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2000 - 2001 Swaps!

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DateSwap Name/
Description Status
# Wait list?Due In
1/25/02Plus-Size Bracelet Swap
Suzanne Ivester
Make bracelets to fit an 8-inch wrist. Any style of bracelet is okay. Share your "construction" tips along with the bracelets, and we'll all have mew ideas along with our nice new accessories!
Sign up by 2/8/02.
Closed! 16No4/5/02
11/6/01Artistic Techniques
Gillian Allen
3 for 3 small artistic polymer clay pieces using an interesting technique, 3 the same or all different, max size 2x3 ins. Can be made into pins pendants or what you choose. Information on methods to be included.
Sign up by 11/20/01.
Closed! unlNo12/20/01
11/2/01Holiday Decorations/ornaments
Whitney Whitney
Any type of holiday decoration or tree ornaments (not minis). Ethnic decor such as Kwanzaa or Hanuka is welcome also
Closed! 20No11/23/01
11/2/01Play with Clay
Gillian Allen
3 for 3 items. They can be pins or something you want to create with instructions of how you did them. These will feature on a page about polymer clay art with credits and info on www.art-e-zine.co.uk. Send them to me, in a small box with $3 cash, not US stamps as I'm in UK.
Signup by 11/20/01.
Closed! 10No12/6/01
10/16/01Animals Galore
Rhonda Zbojniewicz
Each participant will create 20 animal-themed beads. They can be anything to do with animals. Pack in reusable container with $3.00 shipping and your mailing address.
Signup by 11/30/01.
Closed! 20Yes1/31/02
9/30/01American Spirit
Noelle Hay
You know how hard it is to buy a flag today? Show your spirit and love for America by creating your personal interpretation of "American Spirit" - must be 50% clay - maximum # of items 10 per swapper (5 beads will = 1 item). Show your love for America with this swap! We will start the new year with Red White and Blue!!
Signup by 1/3/02.
Closed! unlNo2/1/02
9/23/01Christmas Candy Bead Swap
Bev Michie
Make a bead that looks like Christmas candy. Please "register" your kind of candy with swap host so we don't get a lot of repeats.
Signup by 9/30/01.
Closed! 15Yes11/15/01
9/23/01Old St. Nick
Kelly White
Each person to make 10 beads. Sculpted, round, canes etc... from 1- 1.5 inches each. You can depict St. Nick as we now know him or how he has evolved over the years and in different countries. Place each bead in a baggie with your name and a little history or background on your St. Nick optional. Pack in a reusable box and send with $3.
Signup by 10/15/01.
Closed! 10Yes11/20/01
9/23/01A Tribute to America
Kelly White
Each person to make 2 pendants that honor America, American heros, landmarks etc...Consider the tragedy that our country is going through and put your whole heart into this project! pack in a reusable box (priority mail box is good) and send $3.
Signup by 10/5/01.
Closed! 30Yes11/5/01
9/9/01Runes Pendant Swap
Andrea Lum
Details Here!
Signup by 10/15/01.
Closed! unlNo11/9/01
9/9/01Runes Tiles Swap
Andrea Lum
Details Here!
Signup by 10/15/01.
Closed! unlNo11/9/01
9/3/01Miniature Christmas Tree Ornaments
Deb Smith
Make little ornaments (theme or type is totally up to you) for trees about 2 feet tall (like you would put in your office) - use your judgment when it comes to the size - I'm thinking about the size of a quarter...? Anything goes - just put a little wire or ring in them so we can hang them!
Signup by 10/1/01.
Closed! 20No11/25/01
7/28/01Hair Ornaments Swap
Lorie O Follett
Fun and functional hair wear items - Barrettes, hairstix, hair gems, hair ties, combs - whatever you want as long as it can be worn in the hair!
Signup by 8/31/01.
Closed! 10Yes10/1/01
7/10/01Creepy Crawlies
Deb Smith
Creepy Crawly swap to include any kind of bug. Can be bead type or sculpture, cane, whatever you come up with!
Signup by 8/1/01.
Closed! 20Yes10/1/01
7/9/01Turtle Beads
Beverly Michie
Make 15 beads with turtles as the theme, 1/2" to 1" and drilled for stringing. Send 14 back by 9/15. Beads may be canes, sculpted, or whatever, as long as they are turtles!
Signup by 7/31/01.
Closed! 15NO9/15/01
7/5/01Halloween Swap
Noelle Hay
This sounds like a cool swap... click here for details!
Signup by 9/1/01.
Closed! Unl.NO10/5/01
7/1/01Teddy Bear swap
Connie Foster
You may make anything with a Teddy Bear. It may be a small sculpture, a pin, a bead with a teddy bear head.....anything goes. For shipping reasons it should be no bigger than 6 inches.
Signup by 8/15/01.
Closed! 5Yes9/1/01
4/29/01Little Old Lady From Pasadena
Irish Red
Make something reminiscent of Jan and Dean's song. Each item to be 1-3" tall and mostly clay. Mixed media okay.
Signup by 5/30/01.
Closed! 10Yes6/15/01
4/25/01Bathing Beauties Swap
Lorraine Ortiz
5 figures each. Cane technique, 3-D or 2-D OK. 3" to 6". Full body only. Human or mermaid only. No animals unless they are pets or companions. Mixed media OK.
Signup by 5/15/01.
Closed! 5Yes7/1/01
4/25/01Rubber Stamp Tiles Swap
Lorraine Ortiz
2"-5" tiles made using Poly-Clay and Rubber Stamp. Can be made into Pins, magenets, etc, or left as is. Mixed media OK. Each Swapper makes 5 pieces.
Signup by 5/15/01.
Closed! 5Yes7/1/01
4/4/01Expecting Great Things Swap
Helga Brown
Make beads (1/2" - 1") that are pastel colored. The beads will be strung by me into an expectant Mom's necklace.
Signup by 5/1/01.
Closed! 10No6/1/01
3/29/01Flower Bead Swap!
Laura Miller
Looking for 20 participants! Each person will make 20 beads using flowers as the theme. Can be millifiori or your choice of technique. Any shape but please no smaller than inch or no larger than 1 inch. Please put a hole through them for stringing.
Signup by 4/30/01.
Closed! 20No6/1/01
3/11/01Egg Swap
Varda Levram-Ellisman
Eggs of all colors techniques. Size(between 1-2 inches, if you want to make something bigger you are welcome). You can cover egg shell or any other eggy object.
Signup by 3/30/01.
Closed! 10No5/15/01
3/3/01Bunny and chick Easter swap
Laura Miller
Anything with the Easter/spring theme! Let's make sculptures, pins, pendants, magnets, or beads (packs of 4-5) using any technique or mixed media.
Signup by 3/30/01.
Closed! 10No5/15/01
2/14/01Translucent Swap
Mia Rox
Simply use translucent clay as you would like to. Make a pen, magnet, 5 beads, an egg...you get the idea!!!
Signup by 3/4/01.
Closed! G/5No4/4/01
2/14/01Iridescent Swap
Kelly Keniston
This is an interference / iridescence pin/pendant/earrings swap. Again, anything goes, but it should be something you would attach a gift shop price of not more than $20 on, in deference to budding artists that feel they might get values in excess of what they think they can achieve themselves. Beads are also ok, but should be in sets of 5-7.
Signup by 2/28/01.
Closed! 10No4/30/01
2/14/01Scarab Swap
Kelly Keniston
Scarabs should be about the size of a large US postage stamp, no more than 1x2 inches. Anything smaller should be in pairs. They should be either a pendant, pin, or bead. Other than that, anything goes.
Signup by 2/28/01.
Closed! 10No4/30/01
1/25/01Spring Bracelette Swap
Mikki Perkins
Are you sick of the winter blah's? Then, let's spice it up because spring is coming! Please make a bracelette that is "springy" and cheerful! Please make the bracelettes one-size-fits-all.
Signup by 3/1/01.
Closed! 20Yes5/1/01
1/19/01Heart pin/pendant/magnet swap
Laura Miller
Hearts, hearts, and more hearts! Let's make heart pins, pendants, or magnets (your choice) using any technique or mixed media. Anything goes! Please make them in groups of 5
Signup by 3/1/01.
Closed! G/5No5/1/01
1/2/01Chandelier/Lamp Shade Pendants
Mikki Perkins
Make 3 pendants for each person that is participating, any shape with a hole/hook/loop at the top for easy installation. Go nuts or go beautiful, your creativity is what makes this swap exciting.
Signup Open.
Closed! - Yes4/1/01
1/2/01The Circus is Coming!
Lysle Shields
Something that you think of when someone says 'The circus is comming to town' Sculpts preffered. Less than 3" x 3" x 3"
Signup by 2/28.
Closed! 20Yes5/1/01
10/12/00Tutorial Faux Bead Swap
Ninfa Castel
Faux beads any size and kind: ivory, bone, turquoise, jade, pearls, opal, amber, malachite, tiger eye....Send in sets of 4 of one faux for as many sets as you would like back, minus one set. Include your name and email address on your recipe/instruction page with each of your sets.
Closed! 7No11/30/01
10/7/00PCC October Sticks and Stones
Virginia Burnett & Leigh Ross
make any kind of object you like, include found natural objects as design elements, texture, inclusions or stencil effects. Send items to Leigh Ross at P.O. Box 694, Red banks, NJ 07701 by October 20th
Signup by 10/15.
Closed! G/5No10/20/01
10/3/00Useful Items
Ivy Smith
We won't be exchanging beads or tchotchke - only items that have a practical, pragmatic (but that doesn't mean dull!) use. So - pens, key chains, PC tools, notebooks, blade cases, saltshakers, spice jars, etc. - the possibilities are endless. Just cover or create something with clay and send it in.
Signup by 10/20.
Closed! G/5Yes3/20/01
9/20/00Rainbow Swap
Mia Roxx
Anything rainbows goes!!! canes, beads, pens, bottles, you name it!! make 5 items to be swaped there will be 4 groups. please include 3.20 for postage. Add .85 if you want your package insured.
Signup by 10/20.
Closed! 20Yes11/20/00
9/9/00Violet Moon Swap
Rachael Clouser
Create a work inspired by the theme, "Violet Moon," it must contain some shade of purple. Value of $30 has been set. All other details can be found here: http://www.delphi.com/beadart in the forum under the "Trading Post" folder is where you'll find the post!
Signup OPEN.
Closed! - No11/30/00
8/20/00PCC September Clay and Glass Swap
Virginia Burnett & Leigh Ross
Make a trinket that contains the elements of polymer clay and glass. You may use any kind of glass - mirrors, beach glass, beads, found glass (no sharp edges, please).
Signup by 9/10.
Closed! 20No9/20/00
8/27/00Black and White Skinner Blend Pens
Create 10 pens (the white stic BIC) using the Skinner blend and black and white polymer clay of your choice. Email me if you are interested and I'll send you the details by email.
Signup by 9/30.
Closed! G/10Yes11/30/00
8/19/00Rock Purse Swap
Rebecca Crauswell
There is no theme, or color restrictions - please e-mail me if you're interested.
Signup by 9/15.
Closed! G/5No11/15/00
8/12/00Nature Theme Swap
Mikki Perkins
I'm opening a swap for those nature lovers out there. Your item can be from bead to pendant to pin, or figurine. Please make something that nature inspires you to make, be it the sun and moon to the little leaves on a stem of a flower. 'Something that you love about nature,' is what I am looking for. Call 802-463-3506 for further important info on this swap!
Signup by 8/18.
Closed! 20Yes10/1/00
8/6/00Faux Swap 2000
Ivy Smith
Show your faux! Use a faux technique to mimic any non-PC material (amber, wood grain, or malachite, for example). We will be doing beads and other items - email for more details.
Signup by 8/20.
Closed! G/5Yes11/1/00
7/29/00PCC August Computer Talisman Swap
Virginia R. Burnett & Leigh Ross
Swappers will make good luck charms (wearable or for placing on or near the computer) to ward off chat gremlins, illegal operations, jammed servers and any or all other possible computer glitches. These may be techy or primitive or or just downright strange. Make them in groups of five and send to Leigh Ross at PO Box 694, Red banks NJ 07701
Signup by 8/15.
Closed! - No8/20/00
7/15/00Wedding Flowers for H2OBaby
this is a one-way swap for Barb, who is getting married in December, 2000. Any kind of polyclay flowers will be appreciated. Please make the flowers on floral wire, so Barb can attach them to stuff!
Signup is Open.
Closed! - No10/31/00
7/4/00July Skinner Blend Swap
Leigh Ross
July's official PCC swap - make any sort of item involving skinner blend techniques in sets of five. Mail items with return postage ($3.20) to Leigh Ross P.O. Box 694 Red banks, NJ 07701 by July 20th. Include a return address label and enclose your items in individual baggies with your name.
Signup by 7/15/00.
Closed! 50No7/20/00
6/26/00Mokume Gane Swap
Ivy Smith
Items using predominantly mokume gane - any mokume gane method is acceptable. All types of items are fine, including containers, pendants, pins, and beads in sets of 3-5.
Signup by 7/15/00.
Closed! G/5Yes10/1/00
6/18/00Christmas in July Swap/Challenge
Kimba Wilson
This is a Virtual swap. You make a Christmas Ornament using a favorite technique, color combination, cane, inclusion, or maybe one you have always wanted to try. You then post a pic of it, with the "How To Make It" instructions to PCC sometime between July 1st and July 31st. Please remember to include "Christmas in July Swap" in the title.
Closed! - NoJuly
6/17/00Carol Duvall Swap
Deirdre F. Woodward
Carol Duvall is a huge influence on many of us, and I would like to propose the following: We create any item inspired by a Carol Duvall segment and make six of them. Five we will swap around, and the six I will package up and send to Carol Duvall to express our thanks and show her what kind of influence she has on crafters everywhere.
Signup by 6/30/00.
6/11/00Ethnic Swap 2000
Nanette Fladung
Items from any Ethnic origins. Pins, pendants, finished earrings, or beads (sets of 4-5) acceptable. Other items will work if they seem like a fair trade for those listed above. Almost anything works with this theme. Use your imagination and expect some wonderful items.
Signup by 6/30/00.
6/11/00One-way Bead Swap for Kellie's Mom
Sunni Bergeron and KellieAK
One way for Kellie's mom who has MS and has recently contracted meningitis. She's in hospital with complications and loves to make things with Kellie's beads. This is an opportunity to brighten her day and help with her healing. Email Kellie at the listed email for her address and details.
Signup Immediately.
Closed! - NO8/30/00
5/30/00Skinner Blend Pen Swap
Shannon Sack
Make 10 pens using the skinner blend tech. Any design or color is fine. Go wild!
Signup by 6/20/00.
5/27/00Antique Lace
M. Perkins
Make any size/stlye bead that has an white or off white color with a lacey look. Millefiori works best, but lace impressions look nice too with some antiquing rubbed on. Be creative.
Signup by 6/5/00.
5/27/00Wings And Things
Ally V
In this swap you can make a figure (no beads or jewelry please) of anything with wings. Use your imagination! Fairies, butterflies, bugs, airplanes, flying pigs, etc...anything as long as it has wings! The figure should be no larger then 9" tall.
Signup by 6/15/00.
5/20/00Bargello Looks Clay
Elizabeth Campbell
Make groups of five of anything you like that contains a bargello look. One method was taught by Laura Liska in the Feb 2000 Bead and Button, and there were other methods before that. Or (what I'm hoping for!) come up with your own method for getting that Bargello stitched look. Everyone welcome! Especially newbies!
Signup by 6/1/00.
Closed! - Yes8/1/00
5/17/00Totally Tubular Bead Swap
Crafty Owl
Make 20 beads - any colour, any pattern, but basically cylindrical (tubular). Note swap host is in England.
Signup by 6/20/00.
5/15/00Fairies Swap
Make 5 faires at least 4 in tall with 90% clay.
Signup by 5/31/00.
5/15/00Fairies & Fairy Dragons Swap
Make a fairy or fairy dragon 3 - 6 inches of at least 90% clay
Signup by 6/1/00.
5/3/00Dog Swap
Jennifer Karl
Make a piece that incorporates a dog. Can be pins, sculptures, beads, magnets, etc. Groups of 5 Pieces should be no larger 4 inches.
Signup by 5/10/00.
Closed! - No5/26/00
5/2/00Tiny Shoes Swap
Natalie Tetzlaff
Miniature shoes are becoming so popular! Make your shoes of 90% clay, no larger than 4 inches long by 3 inches high, the same design for everyone in the swap. Go wild! Pumps, flats, bunny slippers, any kind of shoe in any color. And have fun!
Signup by 5/31/00.
4/21/00Tropical Luau Bead Swap
Dianne Russell
Make a bead of a tropical theme for creating a lei to wear at your summer back yard luau. Beads should be no bigger then 1 1/2 inch & made of polymer clay and anything else you wish to include. Sample: hula dancer, fire walker, birds, tropical flowers and foliage, etc
Signup by 5/31/00.
4/21/00Tropical Luau Figure Swap
Dianne Russell
Make 3-D figure of a tropical theme for decorating those summer back yard luaus. Figure should be no bigger then 4 inches & made of polymer clay and anything else you wish to include. Sample: hula dancer, fire walker, birds, tropical flowers and foliage, etc
Signup by 5/31/00.
4/9/00Heart Pin Swap
Linda Welsh
Make an original heart pin/pendant out of clay. Can include mixed media such as beads, inclusions, foil..let your imagination soar. Lets all have a HEART!
Signup by 5/30/00.
4/9/00Metallic Foil Leaf Jewelry Swap
Deirdre F Woodward
Metallic foil leaf technique jewelry swap
Signup by 4/28/00.
3/7/00Purple Swap
Nathalie Tanghe
Main color purple. You can also use white and one color you choose (no glitter please). Any shape of bead you like and any design you like.
Signup by 3/29/00.
2/19/00Dinko's Birdie With Teeth Swap
Make birdies from DINKO's lesson on the PCC Website and send them to me and I will send you back the same number of dinko birdies from others, and I guarantee there will be a birdie in there that DINKO himself will have made!
You can join in groups of 5 or a group of everyone on the list.
Signup by 2/29/00.
2/4/00Easter Bunny Swap
Make 10 Easter Bunnies all the same.May be a pin or figurine. any size..Be creative, no molds please
Signup by 3/1/00.
1/31/00Fantasy Village Swap
Lysle Shields
Build yourself a fantasy village with the aid of your friends. Each person makes 10 (one for yourself) of a building. The scale is one inch = 32 feet. Max size must fit into a 4"x4"x4" box with packaging. That is a building 100' x 100' x 100' No interior detail required. 90% clay. Building may be hollow. Type of building must be submitted with sign on.
Signup by 3/1/00.
1/20/00Tiny Book Swap II
Same as first swap, making a second group due to demand...Tiny books, any type, no bigger than 4 inches. Must include pages for writing or note taking etc.. this one is totally up to you !
1/17/00Unicorn Swap
Gillian Wiseman
Unicorns of any style or format, including pins, statuettes, transfers, etc... Under 4x4" . Submit in groups of 5 (5,10,15...).
Signup by 1/31/00.
1/14/00Flower & Leaf Bead Swap
Ruthe Paul
Beads 1/2" to 1", 1 flower & 1 leaf any design, any color, holes for stringing. Each participant will make 10 of each, (20 altogether)
Signup by 1/30/00.
1/14/00Inclusion Swap
Dianne Cook
I will provide an inclusion to 10 swappers and we will make 10 of something using the included clay -- a vessel, piece of jewelry, freeform sculpture, picture frame -- I'll leave it to your imagination. This will give us a chance to stretch our creative 'muscle'! Anyone interested?
Signup by 2/1/00.
1/13/00Rock Purses 2000 Swap
Lynne Wardrop
Create 5 Rock Purses as described in rec.craft.polymer-clay newsgroups. Any techniques are welcome. Pieces can be sized for pendants or evening bags (little ones).2/2 - Now closed. IF we get a few more people there could be a third group of 5. We have 2 complete groups now.
Signup by 2/14/00.
1/1/00Tiny Book Swap
Shannon Sack
Tiny books, any type, no bigger than 4 inches. Must include pages for writing or note taking etc.. this one is totaly up to you !
Signup by 1/30/00.
12/19/99Angel Swap
Angels must be at least 3 inches high and be at least 90% clay
Signup by 3/15/00.
12/9/99Favorite Bracelet Swap
Sara Earnest
Make 5 of your favorite bracelets. Any style and any theme, 71/2 to 8 inches.
Signup by 1/15/00.
11/30/99Angel Swap
Julie Eyer
Let's swap angels of any kind,jewlry,bead,sculpture in groups of 5-10.
Signup by 12/15/99.
11/20/99Ice in the Water Bead Swap
The Crafty Owl
Beads must be between a half and one inch on their longest dimension, be mainly polymer clay (foils, powders and so forth may be added if you like) use only shades of blue, white, plain translucent and silver. The holes should be across the bead so that they are suitable for a necklace.
Signup by 1/15/00.
11/16/99Raw Cane Swap
Make any type of cane you wish - must be at least 3 inches long - remember you will be shipping raw canes
Signup by 2/15/00.
11/10/99The Natural Swap
Nathalie Tanghe
Any shape of bead and the colors: white,,brown,translucent,beige, teracotta, etc. - natural colors.
Signup by 11/25/99.
11/6/99Christmas BUTTONS Swap
Kathy Fiete
This swap is for buttons with a Christmas/Winter Holiday theme. Buttons can be any style: sew- through holes, shank, etc.
Signup by 11/20/00.
11/6/99Leap Year Egg Swap
Ronda W-O
Let's swap polymer clay covered eggs. Ten (10) eggs due February 29, 2000 (thus the name "leap year egg swap.") There will be several groups of 10. No theme rules. They can be caned, carved, filigreed, sculptural, functional, cutout, hinged, hanging, sitting, or standing, whatever. Other materials may be added at your discretion.
Signup by 1/31/00.

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