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2005 Swaps!

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DateSwap Name/
Description Status
# Wait list?Due In
11/9/05Image Transfer Bead Swap
Lisa Wilson
This swap will be limited to 20 participants and each person will make and send 20 beads that have an image transfer in the design. The beads can be any shape, as long as they are no smaller than 3/4 inch. There's no color restrictions. Dark or light transfers are all fine. The beads need to have a hole through them for stringing. Package each bead separately in a small plastic bag or envelope with your name and any info. Put the beads into a sturdy package, along with $3.85 for return Priority postage (or a Priority stamp), and a self-addressed mailing label. Mail them to me by Dec 8.
Signup by 11/20/05
Closed! 20Yes12/8/05
10/29/05Hair Accessory Swap
Rebecca Wells
Anything that can be worn in the hair, Barrettes, ponytail holders, Twist sticks, etc. Groups of 4.
Signup by 12/15/05
Closed! G/4No1/15/06
10/22/05Earring Swap
Jennifer Lowe
I am really wanting to host another swap. I want to have an earring swap. Click here for the Details.
Signup by 11/11/05
Closed! UnlYes3/22/06
10/7/05Crazy Cakes
Lisa Brady
Calling all Mini Bakers! This swap is for all kinds of Polymer Miniature Cakes & other "baked" goodies. Think fancy frosted cakes, layer cakes, jelly rolls, cupcakes (6 small cupcakes, donuts or cookies will swap for 1 full size cake), pies, bars, & other pastries. Without being too particular to scale, cakes should be roughly 1".
*Place each item in a small bag or tissue wrapping with your name, and email address, (personal bio, technique description, snailmail address, etc. optional).
*Pack your items safely in bubble wrap, peanuts, tissue etc.) in a box marked "fragile" with your name and return address clearly marked.
*Put the items into a reusable package (priority mail boxes from the Post Office are great!) or enclose a box for return items (If you have special instructions for packing or return to you, send it along), with $3.85 (1 pound priority) or whatever it costs to send your package
* International swappers should include payment for what your package costs for me to send it back to you.
*Send a self addressed label for return.
*Send as many Baked creations as you would like in return. This will be a great swap and there will be photos posted of everyone's submissions!
Signup by 11/20/05
Closed! UnlNo12/9/05
10/7/05"Uncensored" Swap
I got this idea from an old swap, and I thought it would be a great way where adults can show their true creativity. The theme "uncensored" means just that. Each participant will make one item pertaining to this theme. Projects can range from 1" to 1' (the item you get back will be in the same size range as your item). Be sure to package your item well to avoid breakage, and include sufficient return postage. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about this topic.
Signup by 12/15/05
Closed! UnlNo1/6/06
10/7/05Christmas Figurine Swap
Leah Fisch
The theme of this figurine swap is Christmas, the rest is up to your creativity and imagination. Figurines should be no larger than 6 inches and should be polymer clay based, yet may include other items. Be sure to include sufficient return postage, and mail them in on time so you can recieve your swap by Christmas.
Signup by 11/24/05
Closed! UnlNo12/1/05
9/19/05Snowflake Cane Swap
Meg Marchiando
Translucent snowflakes. I'm a dislocated Northerner in TX hoping for winter snow somehow! I have no idea how many will want to join in here so... I'll optimistically say 7 groups. If there is a huge interest I might take more. Each group will have 6 participants. Each participant will make 5 - 2" long by 1" across canes per group. Canes will be of snowflakes wrapped in translucent clay. The snowflake(s) can be whatever color you want and there can be more than one flake in the cane. As with the real thing each snowflake will be different! If you are joining more than one group please make different flakes for each group. Wrap each cane individually (a sandwich baggie is good) and label it with your name. You need to include in your package the return shipping cost. Please send postage stamps, money order or cash for return postage. no personal checks. Out of USA swappers can use PayPal. Also enclose a return shipping label with address printed clearly. Email me with your full name, email address and how many groups you want to be in. Looking forward to a big storm!
Signup by 10/14/05
Closed! 42No11/14/05
8/31/05Polymer Clay Artist Trading Cards (ATC)
Linda Weeks
PC Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) made primarily of polymer clay and embellished with canes, transfers, non-clay items, etc. Signed and Dated on the back of the card. Swap will consist of groups of 4 participants in each group. Each person will make 3 similar ATCs for each group joined, maximum of 5 groups. Each group you join should have different cards. Please send return postage in the form of stamps, money order or Paypal. No personal checks, please. Email me your full name and address, email address and number of groups you want to join. I am sorry, but, because of previously made plans I will NOT be able to extend the due date for the cards to arrive to me. Please, if you sign up, be prompt. Again, I am sorry about this. If you would like more info, please feel free to email me.
Signup by 9/14/05
Closed! UnlNo10/24/05
8/26/05For the Love of Horses
Lisa Wilson
In this swap, you may create anything showing the beauty of horses. Beads, bookmarks, pendants, ANYTHING!
Signup by 9/12/05
Closed! 15No10/25/05
8/26/05Winter Wonderland
Cindy Hunt
Since it is so HOT here & I am wanting some cool weather I would like to host a Winter Wonderland Swap!! Think winter!!! Each swapper will make one figurine up to 6 inches in winter theme... (snow, igloos, penguins, polar bears, snow flakes, snow people,frozen lakes, ice skating, etc.)This is NOT a Christmas Swap, (no santas, reindeer, wreaths, stockings decorated trees...etc.) All entries should arrive by October 1st (in my hands NOT postmarked) to get them all photographed, re-packaged, & sent out by mid October. Please be sure & at least send the same amount of postage it took to send your item, for your return item. This is my very first time hosting a swap, so I am starting out small with just 10 swappers & I am very excited & I love winter & snow & all that good stuff! I think this will be a great opportunity to meet new people & see their creations!
Signup by 9/10/05
Closed! 10No10/1/05
7/6/05Electrical Outlet Swap
Ginger Martin
Swap Details here.
Signup by 9/11/05
Closed! 15No11/15/05
7/1/05Halloween Figurine Swap
Leah Fisch
For this swap you are required to make 1 halloween figurine of your choice no bigger than 6 inches. Please wrap your figurines securely and send in on time so I can get 'em to you by halloween
Signup by ?
Closed! UnlNo10/1/05
7/1/05Candy Candy Candy
The theme of this swap is candy. Anything polymer clay/candy goes. As this is an unlimited swap you can send in as many entries as you choose. The amount of candy you send in is the amount you will recieve in return. Be sure to include sufficient return postage to avoid return complications.
Signup by 8/5/05.
Closed! UnlNo9/8/05
7/1/05Fish/Sea Life Swap
Mary Solis
I thought that it would be a lot of fun to host a Fish/Sea Life swap. You can make anything from fish, to any kind of sea life, such as a star fish, mermaid, etc...you can find all the details at this page. Come join in the fun! I figured with the summer starting to wind down by then, and those that have kids will be going back to school, why not keep the summer going a bit longer!
Signup by 7/29/05.
Closed! G/5No9/6/05
6/27/05Wacky Leaf Canes
Tonja Lenderman
Use colors or combinations of colors you wouldn't normally associate with leaves in nature. Make 4 - 2" long by 1" across canes per group. Canes same color for each group. Each group different. 3 group limit per person. Wrap each cane individually and label it with your name. You will include in your package the return shipping cost. Please send postage stamps, money order or well hidden cash - no personal checks. Out of USA swappers can send international money order or use PayPal. Also enclose a return shipping label with address printed clearly. Email me with your full name, email address and how many groups you want to be in.
Signup by 7/15/05.
Closed! 40G/5No9/30/05
6/25/05Mini City Swap
Leah Fisch
This is a mini city swap. Participants are required to make 1 mini city structure (building or so) two mini people around 1-2 inches, and some accesories, like a bike, pet... anything else is up to you. Be sure to wrap your items securely and include enough return postage to avoid return complications. Email me if you have any more questions.
Signup by 7/25/05.
Closed! UnlNo8/22/05
6/24/05Beach Theme Picture Frames
Ann Wierbinski
I need some beautiful picture frames to put this year's beach pictures into, as I'm sure some of you do too. So this swap is for Beach Themed Picture Frames. The frames should be for 4x6 or 5x7 pictures, it's up to you which size you want to use. Please sign up for this swap no later than July 20th and mail the completed frames no later than Sept. 1st. Also please add sufficent postage and a return address label so that you can get your new frames in a timely manner. Thanks.
Signup by 7/20/05.
Closed! 6No9/1/05
6/19/05Oogie Boogie Swap
Katheryn Kereluik
My daughter will be Honor Queen in December and she has been working on her theme. It is Nightmare before Christmas, I need to make 10 miniture Trees to put on her tables as centerpieces and I needed inspiration...
Signup by 8/15/05.
Closed! 30Yes9/15/05
6/12/05Goddess Swap
Kathi Gose
Goddess swap..."open to interpretation" figure...in other words they don't have to be "human figure sculpts", but can be representative of a goddess form. Sign up for it will close June 30th. No larger then 6 inches tall, can be pendants, statues, whatever. Groups of 5: create 4 goddesses for each group you are in, limit of 5 groups (unless there is a ton of demand)
Signup by 6/30/05.
Closed! 5G/5No8/15/05
6/5/05Retro Style Cane Swap
Amanda Flinders
This is a retro style raw cane swap. It will be a very small swap, because this is my first swap I would like to keep it small! The idea I have is kinda like a square inside a square and then in a cluster of squares. I call it a retro style cane? You can do this with circles or pretty much any shape. Each swapper will send in 5 canes at 3 inches long and no smaller than a 1inch in diameter. Please e-mail me and I will be happy to give you some picture so you get the idea. 1.Please sign up by July 5th. 2. Please send your canes out no later than August 1st. 3. Please put your canes in little Baggies and you can label them with your information if you like. Also include shipping cost in either stamps or money in the same amount you used to ship your items, and include a return address label.
Signup by 7/5/05.
Closed! 5No8/1/05
5/21/05Cell Phone Swap
Leah Fisch
In 2005 you see cell phones anywhere you look. It's only fair that we devote a swap to this astounding gadget. Anything cell phone made of polymer clay goes. 1 cell phone per swapper for great results. Be sure to send clay cell phone in by due date, and return sufficient return postage to avoid complications.
Signup by 6/24/05.
Closed! UnlNo7/16/05
5/4/05Pens Pens Pens
Swappers make 4 polymer clay covered pens per group, you can join up to 3 groups. Pens can be covered with cane slices or free designs. Pen base is up to you. Be sure to included sufficient return postage to avoid return complications.
Signup by 6/16/05.
Closed! G/4No7/8/05
5/3/05Anything goes swap
In this swap you may make anything you wish as long as it is polymer clay based. The only guidlines are that you send nothing smaller than a quarter or larger than soup can. Each swapper will send 5 items.
Signup by 6/1/05.
Closed! 3G/5No7/15/05
5/3/05Fantasy and Magick
This swap pertains to all things in the realm of fantasy or magick. You may make any items you like within this theme. Nothing larger than a soup can please.
Signup by 6/1/05.
Closed! 3G/5No7/15/05
5/3/05Garden of canes
This swap will be a raw cane swap. Each swapper will send 5 canes at least 2 inches, long no smaller than a dime in diameter. The canes can be anything garden related. Flowers, leaves, treas, insects... let your imagination go!
Signup by 6/15/05.
Closed! 4G/5Yes7/25/05
4/25/05Ribbons of all colors
Erin-Joi Collins McNeal
There are awareness ribbons of all colors. I make pink and blue ones for fundraising. Everyone has their favorite colors. Choose one or several and make lapel pins with polymer clay ribbons. Make as many or as you as you like. You will get back as many as you send. Email for a photo example.
Signup by 5/31/05.
Closed! UnlNo7/15/05
4/2/05Secret Sister Swap
Julie Rhodes
A four month swap. Two hand made cards a month to a person to whom you keep your identity secret until thev last month. May 1, 2005 to August 31, 2005.
Signup by 4/10/05.
Closed! UnlNo twice a month. 15th and the 30th
4/2/05Harry Potter
Leah Fisch
Muggles and magical folk, HARRY POTTER fans young and old, this swap is for you! participants are required to make anything Harry Potter. You decide what to make, as long as it is polymer clay based. Please put Harry Potter in the email title. Be sure to send your swap on time with suficient return postage so the "owls" can get 'em to you in time for the new book's release on July 16.
Signup by 5/20/05.
Closed! UnlNo6/16/05
Connie Pelkey
Swap consists of groups of six participants - each person making 5 decorative bugs, each bug must be no smaller than 2 inches by 2 inches and no larger than 4 inches by 4 inches. Make the bugs look realistic or make them totally from your imagination! Make them as colorful, fun and interesting as you'd like! Give them wire legs and fabric wings - or make them entirely from clay! YOU decide what your bugs will look like! Stretch your creativity! Push your muse's envelope! Mostly though... HAVE FUN!
Signup by 4/30/05.
Closed! G/6No6/18/05
Pauliana Nap
This is for an all bead swap. All beads accepted from the really simple ones to complex detailed designs as long as they have some polymer clay in them. Groups of 4 where you send in 12 beads, so that each person receives 4 beads from every member in the group. You can sign up for as many groups as you wish, making a different design for each group.
Swap Information
A: Sign up by April 20, include your name, address, email address, and the amount of groups you would like to join.
B: Send all beads in by May 10
C: Bag and label 4 beads/bag (3 bags/group
D: Include sufficient return postage to avoid mailing complications. Stamps or cash (securely wrapped) should cover at least the amount you paid to sent your beads.
E: Most important have fun
Signup by 4/21/05.
Closed! G/4No5/10/05
3/3/05Christmas Ornament Swap 1
Kimba Wilson
Remember how I said I would do a couple of Christmas ornament swaps this year? Well, I think it's about time to start signing people up for the first one. Sign up for groups of 5. No limit on the groups yet, but I may impose a limit if we get too large.
Small ornaments, no larger than 4 inches at it's largest dimension. They can be any kind of ornament - cut outs, sculptures, covered etc. as long as they are mostly clay and are no larger than 4 inches. They do not all need to be identical, but they certainly can be. If you want to cover miniature ornaments and need them, let me know. I have tons of them! :-) I will sell them at cost to swap members.
You will need to package each ornament individually, and label each one with your name. A business card is always a plus! You will need to send a return address label and the return postage with your package. Priority mail is preferred but not required, Insurance both ways is STRONGLY recommended for any breakable ornaments. Send it in a box I can ship your ornaments back to you in.
Please remember to package them well, using plenty of bubble wrap so they don't break. Have fun!
Signup by 3/31/05.
Closed! UnlNo6/4/05
3/2/05Magnet Swap
Jennifer Lowe
Magnets made with anything and Polymer clay. You can send any kind, any amount of magnets as long as they are made with some or all polymer clay When you email me about this swap please put the words Magnet Swap in the subject area. Please email me with your name, snail mail address, and email address. You do not have to tell me how many magnets you are going to send. Any number of magnets. The more the merrier. I was a math major so I will not have problems keeping the numbers straight. I know I might have even up to 1000 magnets to go thru. What Great Fun!
1. Sign up by April 4th. I will respond to emails by the 5th. If you sign up by the 4th you are in the swap.
2. All magnets due to my house by May 2nd.
3. You can send any style magnet, any type clay used, even liquid clay. They can be of any design. Serious, silly, artsy, flowers, faces, mosaic, skinner blends, jelly rolls,.. the list could go on for days. They can be any size and any shape. You can add paper, metal, or any other thing you want.
4. You must include return postage. I prefer priority mail because of the boxes to send in. Send the same amount of postage that it cost to send. You may send stamps or money equaling the amount.
5. Put each magnets wrapped individually in a separate baggie and label them with your name.
Signup by 4/4/05.
Closed! UnlNo5/2/05
2/24/05Inspired by Jewelry Crafts Magazine
Tonja Lenderman
Okay everyone, let's try a "I was inspired by Jewelry Crafts Magazine" swap. Pick any article and show us how it inspired you to create something wonderful.
We'll do groups of 3, so you need to make 2 items per group. As the 3rd person you don't need to make one for yourself. :) Keeping the groups small will give us the chance to spend more time per piece instead of working on quantity. You can be in as many as 5 groups, but each group MUST use a different article.
I'm thinking due date May 15th. I'll keep sign-up open until April 15th.
You will need to -
1) label and/or bag each item separately to identify you as the maker
2) include return postage (postage stamps if possible)in the same amount it cost to mail to me
3) include a return address label
4) tell us what article you chose and which issue it was in.
Doing these things will make the work much easier for your swap mistress :)
Signup by 4/15/05.
Closed! G/3No5/15/05
2/17/05Polymer Clay Postcards
Leah Fisch
I have hosted a polymer clay postcard swap before, but not enough postcards came in. The ones that I did receive are beautiful, so I decided to relist the same swap to give others a chance. For this swap participants are required to make polymer clay based postcards. They can be made from regular clay or flexible clay, and embelished with all sorts of foreign items. 4 postcards per group to be mailed in by the due date. Be sure to include sufficient return postage to avoid mail complications.For more information visit my site.
Signup by 3/30/05.
Closed! G/4No4/21/05
1/13/05The inspired artistry of Donna Kato - Poly-Clay Decorative Jewelry Swap
Connie Pelkey
Do you like Donna Kato's style?? Does watching her demonstrate a new and wonderful technique just make your day? Well here is the Internet swap for you! Details here!
Signup by 2/12/05.
Closed! 10G/6No3/18/05
1/10/05Egg Swap 2005
Susan Bock
Create polymer clay eggs (same size as "real" eggs.) Participants can submit as many eggs as they'd like for an even exchange (i.e. submit 3, get 3 back.) Due date is firm in order to ensure everyone gets their eggs back in time to display for Easter.
Signup by 1/31/05.
Closed! UnlYes3/1/05
1/1/05Translucent cane
Susan Clement
This swap is for any translucent cane, with or without tint. They can be geometric shapes, jellyroll, flowers, almost anything goes, as long as it's primarily translucent. The canes should equal 2"L X 3/4"diameter-i.e., two different canes equalling this amount is okay. For each group, send five canes (or their equivalent), and receive five canes in return.
Signup by 1/15/05.
Closed! UnlYes2/5/05
12/27/04Tiny Easter Bonnet
Diana Gaedig
Each person will make 20 tiny Easter hats no larger 1-1/2 inches. Decorate your style of hat or bonnet in whatever way you like and in any color. Make 20 identical hats or 20 different hats to exchange. Let your creativity flow! You will receive your tiny hat swap items by Easter.
Signup by 1/28/05.
Closed! 20No3/11/05
12/26/04Polymer clay Postcards
Leah Fisch
For this swap participants are required to make polymer clay postcards of your design. Other materials may be used as long as most of it is polymer clay. 4/group. For more info visit my site. Be sure to include suficient postage to avoid return complications.
Signup by 1/20/05.
Closed! 4/GNo2/10/05
12/15/04Polymer Clay Artist Trading Cards
Helen Pope
I learned about a new 'thing' that is going around the world called 'Artist Trading Cards'. These are 'mini works of art'. We'll use a standard sized playing card as the base (to keep the size consistent). Then decorate the card using face cabs, cane slices, beads, found objects - whatever strikes your fancy but must have some polymer clay in it. Then sign and date the back and also number the card if you make more than one of the same design. There will be groups of 5 or 10 (to be determined by the group) - join as many as you like.
Signup by 1/31/05.
Closed! UnlNo3/31/05
11/25/04Snow Family Swap
Leah Fisch
This is a snow family swap. For this swap participants are required to make a snow family. You can include anyone from a snowman, snowlady, snowbaby and others you think up. For more info visit my site. Be sure to include enough return postage to avoid complications. Snowfamily size is up to you. Happy Holidays!
Signup by 12/16/04.
Closed! 10No1/4/05
11/25/04Translucent Flower Canes
Muriel Veldt
Please email me with your name, address, forum id, e-mail address, number of groups (3 max.) you want to participate. Rules are as follows:
1.For each group you join you must make five canes. You can join as many as three groups
2.All canes are due February 25th 2005
3.You can use Premo, Fimo or Kato clay as long as the surrounding/ background is translucent!
4.Canes should be at least a inch in diameter and 2 inches long
5.Please bake one slice of each of your canes and send it along with the canes
6.You must include a return address label. As I live in the Netherlands I prefer that you pay the return postage by Paypal.
7.Your canes should be individually wrapped (preferable in waxed paper) and put in a separate baggie and label them with your name, forum id, email address and type of clay brand used
8. Once the sign-up is completed I will send each participant an e-mail with the shipping information.
Signup by 12/15/04.
Closed! G/5No2/25/05
11/7/04Animal cane swap
Leah Fisch
In time for the holidays I decided to add another swap for this month to remember the animals we share our world with. Participants are required to make 3 animal canes for each group joined. Max 3 groups. Cane size is your choice. Send canes safely wrapped for protection with enough return postage to avoid shipping complications. For more information visit my website.
Signup by 11/23/04.
Closed! 3/GNo12/10/04
11/4/04Miniature Mushrooms (realistic or fantasy)
Sheryl Hurley
1. No smaller then 1/4" diameter and no bigger than 2"
2. Height of mushroom no taller than 2.5" and no smaller than 1/4".
3. Any color and any design (you can go out in the woods or get a book and do a realistic rendition of a mushroom or let your imagination run wild and do a fantasy one.
4. The mushroom can be freestanding or you can get some sticks from the yard and glue the mushroom to them to make a little scene.
5. Groups of 5 swappers making 5 identical mushrooms per group you join. Limit 3 groups per person.
6. Once sign up is closed I will email everyone with the shipping details. Don't forget to bag & label each mushroom with your name and email address. I'm sure you will want to get all those thank you notes :) You will be required to send return shipping fees. Postage stamps cash, or money orders will be okay too.
6. I will limit this swap to 25 people total- 5 groups of 5
Signup by 11/30/04.
Closed! G/5Yes1/30/05
11/4/04Decorative/Functional Thimbles
Sheryl Hurley
1. Opening for finger no smaller then 2" diameter and no bigger than 3"
2. Hight of thimble no taller than 1.5" and no smaller than 1"
3. Any color and any design (can be a traditional or just something fun and funky, but it has to be able to be put on an index finger ), let your imagination run wild.
4. Groups of 5 swappers making 5 identical thimbles per group you join. Limit 3 groups per person.
5. Once sign up is closed I will email everyone with the shipping details. Don't forget to bag & label each thimble with your name and email address. I'm sure you will want to get all those thank you notes :) You will be required to send return shipping fees. Postage stamps cash, or money orders will be okay too.
6. I will limit this swap to 25 people total- 5 groups of 5.
Signup by 11/20/04.
Closed! G/5Yes1/20/05

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