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Kathy Gregson
Teaches Mokume Gane With PearlEx Powders

Click Here to Download a Zipfile of this Chat

.KathyG> Make several colors that you like. I used the rainbow for those pieces
INEKE2> 2 oz, is that a small package?
.KathyG> Yes
.KathyG> Roll the clays out very thin. Start layering them say maybe a blue, a layer of plain transparent, a layer of a foil like siler
.KathyG> OK so far?
INEKE2> yes, OK
.KathyG> siler= silver
INEKE2> ok
.KathyG> Then maybe a layer of blue green, a layer of one of the powders like Perfect Fx or any ot them
INEKE2> I don't know the powders like Perfect FX, but I understand the procedure ...
.KathyG> Another layer of foil, a layer of green, more powder, a layer of transparent, foil. powder, ect.
.KathyG> You just keep layering until you want to stop. OK so far
.KathyG> You don't have to use the powders, it just adds more glitter
INEKE2> yes, ok,
.Gaby> that sounds great Kathy, you made my day..... thank you :)
.KathyG> You can also put little pieces of regular clay like maybe a white stripe or anything to vary things
INEKE2> Ah, nice...!
.Kimba> Kat, do you put the powder and the foil next to each other, without a layer of clay between them?
.Dianne> Hello Everyone!
.Gaby> Hiiiiiiiiii DEAR DEAR FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!
.KathyG> The more variety you have the better and more pieces of good mokuma gane you have
INEKE2> Hi Dianne!Welcome
.Kimba> Hi Dianne!
.KathyG> Hi Dianne.
.The Tease Sorcer> Hi Dianne :)
.Kimba waves

.Dianne> ohhh, Kat are you telling how you did those gorgeous beads??
.KathyG> The powder makes the foil not stick as well but if you squish it a bit, it will cling
.The Tease Sorcer> Yes she did :)
.Gaby> yes Dianne were are listening very very careful :)
.KathyG> OK so far?
.Gaby> I am logging the lesson Dianne
.Kimba> Yes, please continue!!!!
.The Tease Sorcer> me too
.Dianne> oops.
.KathyG> There are various ways to distort the mokume gane.
.KathyG> One way is to push various things into the clay from the top.
INEKE2> What kind of things?
.KathyG> Things like a pen cap. As you push it down into the clay it pushes that color down
INEKE2> Oh, I see, it's a way to mix the colours
.KathyG> so day if you had red on top, you will find red when you are cutting down in the blue layer
.KathyG> I use leather tools, pieces of brass tubing, those things that keep chairs from crushing the rugs
.KathyG> You know those clear plastic things that have spikes?
.Gaby> Kathy do you fill the spaces with another color?
INEKE2> actually I don"t ...
INEKE2> good question, Gaby!
.KathyG> No Gaby you are distoring the clay before you start slicing
.Gaby> I meant the hole that you make on the clay with the pen cap???
.KathyG> Understand
.Gaby> ok thanks
.KathyG> No, leave the hole
.Dianne> You can also make spirals and things from clay to impress into the stack.
.KathyG> Also the centers of adding machine tapes makes a great pattern
.The Tease Sorcer> ze bedoelt dat je gaten in de klei drukt als het een rol is ineke en dat opvul met een andere kkleur
.KathyG> What's that Ria
.The Tease Sorcer> geloof ik
.Gaby> machine tapes???
INEKE2> aha!
.The Tease Sorcer> I try to explain to ineke what you are telling
INEKE2> thanks Ria
.Gaby> she is the translator Kathy :)
.KathyG> I collect things from all over to push into the clay. You have to just try things. Somethings don't work well
.Dianne> An old fashioned potato masher is cool too.
.Gaby> can you give me an example Kathy?
.KathyG> I also use some of the tiny aspic cutters. I want them to drag the clay down so I cover the sharp edge with a piece of masking take and use that
.KathyG> tape
.Dianne> Or I will have to try that...good idea.
.Gaby> ohhh that sounds cool
.KathyG> So if you had a blue green cane and pushed a star through the blue into the green layer, while you were cutting the green layer you would find a blue star
.KathyG> OK on that?
.Gaby> ok for me Kathy :)
INEKE2> yes .. (I think) ...
.The Tease Sorcer> hihihih
.KathyG> You can also distort it from the bottom by putting little balls of clay underneath and making hills and valleys
.KathyG> Does that make sense?
.Gaby> yes
.The Tease Sorcer> Ok now but why do we do that??
INEKE2> yes, very much
.Dianne> Ria, it does the same thing as impressing down, only it goes up.
.KathyG> Sometimes I gather the whole piece in my hands and push it together and make hills and valleys.
.The Tease Sorcer> oh ok
.Dianne> Like a topigraphical map.
.Dianne> spelling?
.KathyG> Sometimes I just want flatter stuff so I don't distort it too much
.KathyG> Right
INEKE2> of the Grand Canyon (LOL)
.Dianne> Ineke...right:)
.KathyG> Now it is time to start slicing
INEKE2> oké, let start ...
.KathyG> You need a very sharp new blade and take off very thin pieces
.KathyG> I mean really thin.
INEKE2> that needs a lot of practice, I guess ...
.The Tease Sorcer> wit a nublade
.KathyG> If you are using a pasta machine and made the cane with #7 thickness of clays
INEKE2> what's a nublade?
.KathyG> you might want one or two layers, not more
.Dianne> tissue blade.
INEKE2> oh, ok
.KathyG> A longer, tissue blade we have available
.The Tease Sorcer> een heel scherp bladmesje speciaal voor klei
INEKE2> I saw them in a hobbyshop
.KathyG> OK so far?
INEKE2> yes!!
.KathyG> Keep slicing. You will get a whole bunch of pieces.
.KathyG> I lay them out on waxed paper
.Dianne> Ria said It is a special sharp blade for clay. right?
INEKE2> Very good, Dianne!
.KathyG> Yes, you need a new one
.The Tease Sorcer> yes i said that :)
INEKE2> ?????????
.KathyG> Look at both sides of each piece. One side may be better than the other and you have to choose
.The Tease Sorcer> Waxed paper oven papier volgens mij :)
.KathyG> OK?
.Gaby> ok
.The Tease Sorcer> got it ;)
INEKE2> OK, but why is the wax paper necissary?
.Gaby> so the clay won't stick up
.KathyG> The pieces are very thin and fragile and you don't want them to stick to the surface
INEKE2> I see Kathy!
.KathyG> If I put them on my plexiglass work surfaces, they stick and get ruined
INEKE2> Meant: I see, Kathy
.KathyG> I end up with about 4 of my plexiglass pieces covered with mokume gane
.KathyG> Now take some kind of clay for the center of say the bead
.KathyG> Or if you are covering a dragon, make the body
.KathyG> Or if it is an egg, cover the egg with a thin layer of clay
INEKE2> I HAVE to ask: what's VBG?
.Dianne> very bad girl
.KathyG> Very big grin
.Dianne> ohoh...I am a vbg.
.The Tease Sorcer> Grote grijns
.KathyG> OK so far?
.Dianne> with a vbg!
INEKE2> OK Kathy!
.The Tease Sorcer> Yes dianne you are :)
.KathyG> Then I took some of the Perfect FX powders, etc and stuck it to the center clay
.KathyG> You don't have to use anything but clay if you like
INEKE2> Ria, the Perfect FX Powders, are they the same as the Eberhard Faber powders (gold, silver, bronze etc)?
.Dianne> I am seeing vases in my future with this technique!!
.KathyG> Now you start adding pieces of the mokume gane onto the clay in a pleasing pattern.
.Kimba> No the Perfect FX powders are mica flakes
.The Tease Sorcer> No Ineke totally different take a look at Dianne's website there you see them :)
INEKE2> Ah, the files Ria talked about a little while ago
.KathyG> You want to pick and choose among the different colors and patterns etc until you get what you like.
.The Tease Sorcer> Dit zijn kleine mica deeltjes en niet het mica wat wij in nederland gebruiken voor kaarten maken
INEKE2> Yes, you explained it to Helma too
.Kimba> like the tiles , but already broken up into little flakes, and colored differnt colors
INEKE2> I see ...
.KathyG> Smooth it down until it is smooth. You have to cover it with something if you use the foils or they will tarnish and the powders will rub off
.Gaby> those powders are very very beautiful, better than eberhard pulvers
INEKE2> I absolutely have to have them!
.Gaby> I agree with you Ineke
.Kimba> I do like what you got on those beads, Kat!
.The Tease Sorcer> Yes i have to agree cool stuff
.KathyG> You can cover it with an extremely thin piece of transparent clay, or TLS or Future or whatever
.KathyG> OK?
.Kimba> Did you use Future on those beads?
INEKE2> cover the entire piece?
.KathyG> Yes I did
.KathyG> use Future
.KathyG> You can cover the entire piece but it has to be really thin and you may have to sand some
.KathyG> OK
.Gaby> I haven't been at the message board, did you posted the pictures over there
.Kimba> Kat, do you use the Future on warm clay, or rebake it?
.KathyG> Yes, Gaby
INEKE2> Now I don' get it anymore: after putting on the pieces of clay you put future on it, or after baking?
.Gaby> ok I will take a look later
.KathyG> I used it on cool clay but I have done it on warm also
.Dianne> after baking, Ineke.
.KathyG> Sorry Ineke, you have to bake first
.KathyG> Kind of forgot that
INEKE2> oké, I see
.Dianne> I use it on my cooled beads but put them back in the oven to harden the future.
.KathyG> OK everybody?
.Dianne> I was not paying attention, you sand and buff too.??
.Gaby> ok Kathy
INEKE2> Oké!!!!!!!!!!
.KathyG> Yes, I sand and buff. That is what makes the transparent so transparent
.Gaby> ja ja ja ja
.Kimba> Okay! Thank you! Kat! :-D
.KathyG> Sometimes you don't have it sand. It just depends
INEKE2> so you bake, put future on it and than sand and buff?
.Kimba> Have you tried the icewater trick with the transparent?
.KathyG> If you use transperent or TLS you may have to sand. Just Future, no sanding
.Dianne> bake, sand, buff, future.
.The Tease Sorcer> no first sand and buff then the future right??
INEKE2> I've read about the icewater, why?
.KathyG> Yes, I always put my transparent clay into icewater. It makes the clay more transparent
.Dianne> The icewater makes bleached premo more clear.
.KathyG> It works beleive me
.Dianne> I haven't seen that so much with art fimo though...but wow, with the bleached.
.Gaby> I haven't try that, I must keep that on my mind
.KathyG> You might not have to sand if you use the Future Ria
.The Tease Sorcer> I think my baby dragon would get to cold :)
.KathyG> but you do have to buff in order to get it more transparent.
INEKE2> buffing is the thing with the denim cloth, or what????
.Gaby> I always sand, it gives a better finish on the pieces
.The Tease Sorcer> I do not use future Kat :)
.Gaby> yes Ineke
.KathyG> On something like a dragon, you could just add the future or something like that.
INEKE2> what do you use Ria
.KathyG> Some acrylic finishe
.The Tease Sorcer> No farnishes :)) i can't use them for the health of my parrot i am a nut abbout that
.Gaby> look for a wax for floors in The Netherlands Ineke
.Gaby> I use a mexican brand and it works great
.The Tease Sorcer> And i think they don't need them really :)
.KathyG> OK does everyone understand the instructions?
INEKE2> so future is a kind of waxy like thing, I thought it was a varnish
.Gaby> yes yes yes
.Gaby> nope is a floor wax Ineke
INEKE2> nope???
INEKE2> (sorry)
.Gaby> ja ja ja that means no
.The Tease Sorcer> nee
.KathyG> We use floor wax but you can use different polymer varnishes, etc
.Gaby> and they are not toxic at all
.Gaby> future has a nice odor also
.Kimba> Yes, Kat, they were very clear! Thank you!!!!
INEKE2> But I can imagine there's a great difference between using a varnish and a wax
.KathyG> Smells like apples
.Gaby> the mexican brand is odorless
.Kimba> Future is actually an acrylic finish, not a wax or a varnish
.Gaby> I prefer the wax, future or the mexican brand
.KathyG> The wax would give you a more matte finish
INEKE2> aha!
.Gaby> the mexican brand is wax
INEKE2> ria, is Future available in the Netherlands?
.Gaby> and I think that looks much better than the varnish
.KathyG> The thing with this technique is that there is nothing that is wrong. Try something and see if it works.
INEKE2> yes, you're right, that's exciting!
.The Tease Sorcer> nee moet je iets anders voor zoeken maar ze zeggen dat je iedere vloer vernis zou kiunnen gebruiken ik denk dat je dat zelof moet uitproberen??
.Gaby> Hi Helma welcome!!!!!!!!
.KathyG> I have tried pushing various things into the clay and it doesn't work. Other things do. Experiment
INEKE2> Where did the mokume gane technique come from, Japan or so?
.KathyG> Yes it is a technique used by metal workers.
.The Tease Sorcer> Hi HElma
INEKE2> Hi Helma , how's your day???????Glad you're here!
HELMA5> Hello everyone, I'm back on PCC!
.Gaby> Kathy you have a big big heart thank you for teaching us this technique, I really appreciate that
.Kimba> Welcome back Helma! :-)
.KathyG> They layer different metals to make patterns, etc but our clay is a lot more versatile and we can do more with it
INEKE2> You just missed a very interesting discussion about the mokume gane technique, let's try it out some day together!
.KathyG> I've got to go folks. If anyone has a problem just put it on the message board and I'll answer if I can. OK?
HELMA5> ThanksIneke, you make me curious!
INEKE2> thank you, Kathy, for explaining this to all of us, where can I find your pics by the way?
.Kimba> Okay! Thanks again (and again and again...) Kat!
.Dianne> Kat, could you send some simple direction and pict over for my scrapbook?
.Gaby> THANK YOU AGAIN Kathy, take care
.KathyG> I sent them to you Dianne unless it didn't work which is also possible
.Gaby> at the message board Ineke
INEKE2> Helma, this is a very nice technique for our bracelet swap
.Dianne> ok, I will have to check...thanks, Kat!!
.KathyG> If you don't get them send me a email and I'll send them again
.Kimba> She posted some picts on the Forrum under Perfect FX powders and mokume gane
.Dianne> ok dokey.
.Gaby> sure it is Ineke, great technique!!!!!
INEKE2> So Helma, what about tomorrow or tonight (LOLOLOLOL)
.KathyG> It is under the show and tell but I can't remember the topic Lame brain!!
.Kimba> in show and tell
.Gaby> oh girls I am so happy with this chat :)
.KathyG> CUL
.KathyG> - signed off -
.The Tease Sorcer> Hhahahah it worked for a time :)) hahahahaa
INEKE2> so am I, it makes my sunday great!
.Kimba> The topic is Perfect FX powders and mokume gane
INEKE2> thank you, Kimba
.Dianne> And now if you need Perfect fx...hehehhee...
.Gaby> mine too Ineke, a chat room full of friends and a great teacher
.The Tease Sorcer> Kat did not sleep much :))
INEKE2> I'm going to surf to your site immediately, Diane
.Dianne> Please do send me this log, Gaby...thank you!!
.Kimba> I am glad I dragged myself out of bed early today! :-D

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