A lot of things have changed for me this past year (2000). We finally made it to Montana, for one thing--Great Falls. Right now we're living with close friends until we find a house. So far, I absolutely love it here, but let me add that it is windy, cold, and dusty out here. You probably wouldn't like it.

Besides that, I'm not feeling much like doing clay these days. For one thing, all my work stuff is packed away in storage. But, I think it goes deeper than that. I don't expect to be back at it any time soon.

I cancelled our Internet service when we left Washington, but if you're reading this, obviously they haven't caught on yet. This site should disappear soon. We have a new email address, but I can't change the one on the Home page. So, if you feel inclined to write, or haven't been getting answers from me, try this one:

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