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Step 6: Adding Color

Fig. 8 This snowflake was colored in with Marvey Markers. Sometimes they are a little finicky, but if you use your heat gun to dry between coats, I found that it comes up with a good vibrant color - it all depends on the effect you are looking for! I've also painted cured clay with the Marvy Markers, and then rubbed it in and wiped off the excess, almost like a stain. It gives a very soft color.

Fig. 9 This ornament is colored in with Metallic gel pens - one of my favorite methods of adding color. It's just like when you were little, coloring with your friends. Again, I found that sometimes the markers don't want to adhere to the clay right away, but when you persevere, you will find it adds a very interesting effect.
Fig. 10
Milky Gel Rollers - as with the metallic gel pens, these give rich and vibrant colors. The new flourescent gel writers are exceptionally suited to this method. Their colors show up so well on white clay.
Fig. 11
Acrylic Paint - Here I've used some Metallic Acrylic paints that I had from another project. These happen to be a wonderful collection of colors and give a softer look then the gel writers.

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