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Flower Faerie
Flower Faerie Tools Needed:
  • one sided razor blade
  • Roller or smoothsided glass
  • Super Sculpey™
  • 3 or more colors of Premo
  • Small piece of wire

Start by conditioning the clay. Roll it in your hands and flatten it with the roller. Continue to condition until the clay is warm and easily manulipated. Take the flesh toned Super Sculpey™ and make the body parts as follows:
    Fig. 1
  1. Roll a small head about and 1/8” round. set it aside.
  2. Make an oval about three times the size of the head or 1/3” tall.
  3. For the arms and legs roll out two snakes. The snake arm needs to be 1 1/2” long, and the legs 3 1/2” approximately.
  4. Make a ball (1/2” thick) out of one the Premo colors and roll that ball flat to make the faerie dress.
  5. Use the second Premo color for the faerie flower cap. Roll any size ball and pinch off a small section. It will have the basic petal shape. Make four petals of the same size.
  6. Make one more long snake out of the remaining color (this will be the stem of the flower and the faerie hair, so be sure to make it long enough).

Fig. 2

Fold the 3 1/2” snake in half and attach to the bottom of the body. Bend the every end of the “legs” up to form small feet.
(see figure left)

Fig. 3 Wrap the "dress" around the body of the faerie, starting at the top.The seam will be in the back, and any excess may be removed. Be sure to cover the entire back, so the flesh color does not show. Take the "head" (1/8" ball) and secure it to the body by sticking the wire halfway into the bottom of the ball, and then place it on the body with the wire going down into it.
(see figure right)

Fig. 4
Take the snake for the arms and attach it at the base of the head, and then fold the snake around the front so that both ends of the snake meet in the faerie's lap. Place the petals on the top of the faerie's head to form a cap. Be sure the points of the petals and the sides touch the other petals without overlapping, and leave the rounded part draping over the head.
(see figure left)

Fig. 5
Take the remaining snake and the fold it in half and twist it to form a braid. Attach the braid at the point where the petals meet on the top of the head. Postion the braid like a vine down the back to cover the dress seam, (figure right) and then bring it around to the front of the faerie and rest the end in the hands, as seen in the picture at the top of this article.

Place you faerie on a cookie sheet reserved just for clay and put her in a cold oven. Follow the baking instructions on your clay package. Enjoy!

Molly Zeck
Design, Text and Pictures ©1998 by Molly Zeck

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