Old Stuff, Odd Stuff   

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These are a mixture of oldies.  They are all thumbnails you can click on for a closer look.  They are really just more odds and ends, some I'm proud of, some I'm not.... SkiTrksPin.jpg (23512 bytes) Violas.jpg (26998 bytes)
SNAKE2_small.jpg (6932 bytes) 3TreesMn.jpg (35820 bytes)  LvndrFrn.jpg (45700 bytes) FrstPndt.jpg (25407 bytes)
3TreesMtr.jpg (25698 bytes) FrstBrch.jpg (40191 bytes) TwnPks.jpg (29604 bytes)
Redoubt.jpg (23070 bytes) Denali.jpg (24377 bytes) CttnwdMts.jpg (26064 bytes)
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