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Condition any color of clay and pass it through your pasta machine at the thickest setting.

Cut 3 rings, one inside the other (right). I used the 3 largest Kemper Rose cutters and then cut another larger ring outside of them. To keep them round, I baked them before I separated them and used an x-acto knife to do the final separation.

While the rings are baking, make 3 or 4 legs for the egg stand (left). After passing the clay through the Pasta Machine at the thickest setting, fold it and roll it with a brayer to create a slab about ¼ inch thick. The outside surface can be as simple or complex as you want as long as the bottom edge is at least perpendicular to the outside edge of the bottom. I used a semi-ring for this example. I created a pattern from paper to use to cut out the legs so that they would be reasonably identical.

Cut stair step notches into the legs (right). The steps should be the width of each ring. Each step should start where the other ended. Using the smallest ring, arrange the legs around it and place the ring on the smallest stair step. Add a drop of TLS to secure the ring.


Place the other two rings on stair steps in the same manner, the largest being at the top. Bake and finish.

Here's the finished product!
Sally Haskell
© Photos and Text, July, 2000

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