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Text and Illustrations by Kris Richards

Frame 1

And here's the completed cane applied to a papier maché frame...

Here's how it looks as a graphics image, all linked together as one big cane! In reality, I glued it (using Sobo brand glue) to a papier maché frame, then painted the back and inside of the frame with two coats of acrylic paint.

Look below to see the actual caned frame!

Here it is!

Frame 2
I added a stripe from another kaliedoscope cane,
only this one was done with different colors...
(mainly white, navy and purple.)

More ideas on how to use canes:

  • cover bottles
  • cover tinware
  • cover papier maché shapes (coat with Sobo Glue and allow to dry tacky)
  • cover glass votives
  • cover metal jar lids
  • cover acrylic frames

Have fun! Hope you liked it!

As Kris says, we hope you enjoyed it! Keep watching the Polymer Clay Central for more of her terrific Polymer Clay Lessons. If you have any questions, feel free to email our Staff.

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