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National Polymer Clay Guilds 1999
Shrine Mont Retreat

Shrine Mont Building Mountains, fresh air, rustic cabins, trees, wildlife, artists, friends, plentiful food, and Polymer Clay, what more could you ask for?

This was my first experience going to an Artist Retreat, as well as one of the first experiences I have ever had going out into the world all by myself! Unless you count my numerous visits to the HOSPITAL!

Shrine Mont Building What I actually bring home with me, from this Shrine Mont retreat, is impossible to put into words! The impression I got from those tried and true returning veterans, who had been to Shrine Mont since it's birth 9 years ago, was that they were counting on going through the same emotional tornado. I think once you've been here, you need to come back every year, just to get your artistic FIX. It has to be one of the most creativLEIGH exhilerating experiences of my life!

Please enjoy my meager attempt to convey the joys of Shrine Mont. This will never give you the full experience, but I have a feeling you'll get an idea of what goes on!

Marie SegalShrine Mont Review - A personal perspective of life at Shrine Mont.

Sandra McCaw FlowerShrine Mont Gallery - Photos of the work of many of the artists who attended Shrine Mont and even the work of one that wasn't. There's even a Gallery Page with photos of some of the artists themselves!

Lindly, Nan and MargaretShrine Mont Workshops - A quick view of some of the workshops, with apologies to those I didn't get a chance to photograph.

Sue Kelsey's Mr.LadyBugTales From Shrine Mont - Things I promised not to show??? Now, would I do that? Some of the Candid Shots just for the fun of it!