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Your Company Name: Just Pwecious
Email Address/Web Page: justpwecious@hotmail.com
City & State: Anderson, SC
Type of Craft: Sculpting with Polymer Clay

Tell us in your own words, how you discovered polymer clay and how long have you been using it?

My Mom sent me some clay and a picture of what they were doing in California, my Home State. That was in 1977, and I've been sculpting ever since!

Are there any special artists that you can attribute your interest to or that have inspired you?

There are too many to name. Over the years, I have admired everyone who sculpts, as their sculptures differ from mine, and are each a beautiful, unique piece of art!

What is your specialty?

I specialize in cartoon characters, especially Disney! I have made nearly all of the Disney characters at one time or another. I am now venturing into the world of fairies and elves. What Fun!!

Can you tell us why you find polymer clay the expressive medium for you?

I lose myself in the clay and the experience. I have suffered from major depression since I was 12, and when I am sculpting, I am truly happy... and fulfilled!

Have you published any polymer clay books or do you have any in the works?

Actually, I am working on a polymer clay book now. When I finish it, I will definitely let you know!

I know it is very difficult to express, but have you won any awards for your polymer clay work?

I have been to some craft shows, the best being the Miniature Show and Sale at the Elegant Dollhouse, in Sacramento, California. I also make Dollhouse miniatures! I have sold my sculpture to stores all over California, and in many other states.

What are your expectations for the future? Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?

I would like to get my sculptures published in a magazine. I am hoping, once I get my fairies going, that I will be able to get one published in Doll Reader Magazine, or another like it. I'd also like to get my cartoon sculptures published in Miniature Showcase. I have done a lot of original designs!

Do you have any advice for the beginning polymer clay enthusiasts?

Don't sell yourself short. Even if your sclupture doesn't look like you want it to, keep working at it....practice, practice, practice.... none of us learned over night! You should see MY first scluptures! UGH!! Just don't give up!

Are you a member of any Polymer Clay group, or any other craft organization?

No, not yet.

What brands of polymer clay do you prefer and why?

I love 'Super Sculpey', because it is so soft and flexible! And I love to paint the details! I like 'Super Sculpey III' for animals, and Premo for Canes.

Last and most important can you tell us all about you? Your family, your training?

I have a lot of physical problems, and chronic back pain, but I like to think of myself as an eternal optimist! I have 1 Kitty, Bo, and two Doggies, a Shih Tzu named Peanut Butter Cup, and a Cocker mix named Murphy. My husband John and I, I guess, are our families' caretakers. We've moved across country twice; once to take care of my family, when my Dad was dying of Cancer, and once to take care of John's family, when his parents were in their late 80's and couldn't drive anymore.

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