For Sale?

Well, maybe.   You'd have to ask some of the people who bought this stuff from me.  My wife owns some. I don't think she'd sell hers, but you could ask. (Her email is the same as mine.)

I do sell my work, of course, but the problem is I never make the same thing twice. Well, hardly, anyway. It's a character flaw, or something. What keeps me going with polymer clay is the way it drives me in new directions all the time. As soon as I get one good idea, by the time I refine it to my satisfaction, it's become something else. In a very real way, everything I do is an experiment.  So, I'm doomed to remain a starving, happy artist. (It took me about six years to be able to THINK of myself as an artist. Quitting my day job did the trick...)

Otherwise, if you see something you REALLY like, you can always write me and see if I have anything similar or anything left.

I used to teach workshops and classes all over the country, and I used bring things to sell.  I am currently no longer working with polymer clay. Check my schedule.

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