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Text & Photos by Arlene Thayer


  • 1 Glass bowl, approximately 3"H x 4"W.
  • Well conditioned Fimo Transparent and Fimo Glo-In-Dark polymer clay.
  • Three or four various grits of sandpaper (240-2000).
  • The Amaco "Roses" pushmold, by Judi Maddigan. (Optional)
  • Polymer Clay tools - helpful, but not necessary (include pasta maker, small food processor, brayer, cutting blades, toaster oven and a hard working surface).
Make the Cane:
  1. Make three long snakes with the transparent clay in thicknesses of about 3/8" to 1/4" diameter.
  2. Cover with a thin sheet of glo-in-dark clay.
  3. Cut the snakes in pieces 1 1/2" in length.
  4. Gently distort the round shape of the two smaller sized snakes into hearts, soft triangles or any shape except round, retaining the length.
  5. Starting with the 3/8" size roll as the center of the cane construction, surround it with the smaller sized rolls in a random pattern. Fitting together like a puzzle.
  6. Build as many as you want to make a square cane that when reduced is 3/4" wide on all sides. The more snakes, the more intricate the lacey pattern and the longer the cane.
Cover and Bake the Bowl:

Thinly slice the cane and place the slices all around the outside of the bowl until completely covered. The thin slices will lessen distortion and running together of the lace as the surface is smoothed with your fingers. Bake the bowl for about 25 minutes at 275F. After the bowl is cooled, begin sanding the surface with smaller and smaller grit sandpaper, until smooth to the touch. Polish gently with a paper towel and then a soft cloth.

Add Leaves and Flowers:

Using Fimo Glo-In-Dark, simulate a ribbon, and place it on the bowl at the rim. Make some larger roses and leaves using the Roses Push Mold and place those on the face of the bowl. Also, make many little roses, leaves and tiny buds by hand and attach them as shown. Fill in with daisy shapes and buds until it is very full and cascades into a triangle shape to the bottom of the bowl. When it looks the way you want it to look, bake again for 25-30 minutes at 275F. That's all! Now, when a lit candle is placed inside, the entire bowl will glow with an eerie green cast.

Arlene Thayer
© 1997 Creative Crafts & Gems ™
All rights reserved.

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