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Recently, Stephen and I had the opportunity to attend Clay ConneCTion 2012 in Connecticut. During this time I had a chance to see some of my old clay friends, and some of our conversations went back to the old days of polymer clay. One of the mainstays of the early days were swaps, a practice not as much in fashion now, but VERY popular then. Swaps were sometimes the only way that we could actually see, in person, someone's work besides our own! I remember the excitement of opening the "swap box" when it arrived in the mail, and the joy of seeing others who were as crazy about polymer clay as I was! Talking about this, we realized that there were a number of old swap pages, back from 1997 to 1998, that never got reposted on the new Polymer Clay Central. Well, we have corrected that situation, and we now proudly present a number of swaps from the Golden Age of Swaps, and from the ealiest days of Polymer Clay Central, back when Arlene Thayer ran the whole show! Not only that, we've kept them in the original page format, so you can see PCC in its early days. So, click here and take a walk back through some of the history of Polymer Clay! - Leigh

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