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Grannie's Cottage
Grannie was kind enough to offer her design for all to use, but please observe the COPYRIGHT.

"You are welcome to use these instruction for your own pleasure. I, Grannie, own the copyright and give no one my permission to sell, publish or otherwise distribute these instructions without my prior approval. Have fun and let me know if you need help."


The First Cuts:

Smooth an 8" x 10" piece of foil out on a flat surface, roll Sculpey on foil to 1/4" thick, let Sculpey sit for 1/2 hour after rolling (too soft to cut yet). Using a very thin blade (I used an Exacto knife) cut the clay to the exact dimensions shown.

The Roof:

After cutting roof piece out, measure and cut roof(again) so that you now have one 3" X 4" piece (front) and one 3 1/2" X 4" piece(back), these are the front and back parts of the roof.

Now comes the fun! "Thatching" the roof...using the tip of the thin blade (remember 4" is the width side to side, 3" or 3 1/2" is the length) draw lines (using short un-even strokes) down the length of the roof pieces flaring your strokes to a slight angle near the side edges and the corners, repeat the knife strokes several times in each area to give it a "thatched" look. Take a very soft "blush brush" and rub it into some yellow (yes there is such a thing) eye shadow, brush it (lightly) on to the "thatch", you will probably have to do this several times to bring the color out. Next take some VERY LIGHT brown and brush over the yellow in streaks to give the "thatch" depth. Using a WIDE spatula slide the roof pieces (taking the foil with them) onto a flat, hard surface (heavy cardboard is good) and bake at 225 (preheated oven) for 15 min. remove and set aside till other pieces are done.

The Windows:

First, draw your windows (one in the center on each side of cottage) curving the tops in an arch, take a Q-tip or a pencil eraser and LIGHTLY dab some yellow in the window portion (the lights are on!). Next, roll a bit of clay into a "snake" no bigger around than a toothpick and cut it into two small lengths, placing one side to side and one up and down inside the window (window panes!). Make another "snake" just a tiny bit thicker and press it around the entire window. Now "paint" the sides of the cottage the color of your choice (I used a light shade of lavender) DO NOT paint the window frames yet. Take a toothpick and press the side of it into the window frame making little (horizontal)dents as you work your way around the frame leaving a space between each dent twice as wide as the dent it self. Use a Q-tip to dab a contrasting color on the spaces (not the dents).

Stone Cutting:

With the curved end of a "bobbie pin" or paper clip start pressing little oval shapes into the side of the cottage, starting at the top, working in rows across (it's a good idea to practice this on a scrap piece of Sculpy to get the hang of it before starting on the cottage) and finishing at the bottom.

Window box w/Flowers:

shape a piece of clay into a long squared off box the length of the bottom width of the window and press it there, make a "clumpy" shape of clay and place it on top of the "box", now take the toothpick and have fun poking the "clump" full of tiny holes! Next stick the toothpick into some green eye shadow and poke it all over the "clump" (you're making "leaves") you will have to keep adding eye shadow to the pick. Do the same thing with some bright pink ("flowers") be sure to leave some white showing as it gives a very "lacy" effect.

The Front:

I put the window on the (my) left and the door on the (my) right, follow the same steps as you did for the sides but make the window a little wider, make the door the same way as you did the windows. Bake in 225 preheated oven, put the roof pieces back in too, it will make them stronger, don't leave the roof in longer than 10 min. tho, bake the rest of the pieces 15 mins. Putting it all together...make 4 "snakes" of clay, each one aprox. 1 1/2" around at the bottom tapering to 1/2" at the top,(these will be "Evergreen trees") each one should be 3" long. Take one side of cottage and the front and push their corner edges 1/4 of the way into the "tree" making the two side edges meet top to bottom, fold excess clay over top and press into inside of corner, press rest of excess clay into the length of side seam (the "trees" hold the cottage together!) do the other 3 corners in the same way. When all 4 corners are done, check to make sure "she's squared up". Push your fingers into tree in various places to make it look "lumpy". Using a soft brush "paint" the trees green (being careful not to get green on rest of cottage). Make bunches of holes with toothpick again to rough it up a bit, start dipping pick into green again while poking. You may add "flowers" to the trees if you like (I did).

Raisin' the Roof:

(hang in there we're almost done!) Line the whole top edge of the cottage with 1/2" thick "snakes" of clay, place one 1/2" snake accross the front section of roof top (where the front and back will come together) press the roof pieces on to cottage, pushing center together at the same time, check again to be sure cottage is "square". Smooth out any excess that squeezed out on peak of roof, add more lines to it and "paint" yellow. The roof should be longer in the back, this over-hang creates the "porch",set the house on a 6" X 6" piece of foil, make a 1/4" rectangle of clay the length and width of the over-hang press it into the base of cottage on the foil, square the edges, "paint" it gray, roll two pieces of toothpick in clay to act as 2 poles supporting the roof, stick them in "deck". Make 1/4" thick 1/2 oval the width of front door and press into base of door, (door step) "paint" grey. Bake for 15 mins. in preheated 225 degree F. oven .

NOTE: I made 2 clips to hold roof together while baking, I wrapped 2 strong pieces of wire in foil and ran them over roof (front to back) bending both ends under edges of roof, do not press into soft clay where roof halves are joined together, remove "clips" after baking.

Text and Illustrations ©1996 by Grannie

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