A Double Masked Leaf Impression

Position the leaf on a sheet of clay. A Skinner Blend makes a more interesting piece.

Cover with wax paper and press the leaf into the clay until all air is removed.

Remove wax paper.  See that the leaf is in full contact with the clay.

Cut a smaller piece of wax paper and place it over a portion of the leaf.

Press the wax paper well onto the clay, then texture the area around it.  Here, I'm using  a scouring pad.   This will hide any bubbles and adds interest.

Liberally apply metallic powder over the exposed clay.  Don't worry if some gets on the wax paper.  Leave excess powder in place.

After the powder is worked in thoroughly, gently remove the wax paper.  Be careful not to let excess powder spill onto exposed area.

This piece is now ready  for the second application of powder.

Choose a coordinated colored powder, and apply liberally to the center area.  The first powder will resist the second one.

Your leaf impression should look something like this.

Brush off the excess powder. Use a larger brush and don't worry about mixing powders.  They will stay where they belong.

After loose powder is removed, carefully lift leaf from clay.  Use a tweezers to remove stubborn pieces.

Your leaf impression should look something like this; ready for cropping (a critical step).

Using the inside "frame", crop the outside edges, removing part of the leaf tips.

Continue cropping until the piece is the shape you like.

The finished piece.  This one is artistically a bomb (I meant to do that), but you get the idea....