Earring Swap 2014

I am having a flash back of one of my past swaps from almost 10 years ago. Letís see if anyone wants to play with clay. Earrings made with anything and Polymer clay. You can send any kind, any numbers of pairs of earrings as long as they are made with some or all polymer clay. When you email me about this swap please put the words Earring Swap in the subject area. Please email me with your name, snail mail address, and email address. You do not have to tell me how many pairs of earrings you are going to send. Any number of earrings, they do not have to be all the same style. The more the merrier. I was a math major so I will not have problems keeping the numbers straight. I know I might have even up to 1000 pairs of earrings to go thru. What Great Fun!


  1. Sign up by November 1st. I will respond to emails by the 3rd. If you sign up by the 1st you are in the swap.
  2. All magnets due to my house by November 13th.
  3. You can send any style earring, any type clay used, even liquid clay. They can be of any design. Serious, silly, artsy, flowers, faces, mosaic, skinner blends, jelly rolls,.. the list could go on for days. They can be any size and any shape. You can add paper, metal, or any other thing you want.
  4. You must include return postage. I prefer priority mail because of the boxes to send in, but it is up to you. Send the same amount of postage that it cost to send. You may send stamps or money equaling the amount.
  5. Put each pair of earrings wrapped individually in a separate baggie and label them with your name. Everyone will want to know who created what!
  6. Letís see how much fun we can have.