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Charles DaPra, a High School Science teacher of 27 years, found a creative outlet with Polymer Clay. In his words...
"I love reading and trying to create faces of the characters I read about based on the author's description. Some heads become Christmas tree ornaments, others free standing.

I use the clay to try and interest my students in being creative. The motto I post and encourage my students to think about is the well-known quote from Einstein 'Imagination is more important than knowledge.'

Polymer Clay is the greatest medium to do what I enjoy. I wish I had discovered it many years ago."
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Quasimoto and Esmerelda


The Monk

Faces of Quasimoto

Forest People

Old Man and the Sea

Jan - Lady in the Beauty Shop

Tao, the Judge, and the Sage

Oliver, Fagan, and Nancy


Red Badge of Courage

Bill Sykes and the Artful Dodger

Esmerelda and Quasimoto 2

Cyrano de Bergerec

Don Quixote
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