right). Place head on top of wings and heart on lower edge of left wing.

  5. Roses and Leaves: Mold one medium rose with White, three small roses with pink, one medium rose and two small roses with mauve, four medium leaves in lime, and three large leaves in Leaf Green. Refer to photos for placement of flowers and leaves.

  6. Use flat brush to apply chalk or blush to angel's cheeks and to the centers and edges of the pink and white roses. Use liner brush to apply chalk or blush to angel's lips.

  7. Transfer the clay and its foil to a glass baking dish. Preheat oven to 265F (129C) and bake for 30 minutes. Allow to cool completely.

  8. Thin some gray blue paint with an equal amount of water. Paint wings with thinned paint, then wipe with a damp cloth to remove paint from raised areas. Paint the mauve roses with thinned burgundy paint then wipe. Paint the angel's hair with thinned golden brown paint then wipe. Use the liner brush and thinned golden brown paint to add eyebrows and eyelashes (see photo right). Use flat brush to apply metallic gold paint to only the raised areas of heart and swirls, leaving the depressions unpainted. Apply two or more additional coats of gold, if needed, allowing to dry between coats.

  9. Place doily face up on aluminum foil. Cover back side of baked clay with Arts & Crafts Goop™. Place center of gold cord across back of wings, with cord ends extending up from wing tips. Center clay and cord face up on doily and press together. Tie cord in a bow. Knot and trim cord ends. Optional: glue rhinestone to center of heart.

  10. Use Arts & Crafts Goop™ to attach any loose flowers or leaves. To prevent sticking, after 15 to 20 minutes lift the glued piece and place it face down on a new piece of aluminum foil. Discard used foil. Leave face down to set for 24 hours.

    Judi Maddigan
    Copyright ©1997-98 by Judi Maddigan and American Art Clay Co., Inc.
    Used by permission.

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