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At PCC, we enjoy showcasing new polymer clay artists who might not be as well known as they should be, and we've done it again! Joseph Nelson Lieuallen is a semi-retired artist whose talents are amazing! Let's meet Joseph in his own words...

Joseph Nelson Lieuallen
59 years old
Born in San Bernardino, CA. USA
Living in Desert Hot springs, CA
for 20 years (near Palm Springs)

I have not sculpted for twenty years.

After working as a civil servant(Fire Truck Maintenance mechanic for Riverside County Fire) for twenty one years, I am now semi-retired with a pension and no longer working at a job that leaves me just wanting to open a six pack and Internet surf or TV channel surf for my evening relaxation. This and the disappointment at not being able to make a living with my Art at that time made me put it behind me for when I might try again at a later date.

The style I have developed as most pleasing to my eyes was so intricately detailed that my major pieces took months to complete. The Unicorn took three months, one hair at a time over the whole body. The companies that I pitched my work at could not wait that long after showing me a drawing of what they wanted. The Bas-Relief pieces were an attempt to find a less detailed style that still pleased me.

And, so now that most of my needs if not all are supplied by my modest pension, I am once again dipping my toes into the sea of Art. I would not claim to be a creative Artist. I am more an Illustrator in Polymer Clay.

I hope every one likes my work.

Please Note:

  • Cutter and Friend are copyrighted by Richard and Wendy Pini-characters from their Comic "Elfquest"
  • Pirate Sam is Copyrighted By Warner Brothers.
  • Rowf poor tortured dog is from the "Plague Dogs," a novel by Richard Adams and was sculpted at the request of Martin Rosen for the pre-production stage of his animated movie of the novel. This is my one and only screen credit. I am still waiting for my Union Card from Hollywood.

Joseph Lieuallen

For more of Joseph's work, please visit his Deviantart Gallery .

A Sampling of Joseph's Work!
Click Pictures for a Larger View