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Artistry of Liquid Sculpey
Designs by Jody Bishel

Project 1:

The basic shape was made by wrapping a sheet of white promat around a small beach rock. After baking, I cut the rock out, glued the seam and sanded it. At this stage a small doll house hinge was put in.

Next, I zap-a-gapped white telephone wire around the piece and painted it with a layer of white Liquid Sculpey. This was baked enough to set. Then, the yellow/orange background was applied.

Next, I carefully painted the telephone wire with alizarine crimson LS and baked to set.

The last stage was another coat of red on the telephone wire with small glass spheres stuck on the LS. Because there was a lot of pigment (oil paint) in the LS, I put a bit of Zap-a-Gap glue on the glass spheres to help them stick. The whole piece is finished with Fimo Gloss Glaze.

Project 2:

First Liquid Sculpey experiment to try colors. Gold leaf was dropped into wet LS on the inside. The white streaks were done with the squeeze bottle. Finish is gloss Fimo Glaze.

Project 3:

Egg Cup with ceramic like glazing. The glass pieces were glued in last. Finish is gloss Fimo Glaze.
Project 4:

Plain wire woven into wreath shape, painted with oil paint/LS mix. Leaves are regular fimo attached with Liquid Sculpey. Berries are glass balls also attached with LS.
Project 5:

Image transfer from a catalog photo onto Liquid Sculpey gold promat.

Project 6:

Dragonesque Brooches - an original was sculpted from polymer clay and a mold made from that. The "bronze" molded part was a mix of Fimo black and brown with silver Promat added for shimmer. After trimming the molded piece, I pressed rough sandpaper into parts of the design. This was baked to set, sanded where needed and was ready for the Liquid Sculpey patina.

The patina is made by stippling the piece with two shades of a permanent green deep oil paint with LS. The light color is nearly white. The idea is to leave some of th bronze clay showing. Again, bake to set.

The "enamelled" areas were filled in with oilpaint/LS mix using a small brush to drip it in. This was baked to set.

The last stage was to imbed a finding in the back and apply the patina. A gently sanding with 1200 wet/dry sandpaper and a buff with a soft cloth finished the piece.

These fantasy colored versions were created with Pearlex Powders.

Copyright 1997 by Jody Bishel
All rights reserved.

Learn more about Liquid Sculpey - read
Jody's FAQ right here!

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