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2011 Swaps!

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DateSwap Name/
Description Status
# Wait list?Due In
10/9/2011Steampunk Pendants
Mary Davis
Steampunk is the name of this game. Make your interpretation of steampunk into a pendant. Of course it is mostly clay, but use whatever you want to decorate them. This will be for 10 swappers. Lets start this on October 10th. Sign up by November 10th and send them in by Dec 10th. That way we have Christmas covered for ourselves Email me for all the ins and outs.
Signup by 11/10/11.
Closed! 10Yes12/10/11
6/28/2011Fall Color Bead Swap
Julie Winkhart
Make a set of 6 beads in fall colors get a set of 6 beads back. No real rules on style of beads - just so they are fall colors.
Signup by 7/15/11.
Closed! UnlNo9/15/11
5/6/2011Secret Compartment Swap
Leah Fisch
I recently came across a magnificent jewelry box with hidden compartments, which inspired me to host this swap. For this swap, each member creates one 'hidden compartment' piece. It can be a jewelry box, toy car, egg, chest… the object itself will be left to your imagination The only 'rule' is that there has to be a 'less than obvious' hidden compartment. Please limit the size to a small/medium priority box. This is a one for one swap so put your best 'secret' efforts forward Details for shipping and such will be emailed once signup closes for this swap.
Signup by 6/15/11.
Closed! UnlNo7/15/11
4/9/2011Red and Black Beads
Julie Winkhart
Make sets of 5 like beads get 5 different back. Can do multiple sets as long as they are different. No real rules except to only use red and black for the colors. Can be any shade of red or black so greys are ok. Reds need to stay red though can be lighter or darker but not pink.
Signup by 4/30/11.
Closed! UnlNo5/30/11
3/24/2011Mother's Day - Magical Swap
Leah Fisch
Mother's possess a special kind of magic, think about it. How else can a mother balance a career and raising children? In addition to being a 'human being' mothers are coaches and teachers, house-keepers and nannies, cooks, story reader, shoulders (to cry on) a backbone when you need their help and so much more. I am hosting a figurine swap in honor of mother's day. This will be a one-for-one swap, that you can put your best efforts in. Think of what 'magic mother' means to you, then capture this image in a small figurine. Since mother's day is just around the corner please pay close attention to the dates as follows: To have your swapped figurine before Mother's day I will have to send swapped figurines out by May 2. Given this short time, please have your figurines in ON time. Looking forward and Happy Mother's Day
Signup by 4/20/11.
Closed! UnlNo4/27/11
2/8/2011Lucky Green Swap
Samantha Keller
St. Patrick's day is coming up and this swap is focused towards the color green and luck or even just the (hopeful) coming of spring. Let your imagination take off and just go with it! :) Sculpts should be anywhere from 3 to 5 inches tall.
Signup by 2/24/11.
Closed! UnlNo3/20/11
1/28/2011Easter Swap
Leah F.
It's a blizzard out here (No kidding in NY) so it's time to start thinking of the warm holidays. I'm hosting an Easter Swap in honor of the warm spring days to come. What to make is up to you. It can feature Easter Bunnies, Eggs... your imagination is the limit. This will be a one for one swap so put your best foot (er... polyclay hand) forward. Happy Holidays and looking forward!
Signup by 3/1/11.
Closed! UnlNo4/2/11
1/8/2011Relay Swap
Barbara Poland-Waters
Signup by 2/8/11.
Closed! UnlNoOpen
1/2/2011Miniature Fairy/Pixie Swap
Lily Evans
Swappers make 1 miniature(1-2 inch) fairy/pixie per entry (up to 5 entries per person)Email me how many entries you plan to submit. I will send out email updates once signup is complete.
Signup by 2/13/11.
Closed! UnlNo3/30/11

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