Locket1opn.jpg (29452 bytes) Locket2.jpg (24623 bytes) Locket3.jpg (26018 bytes) Photos by George Post

These Lockets are made of metallic and pearl PREMO SCULPEY. The landscape inside the middle one is a FIMO cane slice. There is another FIMO landscape inside the one with the copper chain.  You can see it if you click on the image. GAMEPLAN and I produced an instructional video on making landscape canes, available directly from them or from the CLAY FACTORY.


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Photos by me


The hinges for the lids were made from modified pin backs. (See Detail)  Instructions for all of these, some variations, and all the basics of using metallic and pearl PREMO are covered in my NOW AVAILABLE video from GAMEPLAN.

BEAD & BUTTON magazine has published an article on the locket construction in their February, 2000 issue.


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