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Here is a sampling of Dotty McMillan's new creations. All these pieces are made with Clay Factory Clay.

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The Geshia Pendant uses photo transfer and antiquing techniques.
The container (right) is a prescription bottle covered with canes. Two faces are peeking out on each side. Regular amber prescription bottles will not melt or disfigure if baked at 250 to 275 degrees. The top flange has been removed, as well as the snap-on lid. A new lid was made of clay.
This pendant uses color photo transferring, and 14K gold-filled wire sculpturing. The piece is approx. 3 1/2 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide.
Designed also using photo transferring. The flowers and leaves are formed using tinted translucent clay. The wire sculpturing is 14K gold-fill.
This pendant is made with a hancrafted polymer clay cameo which has been antiqued. 14K gold-filled wire has been sculpted arount it.
This pendant uses a polymer clay cabochon made using the Mokume Gane technique. Silver foil is embedded in the translucent clay. Sterling silver wire has been sculpted around the cabochon.
This pendant has a hand-sculpted Angel using both translucent and opaque clay. The piece has 14K gold-filled wire sculpted around it and is finished by adding a row of glass pearls.
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