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.Leigh> Donna Kato is our special guest tonight
.jake> really
.Leigh> and we are very anxious to have at her... Er... Um, let her talk!
.Donna Kato> hi everyone
.Jan> Yea Donna!
.jake> ** Caution, QUIET group **
.Donna Kato> okay guys, shoot
.Leigh> Donna, just for those who are new to Polymer Clay, how long have you been doing P
.Donna Kato> i think it's been about 10 years, concentrated, that is. found it first in a toy store!
.Donna Kato> it wasn't until i saw nan's book that i had any idea about the potential of this medium - and wow, what potential!
.Leigh> Was it fimo that you found back then?
.Donna Kato> no, it was cernit. i didn't know about any other polymer clays.
.Leigh> Her book was so awesome, yet the books today are filled with all sorts of new stuff
.Leigh> WOW,
.Leigh> I've just started working with cernit
.Donna Kato> she really put polymer clay on the map, so to speak. i really think she started about 80 percent of us.
.Leigh> Without a doubt
.Jan> It seems like many artists were inspired by Nan's book.
.Leigh> My NEW CLAY is frayed around the edges
.Donna Kato> oh, yes, i think i must have read and reread that book at least 100 times.
.Jan> Speaking of books..Donna do you have any new ones or videos coming out soon?
.Donna Kato> i think she's close to finishing her next book. hope.
.Donna Kato> i'll be doing another video or two with mindstorm y2k and i'm beginning my next book, too. that's a lot of work, let me tell you.
.Leigh> Before anyone gets bumped and before I lose power I wonder if you would talk about the toxicity issue
.Leigh> There are still new clayers who are very worried about it
.Leigh> we just had a discussion on the board about making flutes with PC
.Donna Kato> ummmm. that's always a dicy subject. i don't worry about it personally. i wouldn't recommend pregnant ladies clay, but i think we're exposed to a lot of plastics daily - that we don't worry about.
.Donna Kato> i know the flute lady, they're great but, i don't think i'd put one in my mouth.
.Leigh> Is there one clay that is worse than another?
.Leigh> I think a nice sterling silver mouth piece would be very nice
.Donna Kato> we're all so different - one person may have a sensitivity to one clay and not another. my hands used to be really dry and cracky when i used s3 and now i don't have the problem.
.Jan> Do you recommend a seperate oven for clay and food...or do you recommend some type of venting if you use your reg. oven?
.Donna Kato> the plasticizers are all different, so i think it depends on the individual.
.Leigh> So it is more of an allergy thing?
.Donna Kato> i use a convection oven - it's not vented or anything. if you have o use your oven at home, place the obnject in a baking pan and seal it up tight. the residue will collect in the pan not on the
.Donna Kato> sides of the ovemn.
.byrd> what about the clay affecting eyes? sometimes, just working with it, my eyes won't stop watering.
.Donna Kato> i think so, leigh. diluent makes my hands numb and other people don't have any reaction at all
.Leigh> Yes, I get a little tingly from the Diluent!
.Donna Kato> gosh, byrd, i can't imagine what's happening there.
.Leigh> maybe not enough ventilation?
.Jan> that does sounds like an allergy Byrd..the watering eyes
.Donna Kato> you might be allergic to something in the clay.
.Donna Kato> or something in the environment - i'm very allergy prone, myself
.Leigh> how is Colorado for allergys?
.byrd> well, it doesn't happen all the time. Confuses me
.Donna Kato> it's great. we're so high up, a lot of pesky things like carpet mites, can't survive.
.byrd> well, it doesn't happen all the time. Confuses me
.Donna Kato> if it doesn't happen all the time, it might be environmental or something you've ingested.
.Leigh> I wonder if it's maybe certain colors of clay
.byrd> hmmm could be
.Donna Kato> could very well be - the pigments are all different.
.Leigh> Definately,
.Jan> You might keep a journal Byrd...type of clay.color..reaction etc
.Jan> might help narrow it down
.byrd> good thinking thanks
.Leigh> Donna, you mentioned doing more videos, what might they be on?
.Donna Kato> so, as long as you're here - let me ask you all for your feedback on FimoSoft!
.Leigh> With so many new techniques!
.Jan> I love it! I'm pretty new to PC Donna..and hated Fimo..(not sure if I ever had "fresh" fimo..but I love the soft!
.Donna Kato> oh, videos...i want to do one on transparent layering and transparent canes. it's my new favorite thing to do. i've also been having fun with an encased copy transfer.
.Leigh> The Fimo Soft translucent is awesome, the plain with no color
.Leigh> That's one of my current passions too!
.Donna Kato> oh good, i'm glad to hear it - you know when a new clay is introduced, takes time to get it just right
.Donna Kato> i love, love, love translucent
VIOLETTEL> the few samples I tried, I loved
.Leigh> Yes, I did think that the flourescent colors were mucyh much too soft, but I'm holding out till the next batch comes in
.Leigh> I have a feeling it was the batch we got
.Donna Kato> um, you know, i've noticed that most of the fluorescent colors are softer than the rest - must be pigments
.Leigh> There are a couple absolutely lucious colors in the new FIMO Soft
VIOLETTEL> Ill be happy when I can get it here in Canada
.Donna Kato> the pink and green were gooey
.Leigh> I called it bubble gum!!!
1CENTPENNY> do you mean the Fimo Soft trans is truly translucent?
.Donna Kato> the colors are great but they are more transparent generally than fimo - so adding white to opaque canes is a must.
.Jan> Heck...not many stores in Houston even carry it yet! I order mine from Donna
.Donna Kato> it's translucent, not transparent!
.Leigh> the pink especially! but the other regular colors did very nice and teh metallics are a whole new dimension for Polymer Clay IMHO
.Donna Kato> vernon will be very happy to hear that!
.Jan> :) Well...I sent two orders this week so far! LOL
.Elizabeth> I love the translucency of the colored FIMOSofts, because I do a lot of work w/ translucents. They mix well, without that opaque filler.
VIOLETTEL> what is an encased copy transfer?
.Donna Kato> metallics are interesting, aren't they. they're working on a little problem, though - dont drop any on the floor!!!!!
.Leigh> Oh I'm glad someone asked that questiong Violet
.Leigh> Also when you and them the color comes off the glitter
.Leigh> sand that that shold be!
.Donna Kato> it's a way of creating a transfer copy encased between two sheets of clay which can then be enlarged, draped, pleated, folded, mutilated.
VIOLETTEL> I did a very tiny cane withthe glitter and had no problems slicing it; there was no drag...
.Donna Kato> oscelyn learned the technique when i taught in dc. do you want to know how it's done?
.Jan> SURE!
VIOLETTEL> that sounds very interesting
.Maggie> ---nods til her head wobbles..:)
.Donna Kato> okay, first of all you'll need a fresh transfer, transparent clay, and designer chalks (rubber stampers use these) or some other powdered pigment.
.Donna Kato> roll the transparent very thin as thin as possible. place it on a glazed tile or some other non porous surface - you want the clay to stick to it.
.Donna Kato> make the transfer. slowly, and i mean slowly, peel the paper back. tint the nbegative parts of the image with the chalks 0- they're great.
.Donna Kato> prepare the backing. you could use black or white or leaf crackled transparent.
.Donna Kato> in the case of the leaf crackled backing, place the leaf on the chalked image. press lightly.
VIOLETTEL> got that
.Leigh> when you say chalk, can you use pearlex?
.Lett (Oscelyn)> Donna it's a wonderful technique, but I haven't been able to find the chalks.
.Donna Kato> using your nublade (always advertising) lift the entire piece from the tile. flip it over and you'll see, your copy is now colored and inside.
.Donna Kato> for fun stretch it out in the pasta machine!
VIOLETTEL> great idea as I am working on books
.Elizabeth> That sounds like a lot of fun! How about artist's pastels, ground up on sandpaper, if you can't find the designer chalk?
.Leigh> Donna, you can be proud of the Nublade, they really are the best
.Donna Kato> i think pearlex would work, but these chalks are really great. looks like a plastic paint palette with lots of little cubes. try rubber stamp stores, they're decorator chalks, cost about 15.00.
.Donna Kato> thanks leigh! you could also use eye shadow
.Jan> I'm pretty sure Pearl Art Supply carries them (online)
.Leigh> then you could use like a pastel chalk too
.Donna Kato> i think so, too. pearl has most everything. my favorite place is pat catan's but they're only in pennsylvania, i think
.Donna Kato> pastel chalks would work, too, but they're expensive aren't they?
.Leigh> Not if you already have them!
.byrd> what is the addy for Pearl Art Supply?
.Donna Kato> heh, heh, heh.
.Jan> Donna...where do you find most of your inspiration for your designs?
.Elizabeth> Not if they're just taking up space in your art supplies, Donna. ;-) I don't have time for anything but clay!
.Jan> I think..or
.Donna Kato> wow...most everything i see provides inspiration somehow. essentially, the way i work is to start with an idea - now this idea could be directly inspired by someone else.
.Donna Kato> i keep working and working, changing, rearranging and in the end, what i have is nothing like what i started with.
.Leigh> LOL
.Donna Kato> kathy amt said that all artists stand on the shoulders of others - i believe that.
.Donna Kato> there's nothing new under the sun - i believe that, too
.Leigh> Just things we haven't tried yet!
.Leigh> I think it's fascinating to see Polymer Clay Grow the way it is
.Leigh> the boundries are limitless
.Donna Kato> yup! but don't be afraid to walk in someone elses shoes for a while. imitation is very important in artistic pursuits. look at all the students copying the old masters at the art institute. it's
.Donna Kato> a place to begin.
.Leigh> Learn the techniques, then apply your heart!
.Donna Kato> yes, that's so true and remember, technique is only technique.
1CENTPENNY> I want to do it all at once!!
.Donna Kato> and so you will!
KPANNER> Donna - I have a newbie question. How do you know when it's time to chuck a nublade? (I probably use my razor and mascara too long too) Is there some test you can do, like cutting paper to see if
KPANNER> it's sharp enough?/
.byrd> donna, how long have you been doing clay?
.Leigh> You mean they are disposable??
.Donna Kato> oh boy, i'm using a blade that must be three years old! in terms of cane slicing, i've found that a clean blade is most important.
.Donna Kato> i slice on a slight angle, too, and that really helps.
.Leigh> Do you use corn starch or powder, Donna?
.Donna Kato> i've been claying, concentrated, about 10 years maybe - i never know these things - i can't even remember the year i got married!
.byrd> LOL
.Leigh> LOL,
.Donna Kato> i don't use either - i just slice away.
KPANNER> I like that answer!
.Leigh> Ah ha
.KADewey> Are there any new Kato tools on the horizon?
.Donna Kato> generally, i try to make the clay work, changing angles, you know, before i resort to other things like powders.
KPANNER> I saw you on the Carol Duvall show doing a Mokume Gane bracelet on a brass cuff. I cannot find a cuff like that anywhere. Where did you find yours?
GLCNUT> I'm new at polymer clay and have not tried canes yet (just love stamping into clay. But I was very excited to see Donna Kato on Home Matters the other day doing a pansie cane. You made it look so
GLCNUT> easy and it was really great.
.byrd> what about using armerol on the blade?
.Donna Kato> we were working on a slicer, but i think judith's is just fine and we don't need another. i'd like to do a really good bead rack.
.Donna Kato> dont use that either. i think armor all makes fimo sticky.
.byrd> oh
.Donna Kato> the pansy cane is easy, really easy and it's a great demo cane, quick and your audience leaves knowing they can do it!
1CENTPENNY> I read a message by Leigh about tenting pieces. What do you tent with?
VIOLETTEL> raw fimo or baked fimo?
.Donna Kato> tenting raw clay helps keep it from browining but i don't seem to have much problem with that with fgimpo
.Jan> what about tips for making round beads..really round? Mine are never as smooth and round as I'd like
.Donna Kato> makes raw fimo sticky - doesn't affect the baked
.Leigh> Maybe we should slow down the questions a little bit!
.Donna Kato> when i roll, i use light pressure, roll for about 5 turns, then repo the ball. repeat until it's round
VIOLETTEL> could it be used as a finish on baked pieces?
.byrd> snicker, liegh
.Donna Kato> i don't think so - what is it that you're trying to accomplish, v?
.Leigh> Poor Donna, we need armor all for her fingers!
.Jan> sorry! I have too many questions :)
VIOLETTEL> I heard Dan Cormier uses it as a finish on his vessels
.Donna Kato> that's okay, my spelling is getting bad but as long as you can understand
.Leigh> Typos r us
.Donna Kato> if he does, tha'ts great - his vessels are really wonderful
.KADewey> Will you be at Ravensdale?
> .jake passes cookies and refreshments to quiet the crowd

.Donna Kato> i think you could use future, too, n'est pas?
.Donna Kato> yes, kadewey! how are you? i will be going but not teaching at r2000
.Donna Kato> are you teaching?
.KADewey> I see they are having a Vendors Fair there; you'll be a part of that?
.Jan> --- is dreaming of Ravensdale
.Leigh> that sounds like fun!
.Donna Kato> hmm...i don't think so - that sounds like too much work!
.KADewey> I'm teaching a 3 day studio on winged creatures.
.Donna Kato> wonderful, kathy. you're the very bestest
.jake> donna kpaner had a question aout the bracelet
.Donna Kato> bracelet?
.jake> kpanner your question again
KPANNER> Here it is again - I saw you on the Carol Duvall show doing a Mokume Gane bracelet on a
KPANNER> brass cuff. I cannot find a cuff like that anywhere. Where did you find
KPANNER> yours?
KPANNER> thanks, leigh
.Donna Kato> aack, i only wish i sold that bracelet!!!! if you can't find one, you can shape your own using embossing foil by paragona products. it works just as well
.Leigh> That was Jake, but your welcome too!
.Donna Kato> just cut a piece, bend the edges down and you've made a bracelt
.Leigh> I've been using just sheet metal and cutting it for cuff bracelets
.Donna Kato> good, same idea!
.KADewey> The large oval cutters also work for forming bracelets.
.Jan> I think someone also mentioned using a coke can
KPANNER> Is it stiff enough to stay smooth?
.Leigh> Indian Jewelry supply sells Brass, red brass and copper very cheap
.Donna Kato> the foil stuff is stiff enough. the cutter is a grat idea
.Leigh> 26 to 28 gauge works with enough flexibility not to break the clay
.Donna Kato> the foil is soft enough and is easily removed from the cured piece
KPANNER> I'll give that a try
.Leigh> Ah, I leave the brass in!
.Donna Kato> that'd make it a lot stronger!
.Leigh> Too nervous to take it out!
.jake> Did anyone else miss an answer to a question?
.Leigh> I cover both side
.Donna Kato> ahah!
.Leigh> I would be great for rubber stamping images on it too!
KPANNER> thanks, Jake
.KADewey> I've always felt that the properties of the clay drive the technique. Do you have any new techniques driven by Fimo Soft?
.Leigh> good question!
.Donna Kato> my transparent workhas definitely been driven by the properties of the clay.
.KADewey> Could you elaborate?
.Donna Kato> i think we're alike in that regard, dewey, i look for interesting characteristics of my clay, then what i can do with those properties
.KADewey> How is Fimo Soft transparent different from other transparents?
.byrd> hi ludd
.Donna Kato> i can't type fast enough, or think fast enough for that matter. the fimo soft transparent isn't all that different from the fimo transparent. just a bit softer.
.Donna Kato> cernot is the only other clay that is a really transparent base, but it's too sticky for me.
.Donna Kato> premo doesn't have colored transparents at all, nor does s3
.KADewey> Are you going to write another book?
.Leigh> Actually I've done a bunch of tests on transparents and the fimo soft transparent and CFC 06 are THE most transparent
.Donna Kato> although the existing transparents can be mixed to make colors - the fimo transparents seem to be clearer and the colors are more saturated. they're more clear than reg trans
.Donna Kato> leigh, that's good to know.
.Leigh> They are neck and neck in transparency
.Donna Kato> yes, kadewey! i'm going to work on another book next year. release 2001
.Donna Kato> how's your book coming?
.KADewey> Great!
.KADewey> Done, available in March.
.Donna Kato> i can't wait to get my mitts on it!
.Leigh> Oh, I can't wait
.Donna Kato> you are the armature queen as well as being a master artist
KPANNER> I love all these book on PC - they're beautiful.
.byrd> donna how much time do you spend traveling to clay events?
.Donna Kato> yes, barbara's book is great and gail ritchey has a book on cottages coming out soon
KPANNER> I keep looking out on Amazon to see if there's anything new.
.Donna Kato> boy, my goal for the y2k is not to make my frewuent flyer miles! i was gone so much my cats and dogs didn't even mind the suitcase coming out.
.Donna Kato> i go to the reg events, ravensdale, etc ,although i've not been to shrinemnt. i'm going this year for sure.
.Leigh> Is there anything else coming up for you for the rest of this year?
.Leigh> I'll see you at Shrine Mont this time then!
.Donna Kato> i get to stay home until the end of january when i go to hia. i'm glad, vernon and i just bought two horses and i want to spend as much time as possible with them
.Leigh> Oh WOW!
.Donna Kato> good, leigh, i look forward to meeting you face to face.
.Leigh> Shrine Mont was incredible
.Leigh> this time I won't be in shock for the first 3 days
.Donna Kato> i love horses - they're my other passion. i'm not a very good rider but my big boy will take care of that
.Donna Kato> i was supposed to go to the last one but had a conflict, boo.
.Leigh> Do you have any special goals for you and Polymer Clay in the next year?
.Leigh> And Byrd had send me a great question, do you ever just PLAY with Clay?
.Donna Kato> i want to concentrate on my own work more than i have. you know, when you work with a company a lot of time is devoted to projects and the like. i also want to really get the frequent writer
.Donna Kato> program going strong. so far it's been really good but i think it could be better.
.Leigh> Gee it would be great if we could get an internet section to the frequesnt writers program!
.KADewey> Frequets writer program?
.Donna Kato> i play with clay all the time. i work on my computer in the morning - answering email and writing. the afternoons are devoted to clay and i even clay at night - i listen to tv and work on my lap
.byrd> whhat is the frequent writer program?
.Leigh> Ah, you might have a few more sign up here Donna!
.Donna Kato> yes, we probably can do that! let me approach faber on that subject and see what they think. the fwp is simply a program in which designers/artists are paid when they publish fimo articles. it's
.Donna Kato> great, we have built in incentives.
.Leigh> It is a wonderful program
.Donna Kato> the more you write, the more you make. if you happen to be very prolific, we pay up to 350.00 per article - plus you get paid from the magazine and any other product that pays.
.Donna Kato> amaco pays if you use rub n buff, for example. by the end of it all, you might net 700.00.
.Leigh> Do you need to use ONLY fimo or can you us fimo with other brands?
.Donna Kato> sorry, only clay should be fimo or fimo soft. you could use the two of them in the same project article though.
.Leigh> That's why I know so much about the Fimo Soft transparent!
.Donna Kato> heh, heh, heh
.Leigh> Just never enough time to get it all done!
.Donna Kato> ain't it the truth
.Leigh> Do we have any more questions?
.KADewey> How do you like your new home?
.Donna Kato> how about conditioning - anybody having problems with it and fimo?
.Leigh> I was wondering if maybe because it was so much softer if people weren't conditioning it enough
.Donna Kato> i love my new digs...colorado is so beautiful and the winters are easier than chitown. we have300 days of sun here, so it may snow, but it melts right away!
.byrd> does the new soft fimo need any quickmix at all?
.Donna Kato> only one problem, no good restaurants within 40 miles and no delivery.
.Donna Kato> i haven't had to use mix quick with it yet. i've found that the white has been advancing alwfully fast - they'll take care of that.
.Donna Kato> you know, mix quick is going to be discontinued?
.byrd> what do you mean, advancing?
.Donna Kato> getting hard - all clays advance or change over time.
.byrd> oh, i see
.byrd> yes, i've had some dry out!
.Donna Kato> i've found that the new fs white (i love its whiteness) cools too quickly, too. they're aware of that and working on it.
.KADewey> You mentioned conditioning and Fimo; you have a new techniques other than chopping it up and sitting on it?
.Donna Kato> the big blocks i've been working with have been fine - so maybe they've straightened it out.
.Donna Kato> yes!!!!!!!!
.Donna Kato> i've had an acrylic rod for ages and never quite understood why i should have it. it's the very best way to begin the conditioning process.
.KADewey> Then follow up with the pasta machine?
.Leigh> Really, could you elaborate? Hummm?
.Donna Kato> slice the block into 1/4" slices. if its really dry (look at it) dab it with diluent. Compress the slices by rolling and bearing down on the rod
.Donna Kato> until it's just abit thicker than the thickest setting of the pasta machine
.Donna Kato> roll it trough, reset to a thinner setting, then roll through (don't fold), reset and roll until you are at a mediun thin setting. roll through, fold and roll, rold and roll. the thinner setting
.Donna Kato> really speeds up the process
KPANNER> I happen to have a Bakelite rod - is that compatible?
.Donna Kato> test that out, juyst put a bit of clay on the rod. if it sticks, and you can't remove it easily, don't use it!
> .jake contemplates a rubber mallet

.Donna Kato> fimo is very pressure sensitive, that's why it reduces so well. heat and pressure together. i condition my clay really fast!
.Donna Kato> i know someone who exercises on her fimo! same thing, pressure.
.Leigh> Pressure and hot little hands!
.Lett (Oscelyn)> Oh Donna I'm going to tell :-)
.Donna Kato> hot hands are a definite asset
.Donna Kato> oh, you can't tell! she'll kill us!
.KADewey> Only for Classic Fimo.
.Leigh> I can reduce a 5 year old cane in 20 minutes
.Lett (Oscelyn)> LOL
.Donna Kato> conditioning, you mean?
.Donna Kato> i condition my fs the same way
.Leigh> No reduce as in old cane, just hold it a couple minutes and it radiates into the cane
.Donna Kato> its faster
KPANNER> Sure - and I just bought a food processor
.Donna Kato> yes, leigh, you're right. fimo is a good combo of heat and pressure sensitivity and that's why you can reduce a 5 year old cane!
.Donna Kato> food processor is a good thing, too. i know many who swear by it.
.KADewey> As a modeling material,It's also a soluable clay and absorbs moisture from the atmosphere; that's why Fimo canes last as long as they do.
KPANNER> I haven't even tried it yet. I'll try you new method too and see which one I like better
.Donna Kato> let's talk about reducing...lately i've been pinching the ends then rolling the middle down. i have less waste that way
.KADewey> Doesn't rolling twist the pattern?
.Donna Kato> interesting, kathy, i thought there might be water in fimo - i can wash it off with soap and water
.Crafty M> How do you keep it from distorting?
.Donna Kato> not with canes
.Leigh> I think if the ends aren't moving it won't distort in the center, if you roll it without pinching the ends it would
.Donna Kato> the pinching action seems to hold the pattern better, less movement on the outside.
.KADewey> In that respect it's similar to Marie's choking method.
.Leigh> I've been squeezing the middle till the ends bulge, THEN sorta tightening up the ends so they dno't move and squeeze down the rest
.KADewey> Though she chokes, or pinches, from the center.
.Leigh> When I think of how much waste I used to have, I can't beleive the difference
.Donna Kato> yes, marie chokes the canes from the middle out
.Donna Kato> i pinch the ends first, then reduce the center, its the opposite
.Leigh> And I don't want to hurt anyone feelings so I combine both methods!
.Donna Kato> lol
VIOLETTEL> so it would be the pinch and choke method...
.KADewey> But what's important is that choking some part of the cane helps to lock the pattern in place?
.Leigh> Well, Choke and pinch!
.Crafty M> Hi, Donna... when you make your canes, do you work from a drawing?
.Leigh> Donna, did you ever try the reducing with teh glass on the ends?
.Donna Kato> my goal is to keep the ends as intact as possible, that way, the mid section can only move evenly
VIOLETTEL> that makes a lot of sense
.KADewey> I'm waiting for someone to invent a teflon coated woven tube that you pull to reduce canes; it would work like one of those Chinese finger puzzles.
.Donna Kato> i haven't used the glass, though i do have them and will try. in answer to the cane question, crafty, i only use drawings when i'm making a very complex cane. my canes tend to be very simple, then
.Donna Kato> i use the simple elements to create the whole
.Leigh> LOL Katherine!!!!
.Donna Kato> only kathy dewey would make that connection!
.KADewey> Don't laugh; I've been looking at all kinds of flexible tubing, even sausage casings.
.Leigh> WOW boy does the time fly!
.Leigh> How are you doing Donna?
.KADewey> I can't reduce to save my life.
.Donna Kato> it sure does - vernon is now very impressed with my typing abilities, too
.Leigh> LOL, watch out, he might give you more typing to do
.Donna Kato> dewey, just do it! you, of all people, can do that!
.Donna Kato> oh my carpal tunnel.....
.Leigh> LOL
.KADewey> Any hints as what will be in your next book?
KPANNER> Is there a knack to reducing square canes?
.Donna Kato> i want to do a lot of millefiori. there isn't abook out there that has addressed that topic in depth. i also want to do large vessel construction. poly clay jewelry construction and materials.
.Donna Kato> and more.
.Leigh> Oh how wonderful the millefiori would be!!!
.Donna Kato> i work all sides evenly by pressing opposing sides. periodically, i roll each side smooth to square up the corners. when i get to the small reduction, i pull the rod - like ceramicists pull handles.
.Leigh> I really love the bubble bottles from your book and the video
.Donna Kato> i just made a huge balloon vessel for a show.
.Leigh> How big?????
.Donna Kato> it's about 12" tall
.Leigh> WOW, how totally kewl!
.Leigh> Your Creating Vessels Video started me on a video drive, I couldn't believe there was so much information in that video it was terrific
.Leigh> as were the other ones, but Creating vessels was my first,
.Donna Kato> i began as usual with a very large mass of clay. brought the sides up and then added strips to the top edge. smoothed them in, then added another strip. Coils are too difficult to blend.
.Donna Kato> eventually, i had this really big pot that i sealed and shaped
.Leigh> you always feel close to your first!
.Leigh> were you using fimo soft or classic?
.Leigh> and what color?
.Donna Kato> good, leigh! i really enjoy making vessels, it's one of my favorite things
.Donna Kato> white fimo soft
.Donna Kato> fs blends beautifully!
.Leigh> about how thick was the clay
.Donna Kato> the walls are about 1/4" thick
.Donna Kato> thicker at the base, i think.
.Leigh> I'm a sucker for vessels too!
.Donna Kato> i wanted the weight on the bottom
.Leigh> did you support it in any way while it was curing?
.Donna Kato> nope. it was completely sealed and well balanced. i baked it once, smoothed more clay on top to even out the surface. baked again. after that i sanded the heck out of it, cut the opening and now
.Donna Kato> i'm covering it
.Leigh> Oh wow, I hope we get a chance to see a photo of that someday! It sounds like an adventure!!
.Donna Kato> will bake it again and sand the heck out of it again!
.Donna Kato> i makde another vessel about 12" tall using wireform which is great for straight sided vessels
VIOLETTEL> did the air trapped inside make the vessel larger?
.Leigh> I tried wireform for my dragons and thought I got attacked by a wild cat!
VIOLETTEL> while it was baking?
.Donna Kato> if it did, not so much i noticed it
.Donna Kato> yes, you must be careful with that stuff.
.Leigh> Does anyone else have any questions??
.Leigh> we have been talking with Donna for 2 hours!!! Can you believe it?
.Maggie> This has been wunderful...thank you sooooooooo much Donna
.Donna Kato> i can't believe it!
VIOLETTEL> and it was very interesting indeed, thank you Donna
.Leigh> Donna this was a wonderful chat, I hope maybe we can talk you into coming back again soon
.Donna Kato> thank you for having me! now that i know how to get here, i'll tune in to the next one!
KPANNER> Thanks Donna - I'll be looking forward to see you on TV again soon. Kay
.Donna Kato> when is the next chat?
.Leigh> You are welcome here anytime!!!
.Donna Kato> thanks kay!
.Leigh> We should have them just ab out every night soon as we iron out the schedule again
.Donna Kato> thanks everyone! .Claire> Thank YOU, Donna!!!!!
.Leigh> Yes, Thank you so very much!
.Leigh> and thank you everyone for coming!
.Leigh> You don't have to leave if you don't want, you can all hang and chat
> .jake wheels out the refreshments

.Leigh> But I definately wanted to give Donna a break!
.Lett (Oscelyn)> Thank you so much Donna.
.Leigh> theres' that revolving door again!
.Donna Kato> give my love to Calvin, Oscelyn! Bye everyone, i'm going to eat dinner now!
.Leigh> We had a wonderful crowd here Donn!
.Donna Kato> - signed off -
.Leigh> What a great chat!!!
/NOLOG(Logging turned off)

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