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Here at PCC, we love to showcase exciting new artists, and show a sampling of their work to the global clay community! Leigh has found another terrific artist, Jonathan Hoffman, a young man and art student who's been working with clay for few years, and who has achieved amazing sucess with his sculptures! Let Jonathan tell you a little about himself, and then enjoy his beautiful work!

Jonathan Hoffman Background:
Age: 23
Currently a student studing Animation at Brigham Young University
Other hobbies include: painting, rock climbing, 3D modeling and animation, croquet, scuba diving.

I've worked with modeling clay since I was a little kid, and have always loved making things with my hands. I never had much luck with ceramic clay- and when I discovered polymer clay I immediately fell in love.

I've tinkered with it for maybe 5 years, but I didn't start doing serious figures until about 2 years ago. My techniques are almost completely self taught, which means that I've had hundreds of pieces fall apart, burn, etc. in the school of trial and error. I don't paint any of my peices; I use gradients for the coloration (including the face), and I even make the eyes out of polymer clay (caning). The whole process from building a wire skeleton to costuming the figure is a joy for me. Whether or not I ever make any money from my sculpture is relatively immaterial, since I enjoy it so thoroughly you couldn't ever stop me from doing it.

For more of my work, please visit my website -

A Sampling of Jonathan's Work!
Click Pictures for a Larger View

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