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Here's a lovely project lesson from Marcia Tzigelnik. In her words... "because of the transparency of organza cloth, I found it very interesting and with lots of possibilities to create beautiful embellishments." As you can see from this lesson, it is a beautiful combination!


  • A flower cane, or any other design cane you wish to use
  • Black and White clay (since my cane is in those colors. Your two colors should compliment your cane selection)
  • Liquid Polymer clay and brush
  • Organza cloth (I get mine from gift bags, but any fabric store should have a wide variety)
  • Roller, cutting tool and scissors
  • Heat gun
  • Optional - pendant bail or clasp

Step 1: Roll out a sheet of the white clay. Cut thin slices from your millifiori cane and place them on the white sheet. Flatten them with a roller until it's completely smooth.

Step 2: Roll out a sheet of the black clay. Place the white sheet on the black sheet and roll together until they are firmly attached. Now cut out your pendant shape with a cutter (I used a pre-sized shape cutter).

Step 3: Choose your organza design and lay it on the pendant shape. Apply a thick coat of liquid polymer clay over the whole piece. The liquid clay protects the organza cloth from melting, so pay attention and cover the whole piece very well. Bake to cure the liquid clay and then use heat gun until it is clear.

Step 4: Cut the excess cloth off with scissors.

Step 5: Frame the pendant by using a thin coat of the liquid clay at the edges of the pendant. Apply another coat of liquid polymer clay and bake. Repeat this two more times. You can also frame it with a contrasting color clay strip. Add a pendant bail or just pierce the pendant and add a clasp.

And here is your finished Millifiori & Organza Pendant!

Same technique, but with different cane and organza designs, and backgound clay to match the cane.
by Marcia Tzigelnik
© 2008 Text and Photos

We want to thank Marcia for sharing this lovely project lesson with Polymer Clay Central. If you have a lesson or tutorial, or something you would like to share with PCC, please email Leigh or Stephen and we will help you prepare your project for the PCC Website!

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