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Nadine Fazio

Your Company Name: N/A
Email Address/Web Page: notafraidofmyglasshouse@yahoo.com
City & State: N/A
Type of Craft: Polymer Clay

Tell us in your own words, how you discovered polymer clay and how long have you been using it?

My mom brought home some polymer clay about 11 years ago, when I was about 13 years old. We made beads together, some of which earned their way into some of my jewelry designs, even back then. I still have the handful of beads I first made then. After that polymer clay and I had an on and off relationship. I had experimented some in lampworked glass, and found my way back to polymer clay about 4 years ago again. When I started working full time, I gave up on clay, but kept beading. In September 2005 I was injured on the job and was out of work for two months. I picked up polymer clay again, finding it soothing for my mind to take my mind off the injury. I haven't put the clay down since.

Are there any special artists that you can attribute your interest to or that have inspired you?

I found Leslie Carnes on livejournal.com, a pc artist who makes scented miniature food jewelry and owns her own business; pancake meow. I fell in love with her work, how realistic it was. It inspired me to take my love for polymer and integrate it into my jewelry designs. Sue Heaser and Nora Jean have also inspired me. I love how they experiment and experiment some more until they get exactly what they want from it.

What is your specialty?


Can you tell us why you find polymer clay the expressive medium for you?

Polymer is inexpensive so I don't feel guilty when I mess up. It's easy to ball up the clay and begin again. Because I've been environmentally aware, I hated products where things got thrown away. I love that with pc you can save your scrap and use the scrap clay in something else, or if an already baked project slips during baking, you can use new clay and rebake. The colors and designs that can be achieved are limitless. It helps me create beads that in a very large world of jewelry makers sets me apart when I have beads noone else does.

Have you published any polymer clay books or do you have any in the works?

No published books or any on the works. I'm busy learning and experimenting and reading books written by the "experts" - names that pop up repeatedly.

I know it is very difficult to express, but have you won any awards for your polymer clay work?

Not yet. I hope to take my work to craft shows.

What are your expectations for the future? Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?

I'm working on getting my jewelry business off the ground, and using polymer clay as a medium to help me on my way.

Do you have any advice for the beginning polymer clay enthusiasts?

Don't be afraid. Some of the projects that I thought were a lost cause ended up being some of the most beautiful and the ones I still get alot of compliments on.

Are you a member of any Polymer Clay group,or any other craft organization?

City-O-Clay and a few others on yahoo.com and livejournal.com

What brands of polymer clay do you prefer and why?

Sculpey III and premo. I like sculpey III because it's soft and requires far less conditioning than many other brands in my opinion. I find it saves me time because I can spend more time creating and less time kneading. Sculpey III has an amazing range of colors. I'm learning after 11 years of claying that I like mixing my own colors instead of buying them premixed. I feel then I have something truly unique and handmade. Premo has natural colors that I adore. I use alot of ecru. Ecru is a great base color I use in alot of the mini foods I've been creating, as well as the basis for bone/horn and alot of other natural tones. I find it easy to knead and stronger than sculpey III, which is better for some projects that require strength. I haven't found it problematic to mix the two brands and have found they compliment eachother.

Last and most important can you tell us all about you? Your family, your training?

I'm 24 years old and come from a background strong in the arts. My mother has formal art training, as does my fiance, I had some, but wasn't happy with the direction I was going in with the formal training. I find art in general and creating with clay therapeutic, both to my hands as I knead the clay, my brain as I create, but also in that many of the lifechanging events I have seen thus far in my relatively short life have impacted my artistic direction and been soothing for me. Polymer clay has become my medium of choice because I haven't yet found it's limits. with paint you can paint, you can't sculpt. with sculpture you can sculpt, but can't paint. with drawing you can't paint or sculpt. But with clay - with clay, you can paint, sculpt, lay tiles, make jewelry, make figurines - as wild as your imagination.

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