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Jewelry Swap Title
The theme of this swap was "Projects Inspired by Jewelry Crafts Magazine". It was hosted by Bonnie Whitley (who scanned these pictures), and she has listed the creators and the articles they were inspired by. Thanks, Bonnie!

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Lorraine Weberg
Golden Links
Jan/Feb 1997

Diane MacCallum
Mother's Day Angel
June 1998

Carol Lynn Brechner
Beehive Beads
August 1998

Teri Biren
Aquarium Beads
August 1996

Mary Anne Hawkins
Kaleidoscope Beads
August 1998

Kimberly Guevarra
Spice Clay &
Manifestation Beads
Feb 1998

Helga Brown
Movable Clay People

Diana Gaedig
Teapot Beads
March/April 1997

Bonnie Whitley
Kaleidoscope Beads
August 1998

Brenda Flenoury
Poly Shrink Earrings
December 1997

Martha Aleo
Beehive Beads
August 1998
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