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Your Company Name: Amber's Jewels
Email Address/Web Page: ambersjewels@acsalaska.net
City & State: Kenai, Alaska
Type of Craft: Polymer Clay Bead Maker

Tell us in your own words, how you discovered polymer clay and how long have you been using it?

I discovered polymer clay about a year ago when I was surfing online. The very next day I went out to a local variety shop and purchased my first blocks of Sculpey III. I decided I loved it, couldn't live without it, and I have been designing with it ever since.

Are there any special artists that you can attribute your interest to or that have inspired you?

My main inspiration has always been my family, but I have to say that there are many very talented individuals on the world wide web that have been inspirational and don't even know it!! Sometimes you just see a picture, or a pair of custom overalls, and an idea just comes to life. You gotta love it!

What is your specialty?

I specialize in polymer clay beads. I love the tiny detail and how something so small can bring so much enjoyment to its new owner.

Can you tell us why you find polymer clay the expressive medium for you?

To tell the truth, I didn't think of myself as a creative person until I discovered clay. My family is very crafty, but I truly thought that I didn't inherit the "crafty gene"! I have tried wood working, sewing, cross stitch, etc... All of which I STUNK at! I even sewed a pair of pants together backwards once! LOL Yes, I am a lousy pattern reader! Polymer clay allows me to express myself in a way that is very fulfilling. And, If I don't like something that I have created, I can just SQUISH it! That is fulfilling all by itself. LOL

Have you published any polymer clay books or do you have any in the works?

No books yet, but I have started the research process and hope to publish a "How To" book in the future.

I know it is very difficult to express, but have you won any awards for your polymer clay work?

Not as of this point, but that is a dream I hope comes true someday!

What are your expectations for the future? Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?

In the next year or so, I hope to design and build a room specifically for my beading purposes. I am currently working out of my kitchen and I just don't have the space or organization that it takes to expand into a bigger business. I also hope to publish a "how to" book for making polymer clay character beads. For now, I will continue to sell my beads from my website, at bead fairs, and online auctions.

Do you have any advice for the beginning polymer clay enthusiasts?

Keep your CAT and SMALL CHILDREN away from your clay! Cat hair is the pits and small children like to squish your creations! LOL No really, take your time and don't give up. Everyone is creative even if they don't know it!

Are you a member of any Polymer Clay group,or any other craft organization?

Not at this time.

What brands of polymer clay do you prefer and why?

I use Sculpey III and Sculpey Premo. I like the texture and durability and I guess I just have a feel for it!

Last and most important can you tell us all about you? Your family, your training?

I am married to a wonderful husband named Jack and we have 4 fantastic children. Little Jack is 10, Bryce is 6, Marissa is 3, and Amber our baby is 1. Our home is in Kenai, Alaska close to where we grew up. We hope to build our own house here someday and you can be sure it will include a room for my bead business!

Currently I am a stay at home mom and loving it. I have worn various "hats" in life, anywhere from a burger flipper, to a bank teller, to a customer service representative at a local telephone / wireless telephone company. The latter being my all time favorite job...other than being a mom and a bead maker that is!

I think I have a great sense of humor and love to make people laugh. I am just a very down to earth person all around!

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