Leaf IMpressions

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The pin on the left is from a weeping birch leaf I found in Alaska.  Its outside border is a mixture of metallic powders, using a double masking trick I figured out. The one on the far right is a wild bleeding heart (Dicentra) that grew in my back yard in Anchorage.  In the middle one, which I call Yarrow Mountains, the "trees" are actually wild yarrow leaves (Achillea).  I love them.   They look like little Douglas Firs and smell great, too.  The one below,on the left, was made from a Japanese maple. The next one on the right is from a fern I picked in the back yard.  The third one is a wild rose, and the last multicolored one is of miniature roses and a fern..

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These pins are all made of Premo Sculpey.  They are impressions made of real leaves. I impress the leaf into the clay, and add metallic or interference powders afterwards.  They are relatively simple to do, but endlessly interesting, since every leaf is different.  Half the fun is collecting suitable plant materials. 

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