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PCC Chats With
Mike Buesseler

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December 9, 1999:
.EmBee> Have we started this yet?
.EmBee> I mean are we having fun yet?
.Leigh> Nope not started yet, just chat away
.Jan> hehe I am!
.EmBee> Jan, what sort of thing were you looking for?
.Jan> Hey, Jan, Great cookies!!!
.Leigh> It's not even eight thirty yet
.EmBee> Zig, sometimes that
.Leigh> and I have to get myt ice pack!
.Jan> MikeI'm easy Mike..just something you made..a me what you've got! :)
.EmBee> is how I sleep. But, it's not intentional.
.Jan> thanks grandson took them all home
.EmBee> Some of the stuff on my website is for sale, actually. No one ever asks.
.Jan> They're proboably all eaten by now, huh!
.EmBee> Like the gold/glass bead that everyone likes.
.Jan> Great! I'll chose a few and email you later MIke
.Jan> Oh I need that one!!
.EmBee> Non clay people think it IS glass, and so aren't that interested.
.Elizabeth> Mike, people think I'm nuts, but I get a lot of work done at night. *g*
.Jan> I am...I'll email ya and get the pricing info etc
.EmBee> I guess...Let's email about that.
.Leigh> It would be wasted on them Mike!
.Jan> Me too Elizabeth!
.Elizabeth> Sorry, all, I am VERY sloooooow moving, tonight.
.EmBee> Zig, most of us do, I think.
.Leigh> YOu looked the same speed as usual, ZIggy!
.EmBee> Since I remarried, I sort of vowed not to work late, so I can rise with my wife.
.Elizabeth> Lotta night owls in our bunch, aren't there?
.Leigh> Mike, if you would like to be MIKE, you can do /name Mike
.Jan> Get some coffee in you ,Zig
.Leigh> Vampires!
.Leigh> The nites are so much quieter and peaceful
.Elizabeth> Got my pot of espresso going right now, Claire.
.Mike> Like that?
.Leigh> If you would like to be Peter, you could do /name Peter
.Elizabeth> Yes, Leigh... no kids up to bug ya!
.Mike> Oh, it worked....
.Leigh> LOL Yep, good job
.Jan> I used to be a morning more
.Mike> Any other tricks I should know?
.Leigh> I'vve NEVER been a morning person
.Leigh> NOpe just if you get too many quesitons at once, YELL!
.Helen> am I Helen now?
.Mike> How do I get a log of this?
.Helen> oh goody
.Jan> I had to be at work at I had to be :)
.Leigh> GOod Job Helen!
.Helen> lol
.Helen> I'm new to delphi chats
.Mike> You were always Helen. Just I'm not Helen.
.Leigh> We'll be putting a log up on the web site and you can download it from there too!
JDESIGN> G'day from OZ
.Leigh> Howdy Oz
.Mike> OK with me.
.Jan> Hi Jenny!!
JDESIGN> LOL....Jenny is fine...keep forgetting to change it..
.Mike> Hey, OZ is in Kansas, right?
.Leigh> Not this one!
JDESIGN> LOL..nope...Australia Mike...
.Mike> Or Australia?
.Mike> I remember now...
JDESIGN> I thought the g'day would have given it away<G>
.Mike> My typing is terrible...
JDESIGN> Yes...I've confused you before Mike<G>
.Mike> It did....
.Leigh> No problem with typing in chat
.Leigh> typos r us
.Dianne C> 8:29 and counting.... 8>)
.Elizabeth> Typos don't count here.
.Elizabeth> Except Leigh's.
.Jan> thank God
.Leigh> I've got 8:32, <G>
.Mike> I've been emailing people from here all week. Trying to get set for this. Make it count.
.Leigh> I can't believe you made me use the numbers
.Leigh> I sent out about 700 invitations!<G>
.Mike> So, we might get 8?
.Kim> HI ALL!!!
.Elizabeth> Mike, we've already got 15
.KathyG> Hi everyone
.Jan> Mike...any idea when you'll know for sure if you're coming to houston in march?
.Helen> HI Kim!
.Leigh> Okay, for anyone who doesn't know, we are Chatting with Mike Buesseler Polymer Clay Artist extrodinairs
.Mike> Oh oh, I'm getting nervous....
.Jan> Drumroll, Please........
.Leigh> Don't you daare, everyone knows you already
.Leigh> Well, Mike, we have 17 people in here already
.Kim> LOL
.Mike> Houston...I have to hear from Susan K.....
.KathyG> We're easy to get along with
.Jan> I'm hoping!
.KathyG> LOL
.Mike> Anyone related to me out there?
.Mike> I have a big family.
.Jan> Only that we all love clay I guess
.Leigh> We are going to do one of our Informal chats again, please keep the cross talk down to a minimum and try not to ask too many questions at once
.Kim> I just watched your Landscape Cane Video...I LOVED IT!!!
.Leigh> Doesn't look like it, Mike, you're the only BUESSELER
.Mike> Zig, did you get how impressed I was with your figure? It blew me away.
.Crafty Michele> Mike...How did you become interested in Polymer Clay?
.Leigh> Just for the record, how long have you been playing with Clay and what got you started?????
.Mike> Thank you, Kim.
.Patty> only as a clay sister, Mike. Good to see you again--since Lone Star
.Mike> About 7 years, I guess.
JOYCE8> Mike--
.Mike> Hi again, Patty.
.Mike> Should I lead us in a song?
.Elizabeth> Mike, thank you... but this chat is about your work! *g*
.Mike> I'm KIDDING...
.Leigh> How did you get started with Polymer Clay!
.Leigh> You can kid as much as you want, Mike, that's why we like it informal, we want to have fun and learn
JOYCE8> Hi Mike, Your work impressed me so much, I created a notebook of your stuff!
.Mike> My sisters. They were doing it, begged me to try. End of story.
.Mike> I mean, beginning of new life.
.Leigh> That's all you need to get addicted
.Leigh> gets your hands on it
.Elizabeth> Do they still play with clay?
.Mike> Nope. They both sew a lot, though.
.Elizabeth> Or did they take up tole painting after they saw what you were doing?
.Elizabeth> ?
.KathyG> LOL
.Leigh> LOL intimadating
.Leigh> Well, 23 people so far, Mike, wait till 9 PM, even more will show up!
.Mike> I gave them a lot of my stuff, though.
.Leigh> WHat is your favorite technique?
.Crafty Michele> Mike...How long have you been working with PC?
.Mike> 7 years. I think we're going around in sisters got me started.
.Leigh> We will be big wheels!
.Elizabeth> *ggg*
.CindyB> Is there a gallery of your stuff, Mike, somewhere online?
.Ellen!> Hey! What are all these people doing here? I thought it was MY nite with Mike!! ;)
.Elizabeth> Hi, Cindy, yes at:
.Leigh> LOL, nope you gotta share Ellen!
.Jan> What new ideas/techniques are you working on (in general..without giving up any secrets)?
.Mike> Jeez, I was already to answer hard questions....
.Ellen!> Shoot!
.Leigh> We're just getting warmed up, Mike
.Leigh> By the way, what would you consider a HARD Question?
.Mike> I made something yesterday....I was going to show you tonight, but blew the graphics somehow...
.Elizabeth> We don't hit ya with the hard stuff til our caffeine levels get high enough.
JDESIGN> tell us then..
.Jan> Oh you can tell us??
.Mike> Too hard to explain what it is....I'm still fooling around with metallics.
.Leigh> We won't tell anyone!<G>
.Kim> I really LOVED the "Northern Lights" one...see that once in a great while here in MI (the real AB that is)
.Elizabeth> ---- wish I could be a fly on the wall while he "fools around with metallics."
.Maggie> Mike...I loved your video....was one of the first I have owned..and what a first! But, I have a question
.Mike> This was more a design excursion. I'll post it as soon as I get a picture...
.Leigh> Go for it Maggie, Ask your question!
.Ellen!> Or with anything, Elizabeth...
.Jan> thanks
.Maggie> My snails look...well...flat....while yours look more 'rounded....secret?
.Mike> I wish you knew how much I'd enjoy working with someone sometimes.
.Leigh> What time should I be there, Mike?
JDESIGN> come to OZ Mike<G>
.Mike> Teaching is the closest thing. I love doing classes. Everyone is so great!
.Kim> Look forward to HOPEFULLY seeing you here in MI withih the year!
JOYCE8> I volunteer
.KathyG> I know several who would volunteer
.Elizabeth> Yep, it does get lonely.... I think that's what I enjoy about teaching or going to classes.
.Jan> From what I hear everyone loves your classes!
.Leigh> I think there is a small town that would volunteer
.Helen> I heard that too
.Mike> Me, too. I don't know a single clay person near here..
.Leigh> It took me 8 years to find one!
.Elizabeth> What has surprised you the most about teaching, Mike?
.PolyHolic> So when are you coming down to San Diego to teach again???
.Mike> Too many voices....I'm getting lost here.
.Leigh> Okay, Gang, slow down a little bit
.KathyG> We have to get you to a retreat, Mike. Shrinemont is in May
.Mike> I'll come just about anywhere as soon as I'm invited. Except way east.....too costly and time consuming...
.PolyHolic> You mean you want us to be NICE Leigh???
.Mike> Don't you usually get invited to retreats? That's how I've gone before....
.Leigh> Well, ina word, YES!<G>
.Mike> I'll be at Ravensdale next summer again...
.Mike> I'm supposed to go to the Art League School in Feb.
.Ellen!> In nY?
.Mike> Outside influences? None that I know of...
.Mike> Except what I see and feel in the clay.
.Leigh> How about Inside Influences?
.Mike> Art League School is in DC'
.PolyHolic> Nature influences?
.KathyG> Oh, goodie
.Ellen!> Ah. That's just a ten hour from Atlanta!
.KathyG> In Alexandria, Va. just down the road
.Mike> Inside....well, I'm not sure. Some things just ring bells for me.
.PolyHolic> Um, isn't DC "way east"?
.Mike> Definitely nature....
.Leigh> YOu can't get much more east than I am!<G>
.Jan> When you're tired or if you're "down" does it show up in your work?
.Jan> I'm in RI - just slightly more East...
.Mike> Jan, yes, sometimes in a good way. I bet Ziggy can relate to this. I think some kinds of stress
.Mike> ....Really induce creativity.
.Mike> My wife says my inspiration is angst and romance. She said that today.
.Dianne C> Mike, when you are working on a new idea, do you plan it out or work on it more spontaneously?
.Mike> Very spontaneous.
.Elizabeth> *ggg* OH YEAH!
.Mike> I almost NEVER draw. Not even landscapes.
.Dianne C> Do you take notes?
.Jan> I understand! My stuff gets' more "weird" or off the wall I think
.Elizabeth> Really? Your landscapes look like you've had a lot of practice painting them.
.Mike> I used to do landscapes straight to clay. No pictures, no nothing. Weird.
.Mike> Never drew a real picture in my life.
.Mike> I have done a couple from photos....
.Jan> You spend a lot of time observing nature..
.KathyG> I guess you see them in your head. I need the paper and pencil
.Elizabeth> Mike, Jan is our famous PHONE coverer and caned cookie maker... she thinks way outside the box.
.Mike> Take notes? Of my own stuff? No,.
.PolyHolic> Come now, Mike, PC is as "real" as it gets!!!
.Crafty Michele> Mike... How did you come to create such lovely jewelry items?
.Kim> I have ALWAYS loved CLOUDS and seeing your video means I have to dig out all the photos I took<>
.Jan> Some say I need to be put in a box :)
.Mike> I spend a LOT of time observing nature. Going for a walk with me, is like going with nosey puppy.
.Elizabeth> LOL, Jan!
.Mike> Or so I've been told...
.Kim> but that IS NOT a complaint<>
.Jan> It really shows in your work Mike..(observing)
.PolyHolic> but puppies are nice :)
.Mike> Thanks, I hope...
.Leigh> Wet nose?<G>
.Jan> Have you done any animals (canes?)
.KathyG> I love your landscapes with the moon shining on the snow
.KathyG> and the northern lights
.Mike> Me, too, Kathy. Reminds me of home.
.Leigh> We just hit our largest Chat ever, 31 people! YEAH MIKE!
.Elizabeth> KathyG does gorgeous landscapes, Mike.
.Mike> If you've never seen the Northern Lights, you are missing something incredible
.PolyHolic> Have you done many canes lately, or are you still "stuck" on metalics?
.KathyG> I didn't see them too often in Wyoming, but did once in a while
.Linda> Hey Mike - I've heard that you're an expert with Gwen Gibon's tearaway technique!
.Mike> No canes in quite awhile.
.PolyHolic> Hay, Mike will draw them in!!!
.Mike> I taught Gwen pretty much everything before you were born, Linda. (G)
.Leigh> Do you think you will go back to techniques you used to do, or do you plan on just going forward??
.Ellen!> lol
.KathyG> Thanks Ziggy
.Kim> saw them once or twice here in that cane (again<>)
.Mike> Definitely I'll go back. I'm just learning techniques now.
.Jan> Mike..what do you want to try next?
.Crafty Michele> MIKE...How did you come to make such lovely jewelry items?
.CarolC> Saw them in Northern Maine as a child.
.Leigh> I love experimenting!
.Mike> Every once in awhile something old
.Mike> pops back into my head and comes out in a new way.
.Julia> Mike, what would you say is the secret to success with the tear-away technique?
.Mike> Jan, I need to work on design. I'd say that's one of my biggest weaknesses.
.Jan> faint
.Jan> NO WAY!
.Elizabeth> I find that happens to me, too.. stuff I did as a painting, I go back to it with clay.
.Mike> Julia: Fake it.
.Leigh> Nothing like wanting it all Mike!!!<G>
.Mike> No way what?
.Elizabeth> Ahahahhahaaaaa!
.Julia> Hah! Well thanks a LOT! :D
.Jan> weakness? I think your design part is awesome!
.PolyHolic> Mike, you are your biggest critic!!
JDESIGN> your "design" looks just fine to me Mike...
.Mike> I could stand to take some classes in almost anything.
.Julia> Mike, have you ever taken a formal design course?
.Mike> Thank you....
.Linda> Julia - the truth is Mike can't do the tearaway technique to save his life! LOL
.Leigh> There is a quiet simplicity to Mikes, Techniques nad designs IMHO!<G>
.Mike> I think we should talk about my weaknesses. Maybe I'll learn something here...
JDESIGN> I agree Leigh....
.Julia> I just finished one at the unic\versity where I work and it changed my work so much for the better.
JDESIGN> wot weaknesses Mike<G>?
.Mike> No formal art classes of any kind....
.Leigh> Just call them undiscovered talents, Mike!
.Mike> I wish I could fit one in....maybe soon.
.PolyHolic> Why do you need classes with your inate talent??
.Julia> Although you're doing quite well without one. :)
.Jan> Where do you now get your ideas for designs?
.Mike> It will probably ruin me. Linda G. Compared me to Grandma Moses.
.Linda> Mike, you are a natural born artist
.Elizabeth> *ggg* Late bloomers
JDESIGN> Formal classes can sometimes tighten you up....not always a good idea Mike...
.Elizabeth> er... bloomer.
.Leigh> MIke what exactly do you want to do that you don't seem to be able to do so far?
.Mike> I have no idea where my ideas come from. Outside, I guess.
.Elizabeth> I agree, Jenny!
.Patty> Mike, don't you dare! They'll tell you all the don'ts! You do just fine!!! I hae an art degree, it just makes me over critical.
JDESIGN> Me too Patty...
.Mike> Plan something ahead, maybe. Have a concept when I start something.
.PolyHolic> WHy??
.KathyG> But maybe that doesn't work for you
.Mike> I'd like to work in a bigger scale for awhile. That's tough for me.
.Jan> Mike..have you done animals in clay..canes or otherwise?
.Mike> I've always had a thing for tiny details...
.Leigh> Donna Kato was telling us that she was just finishing a 12 inch bubble bottle, I can't imagine that size
JDESIGN> shows in your work Mike...
.PolyHolic> I have a coupel beautiful caned puffins Mike did.
.Mike> At the very beginning I did a few animals. Just to practice caning..
.CarolC> What would you make in a larger scale?
.Kim> WOW...I can barely do a 1 inch one!!!
.Linda> Mike, don't forget your snakes!
.Mike> Oh, Michelle, I remember those puffins. They were some of my first things!
.Elizabeth> Dang little mica flakes will just take over your life, won't they? Heheeee!!
.PolyHolic> I know, and I treasure them!!
.Mike> Carol. That's the point. I don't know....vessels maybe. Boxes.
.KathyG> Ziggy, wait till you get the whole bottles of the mica flakes
.Mike> I did do a snake once about 5 ft long.
.Mike> One scale at a time...
.Leigh> That sounds like fun!
.CarolC> I think about making boxes when Ilook at all the stale clay I have, but otherwise, why make them if it isn't what you really like to do?
.Elizabeth> What were the scales made of ?
.Mike> 31 football games on TV tonight, I guess...
.Crafty Michele> What was your inspiration for making jewelry items?
.Mike> Everything on that snake was clay. The scales were cane slices.
.PolyHolic> YOu are MUCH better than a football game!!! (IMNSHO)
.Leigh> Was it solid?
.Mike> I'm not sure. My feminine side, I guess. Small things make good jewelry...
.Tammie> who needs football mike when we have you to talk to?
.Mike> The snake? Yes, solid.
.Julia> Mike, do you wear jewelry?
.Elizabeth> I don't think you realize how many fans you have, Mike... I never hear anything but RAVES about your classes.
.Leigh> Mike have you worked with the new FIMO SOFT METALLICS and what do you think of them?
.Mike> I have a gay friend who told me my stuff was too feminine for him...
.PolyHolic> Mike doesn't want to accept the fact he's famous.
.Leigh> and while you're at it, what is your favorite brand of clay?
.Mike> It made me laugh.....he was right, though. My stuff is mostly feminine. I really like women.
.Leigh> We are very glad you do!
.Mike> For what I'm doing now, Premo is the ONLY brand.
.Kim> and watching your Landscape make it look SO EASY...
JOYCE8> You got me hooked on stacked spiral beads. Your class was outstanding, and I'm proud to own a few of your originals!
.Linda> well, in that case you've picked the perfect medium - surrounded by women!
.Mike> Some of it IS easy. Have you tried?
.Mike> Linda, AMEN to that!
.Elizabeth> Yes, Linda, I hadn't thought about that, but, you're right... there aren't many men in this, are there?
JDESIGN> Stacked spiral beads?...can you tell me more about them?
.Patty> aaaaahhhhhhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhh (remembering the ooohs & aahs Lone Star---shame on you Mike!!, LOL)
.PolyHolic> Mike, I made a pair of earrings at your class that are one of the best things I've ever done. I get SO many compliments on them.
.Kim> no...not yet...have CATNIP TOYS to make FIRST...THEN I can<>
.Mike> Most of my stuff is very easy, at least in concept. It's the execution that make it.
.Leigh> Ummmmm, I think we need to slow down just a little gang
.Leigh> UH, not that much!<G>
.Mike> Yes, please....I will explain anything, if we have time.
.Leigh> We have all the time that you have to give us, Mike!
JDESIGN> Are there instructions anywhere for the stacked spirals?
.Mike> The spiral beads....on the video.
.Kim> YOU explained it very "simply"...and it looks SO COMPLICATED...I LOVE THAT!
.Crafty Michele> Mike...Is there a secret to forming the SNAILS?
.Mike> One of these days I'll post some diagrams on my website.
JDESIGN> LOL...OK...methinks I gotta get this video...thanks Mike..
.Mike> Snails? Jeez, I don't think so...
.KathyG> I ordered mine yesterday
.Leigh> Mike, I would be happy to work with you to get some diagrams nad instructions up if we can put them up on PCC also!
.Mike> Make a tapered piece of clay, roll it up.
.Mike> Leigh, might work...
.Leigh> We'll talk in Email, I've got the system and the HTML Slave!
.Mike> I could tell anyone how to make that gold "lighted" bead....
JDESIGN> yes please...
.Mike> Anyone interested?
.KathyG> Yes please!!
.Leigh> Please do!
.Kim> LOL
.Maggie> Yes......please
.Jan> yes!! MY BEAD! LOL
.PolyHolic> YES!!!
JOYCE8> yes
.Mike> It is so simple...
.KathyG> We've been discussing how you might have done that on the board
.Mike> One Skinner Blend sheet, Premo. Any color, shading light to dark.
.Mike> Roll it up into a cylinder, lightest color in the center. Ok so far?
.KathyG> Yup
.Mike> Then cut a section, say 2" long.
.Mike> Stand it on end, cut slices off the outside, shaping it into an octagon. Works with squares, too.
.Elizabeth> ACK!!! I've been trying EVERYTHING but this!
.Mike> Got that? Think of cutting slabs off the outside of a log.
.Jan> YES!!
.Mike> The illusion is SO neat. The slices you cut off are way to cool to throw away, also.
.Elizabeth> If I'd have just thought "simpler!"
.Mike> I roll them up, inside out, into more beads. These are the scraps!
.Mike> Wait until you try this...
.Jan> Like the beads on your video but with a skinner blend
.Mike> Every part is so deliciously glassy.
.Julia> Thank you for sharing that, Mike!
JDESIGN> do you buff them Mike?
.Mike> These beads aren't on the video. I didn't have them then.
.PolyHolic> This is NOT making sense to me, but maybe it's because I didn't see the picture.
.Jan> had some octagon ones on there..not skinner though
.Mike> Yes! Sanding and buffing are an absolute, almost with these....
JDESIGN> Ok...thanks...
.Ellen!> Where are the pictures of these?
.Elizabeth> Michelle, in the "Updated Website" thread, there is a picture of that bead... as soon as you see it, you'll get it.
.Maggie> Thank you Mike...:)
.Mike> and, the hardest part, probably. You can lose the shape in sanding.
.Elizabeth> It looks like it's internally lit!
.Leigh> Very interesting effect
ARLYNNA> Thanks for sharing, Mike.
.Mike> Make sure to use a flat bottom container to sand on.
.Patty> Mike, is this based somewhat on the octagons you showed us & gave Jeff a handout on?
.Mike> Only in shape, Patty. Different prep.
.KathyG> It is. You'll love the picture
.Mike> There are a whole bunch of easy things to do with Premo.....I have just a few, I think.
.Leigh> We are a captive audience
.Leigh> All here to learn your secrets!
.Patty> Thanks again, Mike.
.Jan> Got another one to share with us??
.Mike> How about my most important tips?
.Kim> I am "SLOW" many cool clay techniques so little time! WAY behind "the times"<>
.Ellen!> Wait: the bead is a skinner blend, any color, rolled with the light corlor in the middle..
.Jan> Sure!!!!!
.Leigh> YES, of course, we want those tips!
.Mike> USE SHARP BLADES. Tissue blades.
.Ellen!> ...where does the gold come in?
.Mike> My stuff requires GOOD cuts. (And not much else)
.Elizabeth> Gold is the color of the example, Ellen.
.Julia> Have you tried the new blades made by Polyform just for Premo, Mike?
.Elizabeth> If you were using blue to silver, the "light" would be silver... If I'm "getting" this.
.Mike> Ellen> It doesn't have to be gold. That's just for that bead. I have some in blue to purple as well.
.Ellen!> It was a s/b white to gold? Oh shoot, I'll just go look! lol
.Mike> Blades: I've tried everything out there. Nothing better than Thompson tissue blades for some cuts.
.Ellen!> got it. Sinuses are getting in the way tonight, methinks!
JDESIGN> Where do we get Thompson blades please?
.Mike> For that gold bead, I used gold to a mix of gold and burnt sienna, or whatever they call that dark brown.
.Leigh> Yep, I love those Tissue blades
.Mike> Want to talk color mixes?
.Dianne C> yes!
.Leigh> Sure do!
.Crafty Michele> Yes
.Mike> Premo metallic and pearl only come in about 5 or 6 colors...
JDESIGN> I wanna know where to get the blades first,,,
.Mike> Gold, silver (yuck), copper, pearl red, blue, and green.
.Leigh> Kathy has them
.Mike> Oh and plain Pearl.
JDESIGN> Thanks Leigh..
.Leigh> Welcome!<G>
.Mike> Blades. Thompson Scientific.
JDESIGN> thanks Mike
.Mike> With so few colors, how can you go wrong? Everything coordinates.
.Elizabeth> *g* Love that silver, Mike!
.Julia> Why don't you like the silver?
.Mike> I NEVER use plain silver. I always mix silver with pearl 50-50.. I call it Platinum.
.Leigh> I like the silver mixed with Pearl
.Elizabeth> It's "dead" compared to their other metallics.
.Leigh> LOL GMTA
.Mike> Their silver looks like gray to me.
JDESIGN> Yep Zig...I agree...real dead!
.Mike> Pearl brightens it up a LOT.
.KathyG> I think "dead" is a good way to put it. A tiny bit of blue helps also
.Jan> It's nice with the blue pearl too
.Mike> So, mix platinum with anything to lighten and brighten it.
.Leigh> I love the Platinum mix!!!
.Mike> Think of gold as yellow. It will yellow anything you add it to...
.Mike> I wouldn't bother mixing gold and blue. You just get an odd (but nice) green.
.Mike> If you mix a fair amount of platinum into any other pearl, they really coordinate well.
.Jan> Do you stick with just the pearl colors, or do you also add the Pearl to plain colors??
.Mike> Be careful adding non metallics.
.Leigh> It's on the message board Angel
.Mike> Some things will kill your metallic.
JDESIGN> why is that Mike?
.Elizabeth> Tammie, it's on the message board in the thread, "Updated Website"
.Jan> Not enough mica to go around???
.Mike> Like white. STAY away from white.
.Mike> Too opaque...
.Jan> Oh, I see
.Leigh> Premo white is very saturated
.Mike> Premo purple and platinum is great,
JDESIGN> now that sounds yummy...
.Mike> and Platinum and magenta. Mmmm.
JDESIGN> looks like I gotta place another order<G>
.Leigh> Did you go back to message one in that thread tammie?
.PolyHolic> the non-pearl magenta?
.Mike> About 50-50 on those, maybe less with purple.
.KathyG> You might have to click on the folder itself, Angel to bring up things you've already marked as "read"
.Mike> There is no pearl magenta.
.Mike> Jeez, I'm just rambling here....anyone still with me?
.Leigh> Have you worked with many pastels, Mike, or do you prefer the darker colors!
.PolyHolic> I know that, but you just said not to use non-pearls
JOYCE8> yes
.KathyG> Yes, with bated breath
.Mike> I just hoped someone would get something out of this...
.Maggie> i am taking notes mike.....:) Still here and attentive!
.Jan> I've gotten a LOT mike..logged it all
.Patty> How about the fluorescents?
.Elizabeth> Wonder why aren't the effects as defined with the old fimo metallics?
.Mike> I didn't say never....I said no white, and careful with others...
.Leigh> Mike I assure you people are getting answers to their questions!!!
.Mike> I'm not sure about fluorescents.....might work.
.Crafty Michele> Yes, Mike... Your pendants are beautiful..What inspired you to create them?
.PolyHolic> yes teach, sorry teach
.Mike> You mean the lockets?
.Crafty Michele> Sorry..Lockets
.KathyG> Plus we know we can get the logs to review what you've told us
.Linda> Mike - do you ever mix in extra mica flakes? I hope someone hasn't asked this already.
.Mike> What inspired them? I was just playing with design and made some holes in pendants.
.Mike> Then I needed a lid, that led to the hinge...
JDESIGN> the pendants are magical....
.Jan> I'm afraid I have to go..Thanks SOOOOOOO much Mike!
.Crafty Michele> They are just lovely!
.Leigh> Nite Jan, thanks for coming!
JDESIGN> pendants are also on the video?
.Mike> I'm not sure what kind of mica to add....
.Jan> g'nite all :)
.Jan> Any more specific tips, besides sharp blades???
.Leigh> I've added some of the Fimo Pulvers and that can be very effective
.Linda> you can get all sizes now of mica flakes and they really punch up the metallic effect of clay
JDESIGN> sigh...where do I get these mica flakes?
.Mike> Hmmmm....always put that shower curtain INSIDE the tub, not outside.
.KathyG> I've gotten the new mica flakes from Dianne Cooke; all different sizes of them
JDESIGN> thanks Kathy...
.Jan> Thanks, Mike!!! LOLOLOL
.Leigh> Unless you're taking a bath!<G>
.Mike> I would mostly be interested in fine flakes for now....
.KathyG> and they come in many different colors
.Mike> I take things pretty slowly. I mean trying new materials.
.Mike> I usually work in one color until I know what I'm doing.
.PolyHolic> How do these flakes compare to PearlEx powders?
.Mike> Someone else will have to answer that...
.PolyHolic> Sorry, I know that, Kathy??
.KathyG> Look more like real mica
.Julia> Mike, what's your favorite metallic technique to teach?
.PolyHolic> Thanks
.Mike> I'm getting distracted here a bit...sorry. I'll clear them out...
.Mike> Julia...none, really. I love them all.
.Leigh> Want a five minute break, Mike???
.Mike> Anything with a Skinner Blend, I guess. What would we do without that?
.Mike> Nope, I'm fine. Just kids...
.Leigh> That'll do it evertime!
.KathyG> Boy, that's the truth about SB. Has made life much easier
.Elizabeth> Well, that's a common complication, in these chats, isn't it?
.Julia> Do you teach your leaves in your mettalic classes?
.Mike> Oh, speaking of Skinner Blends. Learn to make NARROW ones. You can always make it wider, but it's hard to go narrower...
.Leigh> I remember rolling all those little balls of color and trying to get a gradient
.Kim> JUST came from a LOOK at your site...WOW! I'm in TROUBLE<>
.Leigh> How do you make them Narrower?
.Mike> Oh, I love those leaf impressions! I never get tired of them. Every leaf is different.
.KathyG> I did 11 shades of black to white; Uggg
.Julia> They're really amazing with their depth!
.Helen> I make them narrower by pushing one side to the edge of the pasta machine
.Elizabeth> Yes, the leaves are wonderful to work with! I like how you did that "reverse stencil" look.
.Mike> That's what it is...a reverse stencil
.Leigh> I cheat, I have the mini pasta machine!<G>
.Helen> that'd work! lol
.Julia> Would you explain a "reverse stencil'?
.Mike> Am I on narrow blends or leaves?
JDESIGN> leaves, then blends please...
.Leigh> Pick one, we'll do the other one after
.Julia> I'd like to hear about the leaves.
.Mike> OK, but you have to start with a narrow SB!!!
.Leigh> LOL
.Mike> So, let's do that first....
.PolyHolic> please do leaves, while I'm still here!!!
.Julia> Well all right then. :D
.Mike> Cut your sheets narrow to begin with....maybe 2"
.Mike> Same old Skinner Blend....(see the metallic video...)
.Mike> Use a tool, block, or your finger to keep the width to 2"
.Mike> You won't get confused about directions of folding with this one. It's obvious...
.Leigh> MIke, you can use a group of magnets to adjust the width too!
.KathyG> Or a piece of baked clay that fits the machine
.Mike> and the narrow sheet won't go through the machine the other way, anyway.
.Mike> You can use lots of things. Whatever works. But keep it narrow.
.Mike> If you want it wider, cut a piece and turn it the other way...
.Mike> Anyway, on to leaves....
.Mike> Btw, you need a narrow blend if you want your leaf to be blended. See why?
.KathyG> Yes
.Julia> Ah, yes! Thank you.
.Elizabeth> Yep!
.Mike> Unless you are making a BIG leaf impression. Like a switchplate (hint, hint)
.Elizabeth> *g*
.Mike> Anyway, once you have your narrow blend, cut a chunk off. Brooch size.
.Mike> Press your carefully chosen leaf into the clay...
.Mike> I lay wax paper over the leaf, press with my fingers, until it's really IN there.
.Mike> Now you have at least three choices. Let's do one.
.PolyHolic> OK...
.Mike> With the leaf still on the clay, texture the whole surface. This will hide bubbles, add interest..
.Mike> I use a scouring pad. Scotch Brite, but whatever you like...
.Mike> Then brush Pearl-Ex or other similar powder...
.KathyG> Something else that strayed out of the kitchen
.Mike> Over the whole thing. Use plenty.
.Mike> Then brush off the excess, and carefully lift off the leaf.
.Mike> Crop carefully. This is what will make a good one. I mean it.
.KathyG> reverse stencil=the background is highlighted not the object
.Mike> Bake, and seal to keep the powder from rubbing off.
.Leigh> what do you seal with?
.Jan> What is your prefered sealant?
.PolyHolic> What is your preferred sealer?
.Mike> I guess that was the reverse stencil....I don't know. Here's the other one, anyway...
.Elizabeth> Mike, ya gotta answer that one three times!!! *ggg*
.Mike> Oh, I seal with Patricia Nimocks matte sealer...
.PolyHolic> thanks
.Leigh> where do you get that one?
.Mike> Other things work ,though....
.Mike> I've found it all over the country...
.KathyG> The spray can kind?
.Mike> For a variation...
.PolyHolic> yes....
.Mike> Yes, spray! You can't brush will smear the powder all over.
.Mike> Back to the other variation...
.Leigh> Ah, Okay!
.Mike> Narrow SB, cut a piece, place leaf on clay...
.Mike> This time, lift the leaf off BEFORE you add powder...
.Mike> Then add powder all over the whole thing..
.Diane B.> Hi Mike from South Bay Polymer Clay Guild and Diane ..glad someon'
.Diane B.> oops. glad it's still going on.
.Mike> Crop (critical step!), and bake. When it's cool, steel wool, until there's no powder anywhere but...
.Leigh> Yea, 35 people still here!<G>
.Mike> Where the leaf was.... you get a nice outline.
.Mike> How come I'm doing all the talking?
.Leigh> Cause you is teaching us!
.PolyHolic> Cuase you're the teach!!!
.KathyG> Cuz we're watching with bated breath
.Mike> Oh...
.Diane B.> Mike, when you're finished with whatever you're discussing now, could you say again how you make a pentagon shape? I tried what I thought you'd told someone who'd told someone, but it didn't work
.Diane B.> very well.
.Ellen!> because we are all either sitting here with our mouths wide open or...
.Mike> I don't hear those usual oohs and ahhs I work so hard to get in classes.
.Julia> Thanks so much for the leaf instructions!
.Leigh> Ooohssss
.Diane B.> Ooooohh, aaaaaa
.Leigh> ahhhhhssss
.PolyHolic> they're here, believe me
.Julia> I can't wait to try them.
.KathyG> We are restraining ourselves<G>
.Mike> Oh, the pentagon. I learned that from Tom Plattenburger...
.Leigh> Is that better Mike!
.Mike> OK, OK...
.Ellen!> ...we are busy trying these things!
.PolyHolic> Did you say three variations on leaf???
.Leigh> I thought there were 3 leaf variations
.Elizabeth> LOL, Kat!
.Ellen!> lol, group ... ooohs and ahhs
.Leigh> see, we are paying attention!
.Elizabeth> I don't think you'll hear much, Mike... no sound devices. *g*
.PolyHolic> Leigh, great minds...
.Mike> Those were fake ones, anyway. I can tell the difference....
.KathyG> LOL
.Patty> ooohhhh, aaaaahhhha! More, More!1
.Leigh> YOu better believe it Poly
.Ellen!> lol
.Diane B.> Is there any place I can see Tom's pentagon instructions, or find it somewhere else --that's a HARD shape to draft...
.PolyHolic> guess you're the aaaahhh expert, huh?
.Mike> That third variation is too complicated to explain here. It's not hard, but not in text, please...
.Ellen!> FWIW, I never fake it...
JOYCE8> genuine aaaaaaaaaaaahhh
.Mike> The pentagon is easy if you have a draw program with a polygon tool...
.Leigh> Mike, do you think we could work on the third way for the web site?
.Mike> Leigh, no sweat. It's not that hard....
.Ellen!> Someone give Mike a glass of water?
.Leigh> Kewl!
.Mike> Or a thin strip of paper....
JDESIGN> or a brandy?
.Julia> And weren't there supposed to be cookies?
.Mike> Cut a 1" strip of paper, maybe a foot long..
.Leigh> You're computer is eating the cookies!<G>
.Mike> Cookies? Cookies? Ma, is that you?
.Mike> ...the pentagon..
.Ellen!> They smelled of polymer clay, couldn't eat them
.Diane B.> I'mlistening , Mike!
JDESIGN> so am I Mike..
.Leigh> Yes, back to listening mode!<G>
.Mike> Tie the strip of paper in a careful, tight over hand knot.
.Linda> sorry to interrupt but i gotta go - see you later Mike!
.Leigh> Nite Linda, thanks for comint
.Leigh> coming
.Mike> You have to sort of snug it together, but the knot will have a perfect pentagon shape.
.PolyHolic> doesn't it crumple?
.Linda> bye bye all
.Leigh> Oh that is a neato trick
.Mike> I think it's an origami thing. I didn't invent it, and neither did Tom.
.Mike> Wait until you try it. But, the draw program is much easier. And you can any number of sides...
.Mike> So, what else?
.Jan> Cool, I just tried it!! Anybody else???
.KathyG> Is the size of the strip of paper determined by what size you want the pentogon?
.Leigh> Let's see, Claire?
.Leigh> HOld it up!
.Jan> I could scan it...
.Mike> My fingers are numb...
JDESIGN> Um...dumb question from OZ<G>..what is the papr pentagon for?
.Jan> We need video conferencing
.Leigh> MIke, what are you dying to try, but haven't had the chance to yet?
.Mike> KathyG. Of course.
.Diane B.> Well, cr--p ... I just got tossed offline when I was about to get the golden words on snugging the pentagon!
.Mike> You mean with clay?
.Leigh> Well, either way!<G>
.Leigh> LOL
.Jan> The width if the strip of paper is the length of one the sides if the pentagon
.Mike> No golden words on that anyway. Just do it. You'll see. Cut a strip, tie it in a knot.
.KathyG> Thanks Claire
.Diane B.> OK... I'll keep trying..thanks.
.Mike> Leigh. I wish I could describe what I did yesterday. I had it scanned and everything...
.Leigh> Oh too bad, can you post it tomorrow?
.Kim> <<<< busy tying knots in thread
.Mike> But, something didn't work right...
.Leigh> what were you working with?
.Crafty Michele> Thanks, Mike very informative.
.Jan> See - I'm holding it up right now!!! LOLOL
.Crafty Michele> Nite All!!!!!
.Leigh> Oh Claire, that's looks great!!!
.Elizabeth> Very nice, Claire!
.Leigh> I can see it, cause I live inside your computer!<G>
.Elizabeth> Night, Michele!
.Mike> Anyway, it involves a two sided SB and some twisting...oh, never mind...
.PolyHolic> Hey, the knot works!!!
.Jan> Thank you, Thank you!!!
.Leigh> Mike that sounds very interesting
.Ellen!> But is the know pc realted? I'm with Oz!
.PolyHolic> two sided SB???
.Mike> I'll get it scanned soon and post it. It might not even be all that special.
JDESIGN> Thanks Ellen...LOL
.Ellen!> :)
.Leigh> Mike, what you make is special, you have a very nice way about all your work
JDESIGN> We must be dumb and dumber Ellen<G>
.Mike> Back to back Skinner Blends. Nice effect for the Beehive.
.Ellen!> We should meet sometime, JD. I'll come to Australia
.Julia> I saw the beehive post on Delphi! Wonderful technique!
.Leigh> Claire posted an interesting photo this morning using one of your techniques
.Diane B.> Mike, will you be putting up more of your older stuff on your website (snakes, etc.)? I still like to have places to send people who are interested in a particular thing, even if it's old *to you*!
JDESIGN> LOL...anytime Ellen
.Patty> Mike, are both of the S/Bs lite to dark & are they placed in reverse order when putting them together?
.Mike> I guess I could....
.Julia> I loved those snakes.
.Diane B.> Just one example of everything, pretty please. . . .!
.Mike> I'm getting lost again. Who am I answering?
.Diane B.> Everyone
.KathyG> about the double SB
.Leigh> YOu're sending me a check for a thousand dollars Mike
.Mike> Great.
.Mike> I beg your pardon
.Leigh> It was worth a try!<G>
.PolyHolic> double SB, with two sets of colors?
.Leigh> It got everyones attention for a moment!
.Mike> Two SBs, back to back. Anyway you like. Experiment. Reverse them, whatever.
.PolyHolic> heck with the thousand dollars, how about some Mike originals???
.PolyHolic> <G>
.Mike> Everything I do is a Mike original...not worth 1K...
.Ellen!> I've got a few of those, Michele!
.Leigh> What do we do with the SB's that are back to back?
.Mike> I don't think people understand the Skinner Blend as well as they think. ...
.PolyHolic> me too!!!
JDESIGN> I know Idon't<G>
.Leigh> what don't you think they understadn about it, Mike?
.Mike> I always start my classes with that and no one complains. I have my own variations...
JDESIGN> how to keep them straight for one thing...
.KathyG> and so many variations, you have to stop and think what you are doing
.Mike> Leigh: Well, cut strips from the joined sheets and try twisting them....who made that ornament on the website?
.PolyHolic> I think mkaing some narrow SBs helps understand them better.
.Jan> I did the ornament
.Mike> The red and green one. Very nice variation on that ridiculously simply Beehive thing.
.KathyG> And beautiful it is\
.Leigh> That was Claire, wasn't it?
.Jan> Thank you!! It was simple, but the end result looks complicated
.Mike> I loved it. And I can't believe you scanned such a 3-D object!
.Mike> Like my stuff....
.Leigh> She did a great job on both the project and the scan!
ARLYNNA> Mike, a different request. Do you place your baked pc in ice water when removing it from the oven?
.Mike> Leigh, I think I'll email you about graphics soon.....I have to learn some things.
.Diane B.> Was that the scan where someone took off the cover and turned it on end?
.Mike> Ice water? Nope...why?
.Leigh> We have about 10 minutes left of our Official Chat with MIke, so if you have questions, fire away!
.Jan> Actually, I get better scans with my 3-D stuff than with flat things... go figure!
.Leigh> I'll be GLAD to help MIke!
.Mike> Oh, and you should see what I bake in. A $5 toaster oven.
.Leigh> But we won't throw Mike out of the room, when it's over!!!
.Julia> I'd just like to say I'm looking forward to your class in Chicago this spring, Mike.
.Mike> Never gives me any trouble at ALL>
.Patty> Mike, are you set for Texas this spring? Dates?
.Mike> Me, too, Julia. We haven't settled on a date yet. I'm hoping for May.
.Leigh> Mike, we have a request for any hints you have about HINGES
ARLYNNA> I haven't tried ice water, but have read that some do. Anyone out there that does this technique?
.KathyG> Yes, I do
.Mike> Patty. I haven't heard from Susan. We have a tentative date.
.Julia> Whenever it is, I'm looking forward to it!
.Leigh> I use Ice water all the time with my translucent
.KathyG> Makes it clearer
.Mike> backs. Top quality! Cut off the ends, you have a hinge.
.Patty> Keeping my fingers XX, want to come see you then.
.Mike> Careful gluing those'll glue them shut...or open
.Diane B.> Mike, where do you buy your pinbacks for hinges?
.KathyG> How about the ones that look like they swivel?
.Mike> Rings and Things...Spokane....Superior quality.
.Mike> Oh the's easy to do, hard to explain. Just a hole and a pin....
.Mike> Careful with the glue again...
.Mike> I haven't done that one in awhile....
.Mike> The pin backs feel so much smoother and satisfying.
.KathyG> Do you leave it pin straight or bend it so it imbeds in the clay?
.PolyHolic> But don't you have to buy wholesale from rings and things???
.Mike> Everyone falling asleep?
JOYCE8> nope
.Leigh> Not a chance
.Mike> If you are from WA, you do, but I didn't when I was in AK.
.KathyG> All you need to buy wholesale is a tax number
.Jan> We're all THINKING
.Mike> They never asked for a license or anything.
.PolyHolic> but I don't have one :(
.Mike> Until I moved to WA....of course.
.Julia> Mike, do you retail your work anywhere?
.Elizabeth> I have the feeling that a whole lot of people are going to be up late, after this, Mike.
.Mike> Get one. You need them for a lot of shows, etc.
.Patty> No, Mike, we are still picking your brain. Were your college students this attentive?
.Leigh> LOL Yeah, how many are going to be playing with clay before bed?
.Mike> Not much retail. One store here in Gig Harbor...
.Kim> no...just watching the screen and sticking myself (not on purpose<>) with this #$@% needle<>
.KathyG> Go to your local courthouse and register your business and they give you a tax number
.PolyHolic> No way, I jsut started a new job this week. I;m going to bed!!!
JDESIGN> OZ has to leave guys....before the Post Office closes<G>'s been great Mike..thanks forall the tips..
.Mike> Yes. My students were MOTIVATED. Teaching adults can be really cool. People know why they are there...
.Diane B.> Oh, Gig Harbor . . . blast from the past. The DH and I used to live on Vashon Island!
.Patty> I'm conditioning clay as we speak
.Mike> A stones
.Leigh> Well, thank you all for coming, we are winding down, although i'm sure many of us will be staying for some fun!
.Mike> throw away...
.Dianne C> Mike, Thank you for a terrific chat! You have given us so many ideas. I would like to remind folks that on Saturday, Kris Richards will be PCC's chat guest, at 9pm EST!
.Mike> What kind of fun?
.Leigh> MIke, I don't know how to thank you for all your helpful information, but this chat was wonderful
.Mike> You're welcome....I had fun.
.Dianne C> talking with you, if you'd like to stay and visit a while.
JDESIGN> Nite everyone.....
.Maggie> I am going to scoot...4AM comes early...that gives me 2 hours of clay time b4 everyone else gets up! :)
.Mike> I love this job.... really.
.Kim> no clay for KCREDCAT until I FINISH these 200 cat incentive...I guess<>
ARLYNNA> Thanks, and g'nite. Until we meet again.
.Maggie> Mike...thank you oodles and oodles....:)
.PolyHolic> thanks Mike!!!
.Gaby> or speaking of how great you are Mike!
.Leigh> THank you all for coming!!!!
.KathyG> Thanks Mike. This was a great chat!!!
.Leigh> Now, who's going to dance on the table!
.Mike> Goodnight to those leaving. Thanks for your patience...
.Maggie> Niters all and *HUGGLES*
.KathyG> Actually we chat and Ziggy throws trout
.Patty> Mike, hang around....we have some people here known to run around nekkid!!! hehe
.Dianne C> Leigh, that's zig's job!
.Leigh> Patience??? Mike, it's a joy to listen to your teaching
.Elizabeth> <----Table dancing days lonnnng over!
.Kim> LOL, Leigh!
.Dianne C> Ziggy, Ziggy, did it!
.Mike> Elizabeth, what about that figure?
.KathyG> I saw her
.Dianne C> Hey, Patty, you better watch it!
.Elizabeth> That's right, blame ME for all the mooning in the world.
.Leigh> Uh Oh, Mike already saw Ziggy's Figure!
.Mike> You can answer me later if you prefer.
.Leigh> Meooooooow!!!!!
.Dianne C> Oh, Mike, we have been asking her that!

Editor Note: Ziggy's Figure is her winning sculpture "Thankful" on the PCC Challenge Page
.Elizabeth> Mike, I'm really happy that you liked her. What a compliment!
.Leigh> She is beautiful Ziggy!!!!
.Elizabeth> Heheeeee! Can't get no respect from my sissahs around here! *g*
.Mike> I don't want to call it a doll...unless that's what it is. It just wiped me out today when I saw it....
.Leigh> If you want respect, you have to keep your clothes on, Zigs!
.KathyG> LOL
.Elizabeth> People make me cry when they write to me about her. Some have made her into screensavers... I am just stunned.
.Leigh> There is so much emotion in that face!!!! That figurine is exceptional and I can't get her to give it to me either!
.Dianne C> :::Ziggy is busting buttons:::
.Elizabeth> <-----Putting clothes back on.
.Julia> Good night everyone! Thanks so much, Mike!
.Patty> Doesn't it have a wonderful expression on the face?
.Dianne C> Night, Julia...hey, everyone ...
.KathyG> She should be. That is a wonderful piece!
.Mike> I can't hold off the family any longer, folks. I gotta go....But, I've really enjoyed your company and interest.
.Dianne C> Julia got an AAAAA in her class!!
.Elizabeth> Thanks, Patty.
.KathyG> Nite Julea
.Leigh> We have been thrilled Mike, I hope you come again soon!
.Dianne C> Congratulations!!
.Gaby> Bye Mike, thanks for this great chat!
.Elizabeth> Mike, you did a great job with the madding crowd.
.Dianne C> Nit, Gaby see you Sat.
.Diane B.> Bye, Mike! and hi and thanks to the family!
.Elizabeth> Have a good night!
.Jan> Thank you so much Mike, It's been great!!!
.KathyG> Thanks a million for coming. Hope your fingers recover
.Patty> Thank you Mike, hope to see you in TX in March
.Mike> You're all welcome. My fingers will be fine. Thank you.
.KathyG> Hope to see you in DC in Feb.
.PolyHolic> we love you Mike!!
.Mike> Me, too.
.Dianne C> I have to hit the sack. Don't let Z. talk nasty now. Night all!! See you Sat.!!
.Leigh> DC, in Feb??? Kathy, got any info on that one?
.Kim> nite to make more toys...THANKS MIKE!
.KathyG> I've got to call the Art Factory tomorrow
.Mike> Elizabeth...say hello to God for me..
.Jan> Night Dianne
.Leigh> YOu will share, right? =DC is definately doable
.KathyG> I've got the catalog somewhere Leigh. I;ve got to go look
.Mike> G'night....
.Leigh> Nite Mike, sleep tight
.Elizabeth> God and I aren't speaking, right now. *g*
.PolyHolic> niters
.Mike> Maybe God is intimidated by your work.
.Mike> I am...
.Elizabeth> LOL! Love ya!
.Elizabeth> You're embarrassing the heck outta me. *g*
.KathyG> Art Factory, Alexandria, Va Feb 19 & 20
.Mike> Toodles.
.Patty> But the Goddess loves it!!!
.Mike> No, really, I have to go.....
.KathyG> I had it marked but I had forgotten
.Mike> I'm outta here...
.Mike> See you alll....
.Leigh> Nite again, Mike
.Elizabeth> Bye, kiddo!
.Kim> hope to see you in Mich in 2000!!! Take Care and Happy & SAFE Holidays to ALL!!!
.KathyG> Nite Mike
.Mike> Until we meet again, then...
.Mike> Don't be strangers..
.Leigh> Toodles Mike
.Mike> Good night, all!
.Jan> Don't worry, we won't
.KathyG> Did you get that Leigh?
.Mike> So long, Amigos--amigas.
.Leigh> Yes, thank you Kathy!
.Mike> Adios, muchachos.
.Mike> I'll be mosying on out then..
.Leigh> Yes, Please Kathy
.Leigh> Mike, I think you are having a hard time leaving us!
.Mike> I thought you'd never notice...
.Elizabeth> Separation anxiety. *eg*
.Patty> Hasta luegoe, vaya con Dios
.Mike> But, really now...
.PolyHolic> well, I gotta go too folks.
.KathyG> Art League School 703-683-2323
.Mike> This time for good...
.Mike> Hasy lumbago.
.Leigh> Sure, Mike!!! Have a nice day!!!<G>
.PolyHolic> But unlike some, I will really go.
.Mike> I mean hasty lumbago..
.Mike> Gone.
.Leigh> Want another cup of coffee Mike
.Leigh> He's still here!
.Elizabeth> So, being the late upper, today, what's everyone working on?
.Leigh> Nite Mike
.Jan> He's hiding, to see what we say after he leaves...
.Leigh> ** Special Event Fini ** (Logging turned off)

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