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Dorothy McMillan, noted author and popular polymer clay artist and expert, was kind enough to offer her latest creations for display at Polymer Clay Central (and now at our new home on Delphi). Dorothy has been experimenting with interference powders and here are her marvelous results. Since this is Dorothy's page... the captions are in her words!
This is one of my Dark Crystal Lady broaches made with different colored Fimo and enhanced with interference powders. Different, but good results can be had by using MUD (scrap clay well mixed.) The colors won't be as bright, but will still be very effective. Black is always a good base color for the powders as it gives the piece a really nice antique look.
This is one of about four variations of angel pins I've been working with. This one is somewhat Byzantine and more ornate than others. A combination of canes, interference powders, on-lay, and impression techniques are used. These pins run from 2 inches to 3 1/2 inches in height.
This pendant is part of a necklace and is made using a face mold (from a 100 year old doll.) She is highlighted with interference pigments. Designs are stamped around the top of her bonnet and her chin.
This is one of my ELF series. This particular one is a warrior and he carries his weapons in his little pouch. Since they are all magic spells, they fit in there nicely. All of the elves are approx. 5 inches tall and most are made with MUD and interference powders. Various items are used to impress the clay before applying the powders.

See more of Dorothy's work here!

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