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Shrine Mont Gallery
Of all the things found at Shrine Mont, the most incredible and the most impressive has got to be all the wonderful art work by all the talented artists.

These are just some of the many talented people whose art work could be found at Shrine Mont. I've also included their home state, just so everyone can see how many states were represented.

Click on their names to see just a part of the Polymer Clay Art Work that could be found at Shrine Mont. Be sure to click each picture for a larger view, and any Detail link.

Then click on the Portrait Gallery to see some of your favorits Artists.

I brought all my photographic equipment so that I could attempt to take some good photos of everyone's work. It was the most incredible experience just seeing all of these creations, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Betty Abdu - NH
Ellen Berne - MD
Joey Binard - NV
Debby Brams - MA
Eireen Brams - FL
Jane Brobst - FL
Jean Comport - MI
Terry Lee Czechowski - MD
Ann Dillon - NH
Marilyn Dobris - FL
Diane Dunville - VA
Celie Fago - VT
Kathy Gregson - VA
Lindly Haunani - MD
Linda Heaton - VT
Jean Hornberger - DE
Susan Kelsey - MI
Judith A. Li - MD
Laura Liska - CA
Sandra McCaw - NH
Jean McGinley - PA
Hollie J. Mion - OH
Nancy Nearing - VA
Carissa Nichols - OH
Lilian Nichols - OH
Patricia Portnoy - RI
Kenneth Rajspis - VA
Betty Roe Richards - FL
Mary Rouse - VA
Marie Segal - CA
Susan Singer - VA
Barbara Sosna - TX
Heidi Spicer - NC
Mary Jo Tetkowski - MI
Cynthia Tinapple - OH
Wilma Yost - MD