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DateSwap Name/
Description Status
# Wait list?Due In
12/29/98Mini Dragons, Fairies, and Unicorns
Melissa Lugo
Make figurines, and wearables. The figurines no larger than four inches and as small as wanted. Everything to be made up of more than 50% polymer clay. Closed!10 - 2/20/99
12/26/98Cat Swap
Pat Smith
Make 10 cat items - pins, pens, figurines, magnets, ornaments, whatever. Sign up by Jan. 31. Closed!10 - 2/28/99
12/23/98Millenium Swap
Irene Coyer
Create something out of polymer clay which symbolizes the 20th century to you using any method. Sign up by Jan 15. Open!20 - 4/15/99
12/20/98Star Wars Swap
Signup by 1/20/99. Make 20 (or less) of a Star Wars inspired item - anything from a Milinium Falcon to a Jawa. NOW here is the trick, they must be beads, so that we can all wear them to the opening of the new movie in May!! Open!20 - 2/20/99
12/20/98Tiny House Swap
Signup by 1/20/99.Make 10 houses (as close as you can to being the same). Please make the homes as pins or magnets or half and half.And HOW you make them is entirely up to you, just as long as over 50% of it is clay...go for it! Open!15 - 2/20/99
12/15/98Ugly Cane Swap
Sign up by Dec 31. Canes must be made into either beads or magnets, and each person may submit as many entries as they wish.There will be voting and a prize given for the Ugliest Cane, plus everybody gets one of each! Open!15 - 2/10/99
12/9/98Swap with a Heart
Shauna Poong
Make a heart pin. E-mail for details. You'll have your pins back by Valentine's Day! Closed!5 - 2/2/99
12/8/98Superhero/Villian Bead Swap
Helga Brown
Make ten sets of 2 beads. Beads may be Superheroes, Supervillians, or you can make one of each. (Batman & Joker). Closed!10 - 3/1/99
11/29/98Alice in Wonderland Bracelet Swap
Shauna Poong
Make 7 beads (caned or molded) with images from Alice in Wonderland. I'll supply elastic cord. (will look great with those pins!) E-mail for details. Closed!7 - 1/30/99
11/29/98Ancient Images Pin Swap
Shauna Poong
Make 5 pins with ancient images: petroglyphs, runes, Sumarian, Egyptian, tribal images, etc. Use caning, molding, scratching, etc. E-mail for details and ideas. Closed!5 - 1/30/99
11/29/98Texture Swap
Shauna Poong
Make 20 sets of 3 texture plates from polymer clay and receive 60 different ones back! E-mail for details. Closed! - - 1/15/99
11/29/98Mold Swap
Shauna Poong
Make 20 sets of 3 molds from polymer clay and receive 60 different molds back! E-mail for details. Closed! - - 1/15/99
11/15/98Tiny Throw Pillows
Sharon Bolmey
Make 15 identical tiny throw pillows, less than 2 inches big. Include a ring or a hole for hanging. Open!15Yes1/15/99
11/6/98Face Pin Swap
Meghan O'Connor
Face pins using push molds, any decoration on or around faces, and pin hardware horizontal on back (ear to ear). Closed!10Yes1/30/99
11/6/98Medicine Bead Swap
Meghan O'Connor
10 beads, no bigger than 2" in length, hole must be horizontal to work (left to right at top of piece), with a hospital/medical theme. Open!20Yes1/30/99
11/6/98Ballpoint Pen Swap
Meghan O'Connor
Cover a ballpoint pen with cane slices, any theme. Must include a loop on clicker end to hang pen on silk cord around neck. Open!15Yes1/30/99
10/15/98A Celebration of Woman
Molly Zeck
Rules are simple, you make something that symbolizes womanhood or the image of woman to you. For example,(since it's close to Christmas) you could do a Mary with Jesus... or an old woman... ANYTHING that captures that *essence*. Closed!20No11/30/98
10/7/98Monochrome Bead Swap
Crafty Owl
Use Black, White and Silver only (no transparents, no grays). You do not have to use all three. Make and send 25 beads, between a half and one inch on the longest measurement. Any technique. Other materials (foils, powders etc.) may be added. Closed! - No11/30/98
10/2/98Postage Stamp Pin Swap
Donna Zeffren
Non-denominational stamps only (non-holiday and non-winter related) so we can be more flexible in our gift giving! (i.e. no Santa, menorah, or snowman stamps, etc.) Original designs only...go to a stamp store and get inspired! Closed!8No11/10/98
9/30/98Multi-Ethnic Face Bead Swap
Michele Raffaele
Each person will make 20 beads which incorporate a face inspired by a particular ethnicity (African, Spanish, Italian, etc.). Beads can be made from a cane or sculpted, as long they are no bigger than 3/4 inch. Closed!20No1/30/99
9/28/98Pregnancy/Childbirth Swap
Stephen Shooster
I am looking to create a swap with the theme of pregnancy. I would like to assign each person to a specific theme. Email for Details. Open!20No1/10/99
9/25/98Alice in Wonderland Pin Swap
Teri Biren
Anything inspired by Lewis Carroll's story. Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, etc. Closed!15No11/15/98
09/11/98Celebration of Capricorns Swap
Irene Coyer
Beads, sculpted, caned, stamped or painted, up to 1" pierced for stringing on a necklace. Closed!8No12/20/98
09/06/98Pen Swap
Ruthe Paul
Covered Pens. Canes etc. can be embellished with gold leaf & topped with an animal, bug, or any other object. Closed!15Yes11/15/98
08/28/98Camelot Swap
Samantha McPherson
Anything representing the legends of King Arthur and Camelot, or medieval times in general. Closed!10Yes10/30/98
08/27/98Tiny Food Swap
Sharon Bolmey
Make 15 identical pieces of tiny food (junk food is okay!). Each piece no larger than 2 inches & include a hook for hanging. Closed!15Yes11/17/98
08/24/98Another Button Swap
Diana Gaedig
You will make 15 packets of 6 buttons each. They can be the same or complimentary design but each packet should have buttons of the same size so they can be used on one garment. Closed!15No10/30/98
08/19/98Natasha Bead Swap
Kelly Keniston
10 beads of same size, or graduated (2 beads each of increasing/decreasing size). May also have one major bead plus even number of side beads (min. 6) Closed!7Yes10/01/98
08/15/98Button Swap
Ruthe Paul
Set of 6 buttons ( can match or be complimentary design) up to 1" in diameter. Closed!10Yes10/15/98
08/11/98Dragon Swap
Pat Edmonds
Dragons 2-4", crystals and other additions fine. Closed!15Yes12/01/98
08/02/98Thimble Collector's Swap
Diana Gaedig
Decorative Thimbles for display representing holidays, seasons, or events of the year. Closed!20No11/10/98
08/02/98Monochromatic figurine swap
Jennifer Stotter
The items should be roughly 2 inches square. Closed!15Yes10/24/98
07/06/98Sushi bead swap
Tracy Van Buskirk
Make sushi: caned, sculpted, whatever. Closed!20Yes09/15/98
07/02/98Fantasy pin swap
Lorraine Ortiz
mermaids, fairies, elves, knomes, wizards, etc. Closed!10Yes10/01/98
06/30/98Autumn Bead Swap
Angela Baker
Fall colors, 10 beads for necklace Closed!10Yes7/22/98
06/24/98Native American/
Southwestern Swap
Any type of Native American/Southwestern symbol. Closed!20Yes8/8/98
06/24/98Sea Life Swap
Linda Rawles 
beads that feature fish or sealife. Closed!20Yes8/07/98
06/20/98Halloween Pin Swap
pins 1 1/4 to 2 inches, along a halloween theme, Closed!15Yes9/01/98
06/16/98Summer Bracelet Swap
Shannon Sack
Any Style, 7 1/2 - 8 inches. Closed!20Yes!9/01/98
06/10/98Family Kid Swap (Kids: under 10 yrs.)
Ruthe Paul
Any approx. 3" figurine (monsters, fantasy figures, animals or anything you want) Closed!10No8/15/98
06/05/98Clock Swap
Debb Galcik "Moon"
Multimedia OK. Must include functional clock. Make ONE, get ONE back Closed!15Yes8/24/98
06/07/98International Swap
Elise Mann
make 20 beads of any kind in browns/creams/gold/copper. Closed!20Yes7/31/98
06/03/98 X-Files Swap
Samantha McPherson
Any item appropriate to the theme Closed!12Yes8/01/98
06/01/98 Superhero/Villian swap
Helga Brown
related to a superhero or villian. Cancelled!20Yes7/15/98
05/31/98Music Swap
Stephanie Michlink
Anything musical of poly clay. Closed!12Yes8/01/98
05/28/98Cross Pendant Swap
Marie-Therese Sodaro
Crosses maybe caned, molded, sculpted or mixed media Closed!10Yes6/15/98
05/28/98Jewelry Crafts Swap
Bonnie Whitley
Inspired by projects in Jewelry Crafts magazine Closed!15Yes8/01/98
05/19/98Landscape magnet/pin Swap
any type landscape Closed!20Yes9/15/98
05/19/98Inspirational Plaque Swap
Make 10 plaques Closed!10Yes9/15/98
05/06/98TINY SHOES Swap
Diana Gaedig
Each tiny shoe bead should be no larger than 1˝", to be hung on a necklace. Closed!20Yes7/15/98
05/06/98TINY PURSES Swap
Diana Gaedig
Each tiny purse bead should be no larger than 1˝", to be hung on a necklace.Closed!20Yes7/15/98
05/06/98TINY HATS Swap
Diana Gaedig
Each tiny hat bead should be no larger than 1˝", to be hung on a necklace.Closed!20Yes7/15/98
05/06/98The Mold Swap
Shauna Poong
A Polymer mold made from natural objects or statuesClosed!20Yes6/30/98
05/01/98The Lazy Person's Cane Slice Swap
Take your old canes and slice 'em upClosed!?Yes5/30/98
04/28/98Science Swap
polymer clay microscopic imagesClosed!15Yes7/31/98
04/28/98Fourth of July Swap
Dewayne Cushman
Incorporate a patriotic theme in the designClosed!20Yes6/20/98
04/27/98Votive Candle Holder swap
Andrea Pinkus
04/23/98Noah's Ark Animal BeadsSwap
Samantha McPherson
Each swapper will make 15 pairs of beads (total of 30 beads).  Must sign up to do a specific animal.Closed!15Yes6/01/98
04/14/98The Fishing Swap
Any fishing related itemClosed!12Yes6/30/98
04/20/98Small cane bead Swap
Jennifer Braeckel 
Canes must be somewhat complex-sets of 2Closed!25Yes6/19/98
04/14/98Premo Swatch Swap
Each little tile needs to be at least 1x1" squareClosed!20Yes6/19/98
04/14/98Monsters! Swap
Jessie Rowe
Any little monster figurine.Closed!8Yes5/30/98
03/25/98Dollhouse Contents Swap
Helga Brown
The items must be less than 2" squareClosed!20Yes6/01/98
03/25/98Newbie Swap
Theresa Parish
Anything Goes, buttons, beads, sculpture, whateverClosed!15Yes6/30/98
03/21/98 Imitative Bead Swap
Jeanne A. E. DeVoto
beads that imitate another materialClosed!25Yes5/15/98
03/12/98 'Butterfly Pin Swap'
Echo 01
Pin.. wing span no more than 3"Closed!20Yes5/15/98
03/07/9814 Holiday Shakers Swaps
Salt & Pepper-two more members neededClosed!__4/30/98
03/06/98Mask Swap #3
Inquire for instructionsClosed!15Yes5/01/98
03/04/98Fimo Color Mixing Swap 1 & 2
Carol Simmons
Read This! Closed!14Yes5/30/98
03/03/98"Kid Pets" swap
Sally Rosenberg
Read This! Closed!15Yes5/15/98
03/03/98"Sampler" bead necklace swap
Ruthe Paul
ANYTHING GOES!! Closed!10Yes4/30/98
03/02/98Switch plate swap
Ruthe Paul
standard size :2&3/4 " X 4&1/2 covered & embellished Closed!10Yes4/30/98
03/02/98The Translucent clay bead swap
Karen Shiroma
beads should be 5/8" to 1" diameter.  any design,add ons ok, but must incorporate some translucent clay. Closed!25Yes4/30/98
02/28/98The Quilt Bead Swap
Cindy Jacobs
beads in a "Quilt" pattern. Incorporate some BLACK Closed!20Yes6/1/98
02/25/98The Mola Swap
molas are so colorful, the brighter, the better. Closed!25Yes6/1/98
02/25/98The Face Cane Bead Swap
Jan Galbraith
02/25/98The Gold Bead swap
Kelley Pankosky
02/23/98The Easter Animal bead swap
Lori Clayson
Sculpted or caned beads only. Closed!15No4/06/98
02/23/98The Magnet Swap
Beverly Michie
02/15/98The Texture Collection Swap
Jody Bishel
make 3 texture stamps to swapClosed!25Yes3/30/98
02/05/98The School Daze Swap
teacher or school theme:Closed!15Yes5/15/98
01/22/98The Skunk Swap
Pins/ Canes/ and mini sculptures (under 2")Closed!20Yes5/01/98
01/22/98The Cultural Diversity Swap
Kathryn Baptista
Anything that fits the themeCancelled!12Yes3/15/98
01/22/98The Pen & Cap or Stand Swap
pens with caps or pens with desk standsClosed!16Yes2/17/98
01/21/98Petroglyphs Swap
Evelyn Gibson
Anything goes... etc.Closed!25Yes4/22/98
01/21/98Fantasy Figurines Swap
Jessie Rowe
Dragons, fairies, goblins, trolls, mermaids, etc.Closed!8Yes3/30/98
01/20/98Performing Arts Swap
Teresa Monroe
Beads or pendantsClosed!20Yes5/01/98
01/15/98Picture Frame Swap, 12 seasons
must fit a 3 1/2" by 5" picture,Closed!12Yes4/30/98
01/07/98Photo Transfer Swap
Sally Rosenberg
Pin or Pendant,
01/05/98Earring Swap
Shelly Gullen
Free StyleClosed!-Yes4/24/98
01/04/98"Intricately Patterned Egg" Swap#1
Carol Simmons
write for instructions Closed!8Yes4/4/98
01/04/98"Intricately Patterned Egg" Swap#2
Carol Simmons
write for instructions Closed!8Yes4/4/98
01/04/98Arrowmont Swap
Debbie Krueger
01/04/98Valentine Pin Swap
2 inches by 2 inches maxClosed!9No1/30/98
01/04/982 Mezuza Swaps
Nuchi Draiman
01/04/98Mask Swap 1998
Inquire for instructionsClosed!30Yes2/25/98
01/04/98Egg Swap
any design Closed!10Yes3/20/98
01/04/98Tiny Purse Swap
any design Closed!10Yes2/27/98
01/04/98Mosaic Swap
Margaret in Wales
Must contain some gold or metallic clay Closed!10Yes4/1/98
01/04/98Dog Bead Swap
Linda Rawles
Beads may be canes or sculpted only Closed!20Yes3/7/98
01/04/98Domestic Cat Bead Swap
Linda Rawles
Beads may be canes or sculpted only Closed!20Yes2/7/98

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