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DateSwap Name/
Description Status
# Wait list?Due In
10/30/99Christmas Bead Swap
Juliana Hill
Make total of 20 beads (one per person) Must be christmas themed. Can be any style as long as 75% polymer clay. Holes should run Top to Bottom of bead. Should be 1/2" - 3/4" in diameter.
Signup by 11/5.
10/22/99Miniature Christmas Pin Swap
Diane Nunn
Make 10 Christmas pins between 1 to 1-1/2". May be santa, gingerbread, angel, snowman, anything as long as it has a Christmas theme.
Signup by 11/1.
10/22/99Tiny Tea Set Swap
Dustin Pike
Use your imagination and create a tiny tea set like the ones you see in the store.2 cups 2 saucers and a tea pot. Can be traditional or shaped like an animals etc.
Signup by 11/10.
10/11/99Pun Swap
Melissa Irizarry
Take any pun (ex. housefly= house + fly...get it? A house with fly wings!) and bring it to "life" using clay as your frankenstein so to speak. Can be anything from a figure to a bead or even a pin.
Signup by 11/1.
10/5/99Christmas Ornaments Swap
Juliana Hill
Create a christmas themed ornament suitable for hanging on a christmas tree.
Signup by 10/15.
10/3/99Fairies & Angels Swap
Tammie Kerns
Make any type of angel of fairy of your choice must be no smaller the 3 inches in height
Signup by 10/20.
10/3/99Winter Wearables 1999/2000 Swap
Adrienne Linn
Anything wearable under 2" in size with your choice of winter theme or holiday (don't forget that Valentine's Day is a winter holiday). Beads, pins, ring...anything wearable.If you choose to make beads and your bead is not a focal bead, please plan on making 2 beads per swapper for earrings or 3 beads for a necklace.
Signup by 11/25.
9/29/99Penguin Swap
Tara Brayshaw
Make penguin themed items, can be anything!! Groups of 10 so sign up for more than one group...
Signup by 10/15.
9/18/99Tiny Trees Swap
Marci Keller
Make 10 Christmas trees-any color- with any ornaments you like! Each tree should be no taller than 2". Have fun and be creative!
Signup by 10/10.
9/18/99Griffin Swap
Michele Raffaele
Make a sculpted,caned, press molded, or painted griffin from 50% polymer clay! You can make either 35 pieces or as few as five - whatever number you choose should be divisible by five. Your griffin can be a sculpture, jewelry, magnet, bead, whatever sparks your creativity. Size limit: No smaller than one inch, no bigger than six inches.
Signup by 10/30.
9/18/99Santa Swap
Make 8 santas between 2-1/2-4". Must be able to sit or stand. May accessorize w/ toys, greenery etc. Beard does not have to be clay.
Signup by 10/2.
9/6/99Tiny Stuff Swap
Inspired by k. turpin's tiny princesses (see discussion #2474.1) can be anything (figures, food, etc.) under 1".
Signup by 9/30.
9/4/99Angel Pin Swap
Diane Nunn
Make 10 Angel pins using any brand of polymer clay. No larger than 3", no smaller than 1-1/2". No molds please.
Signup by 9/23.
8/25/99Tiny shoes and purses Swap
Ruthe Paul
Pairs of miniature shoes and purses that can be strung on a necklace. 1" with loop on heel end for stringing and top of purse.Each participant will make a pair of shoes (2) and one purse. 3 items times 10 - Altogether 30 Beads
Signup until filled.
8/14/99Snowman Swap
Diane Nunn
Make a Snowman using any brand of polymer clay,you may accessorize. Can be an ornament or figurine. Must be at least 2" or taller.
Signup by 9/14.
8/14/99Santa Claus Swap
Rafaela Wickstrum
A 2 FOOT Artist Santa made out of anything, FACE MUST BE sculpted from a polymer clay.
8/1/99Thanksgiving Candle Swap
Letia Stasney
Make a set of candles(that's two) for each person in the group. Use 90% polymer clay plus other medium to embellish the candles if you want. you can use canes or any technique you want. But it has to be your idea of what Thanksgiving is all about.
Signup by 8/30.
7/27/99Computer Buddy Faces Swap
Robynne Leighe
Computer Buddy Face swap. Make a face, happy, sad, funny, serious, whatever, to place on your computer monitor.
Signup by 8/15.
7/27/99Fall Bead Swap '99
Dianne Russell
Make any kind of fall or harvest item: colorful leaves, nuts, fruits, haystack, pilgrims, etc. Or you may also make a bead of any technique using fall colors. They should be no bigger then 1 1/2 inch.
Signup by 8/10.
7/20/99Noah's Ark Figure Swap
Irene Coyer
Create pairs of animals or people to include in the ark.
Signup by 8/15.
7/14/99Balinese Filigree Swap
Heather Roselli
Balinese Filigree Swap. Make Balinese Filigree covered bottles, boxes, focal beads, pens, frames, candleholders, etc. Groups of 5. Please advise how many groups you want to participate in.
See messages 2183.1 and 2215.1 on the PCC message board for pictures of this technique, or check out Donna Kato's book, The Art of Polymer Clay, for pictures of the technique done by a master!
Signup by 8/1.
7/8/99Transclucent Liquid Sculpey Swap
Lana Elder
You will make 5 close to identical pins with some TLS element in them. Can be photo transfer, marbling or anything you please.
Signup by 7/31.
7/5/99Sea Life Swap
Sharon Bass
can be sculpture (no larger than 3 inches, please), beads, fridge magnets, etc. any type of sea animal. no plants, and no rocks, unless it habitates shellfish.
Signup by 7/31.
6/29/99Traffic Sign Bead Swap
Summer Thibodeaux
Let's make beads (flat or round) with traffic signs! (I.E. Stop. Yield. One Way.) Send them to me and I'll return them to you strung with red, yellow and green spacer beads! Closed!10Yes8/6/99
6/28/99Millifiori Flower Bead Swap
Jen Kendall
limited to 20 participants and each person will make and send 20 beads that incorporate millifiori (caned)flowers in the design. The beads can be round, square, or cane slices as long as they are no larger than 1 inch and no smaller than 1/2 inch. There's no color restrictions. The beads need to have a hole through them for stringing on a necklace.
Signup by 6/30.
6/26/99Storybook Swap
Amanda Luschen
Make sculptures,beads,magents or anything eles you can come up with that are inspired from a storybook. From Alice in Wonderland to Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears it's your choice.
Signup by 6/30.
6/26/99Halloween Decoration Swap
Make your favorite Halloween decoration out of polymer clay. They should be no bigger then 4 inches by 3 inches and no smaller then 2 inches by 1 inch. Make the decoration so that they can be attached to a wreath or hung up on the wall.
Signup by 7/25.
6/22/99Breast Swap
This swap is for representations of breasts. They can be any way you want to show them - it's up to you. Please don't make them any more than 2-3 inches in diameter.Thanks.
Signup by 6/25.
6/21/991 Ball Buddies Swap
Critters made from a small (no bigger than 1") ball of clay with little bits pressed on to make the balls into critters. Check out the newest Klutz Press Clay book for examples...
Signup by 6/25.
6/21/99Faerys Swap
Letia Anderson
make a faery that is no more then 4 inches high and no more then 3inches wide. polymer clay needs to be used for head, hands and feet, but other medium can be used for body and clothes. Or make the whole faery out of polymer clay.
Signup by 7/15.
6/21/99Native American Swap
Jeannine Chariton
Items inspired by Native American culture/art.Any item, any technique, under 4", as long as it is respectful of the culture.
Signup by 9/15.
6/16/99Primary/Secondary Mobile Swap
Jennifer Stotter
Make 8 obscurely shaped objects, which would fit into a 3x3x3 inch cube, out of primary/secondary hues (no pastels or flouresents). Must have wholes wide enough to thread with yarn or cord. Everyone will end up with the means for assembling a bright mobile. E-mail for details.
Signup by 6/27.
Closed! 8 Yes8/1/99
6/13/99Friendship Bead Swap
Jan Ruhnow
This one is easy and will be fun I think! Make one bead for EACH group member and mail to me by Aug 1st. Email me for address etc. We can all make out own friendship necklace using all the beads we get. You can make them all the same or different..your choice!!
Signup by 6/30.
Closed! - No8/1/99
6/5/99Wild Animal Print Raw Canes
Diane Caruso
Make canes of any wild animal print you choose. You will be mailing raw canes, approx. 2" x 1/2". Canes must mail by July 1st.
Signup open.
5/26/99Miniature Castle Swap
Tara Brayshaw
Make a castle sculpture that is 2"-4" high!
Signup by 5/31.
5/23/99Animal Characters Pin Swap
Michelle Welker
I would like to find 5 people who would like to make 5 animal character pins to swap. My latest and favorite is a pearly black spotted cow, with a circular mooing mouth who is clutching his little black heart shaped spot.
Signup by 6/14.
5/19/99Gargoyle Swap
Tara Brayshaw
Make a gargoyle/grotesque of any kind under 4". You can make up to 30, in groups of 5.
Signup by 5/29.
5/13/99Celestial Swap
Ruthe Paul
Beads approx 1/2" or smaller. Stars,moon,planets. Anything YOU see in the sky. 2 each. (20) total
Signup by 5/17.
5/10/99Happy Gardening!
Kathy Cappa
Are you too hot to be out in your garden? Then grab your clay and make some garden tags. Get your garden ready for the fall.
Signup by 7/15.
5/8/99Hairsticks Swap
Hairsticks (or picks or pins) are great for pinning up long (and medium length) locks. Much better than barrettes! Make 8 sets of sticks (or 8 individuals for pins that work independantly) and we'll all be ravishing by the end of June!!! You may cover purchased sticks or make them entirely from clay. Add embellishments in other materials if you like!
Signup by 6/1.
5/7/99Herpetology Swap
Ilana Gauss
This is a swap for reptile & amphibian lovers. Make earrings, pendants, pens, magnets, or small sculptures (1 to 3 inches).
Signup by 5/23.
5/7/99Sci-fi Swap
Adrienne Linn
Inspired by the upcoming release of Star Wars: Episode 1. Make a science fiction related bead or figure that can be strung on a necklace--no larger than 1 1/4". I will make filler beads and string the necklaces.
Signup by 7/15.
5/6/99Christmas in July Swap
Cindy Lybeck
Your favorite Christmas ornament.
Signup by 6/1.
5/1/99Crones Swap
Irene Coyer
As we approach crondome (cronehood?) we begin to wonder...what will I look like as a crone? Let's all create that image. Project is to be 90% polymer clay. To see some crones and how to make them go to http://www.nwlink.com/~ffranke/
Signup by 5/21.
5/1/99Cross Swap
TL Cook
Everybody make 12 cross pendants. In order to keep everyone from getting one of their own back, I'll make extras. Be creative!!! Make them no bigger than 3".
Signup by 5/25.
5/1/99Funky Turtles Swap
Nuchi Draiman
Not realistic looking turtles, but ones that would attract your attention because they are different--especially cute or interesting, etc. Sculptures--no bigger than 3 inches, but can be smaller. Closed!grp/5Yes6/1/99
4/24/99Santas Swap
Rafaela Wickstrum
2'-3' Santa may be made from any materials as long as face is sculpted from a polymer clay, preferably Pro-Sculpt or Super Sculpey.
Signup by 6/15.
4/22/99Some Bunny Loves You Swap
Minnette Miller-Wills
Just like my Teddies All Around Us swap this will have a handmade mohair Bunny for the centerpiece. The difference will be I need 10 people to make vegetables (you know how Bunny loves his veggies) and 9 people to make bunny head beads with the hole verticle and 1 adventurous person to make little hedgehog beads( I have a picture if you need it) with the hole verticle. I will supply the necklace to hang the bunny and beads from. Email for more info.
Signup by 4/30.
4/22/99PC-Covered Pen Swap
Heather Roselli
Make 10 PC covered pens, either single colors, marbled, Skinner blend, carved, whatever! Would love to see different types of pens used besides Bic, such as retractables and those with metal points, but Bics are also fine. Would also love to see stands and caps.
Signup by 5/20.
4/21/99Decorated Sculpting/Carving Tool Swap
Kimberly Guevarra
Choice of tools, either purchased or handmade, deocrated with clay and for use in sculpting/carving uncured/cured clay.
Signup by 5/20.
4/18/99Dice Swap
Victoria James
Make 15 dice, standard cubes, sides numbered 1 - 6 ,size should be 1/2" to 1" cubes. Other than that, anything goes. Background can be solid, blended,or whatever else.. Numbers 1 through 6 can be represented with the usual dots,or stamped, cane slices, carved,and anything else.
Signup by 5/1.
4/8/99Wild Things Swap
Melissa Irizarry
I've been inspired by my new job! Make 10 animals, of the kind you can find at the zoo. No bigger than 4 inches. Earrings, pins, figures and anything else you can think of.
Signup by 4/30.
4/7/99Teddies All Around Us Swap
Minnette Miller-Wills
This will end up as a necklace with a miniature mohair teddy that I will make for each participant as the centerpiece. Please make either a teddy bear head, cane slice or whatever but it must have the hole in it so it will go on a necklace.Honey pots would also be a cute bead to go with the bears. I make bears for Annette Funnicello/QVC so I thought this would be a cute idea for a cross between two totally different mediums. If you each make 1 extra bead I will make an extra necklace to send to her with all of the participants names on the card.
Signup by 4/15.
4/7/99Things with Wings Swap
Kelley Adams
Any creature with wings--techniques for which are currently under discussion on lots of boards. Under 4", hanging ornaments, in flight. Describe your wing technique in detail to share.
Signup by 4/15.
4/6/99Beautiful Barrettes Swap
Marilou Porth
Make 10 barrettes using 80mm metal barrette base decorated with at least 50% polymer clay--get 10 barrettes back!
Signup by 4/30.
4/3/99Puns and Sight Gags
Irene Coyer
Make figures of polymer clay which show a pun or sight gag. ie: dog tired = a pooch with wheels!
Signup by 4/16.
3/26/99April Showers
Peggy Aspinwall
Tiny rainwear or accessories. No larger than 2 inches, with a good size hole to be strung like beads. Signup by 4/15. Closed!10Yes5/15/99
3/13/99Sculptured 2" Animal Swap
Shannon Sack
Only sculpted animals no bigger than 2". One animal per swapper (I'm doing dogs.) Let me know what animal you want to do so we dont have the same ones. Signup by 3/19. Closed!10No4/19/99
3/2/99Sculptured Frog Swap
Karen Van Bebber
This swap is for a sculptured frogs - no beads. Frogs shouldn't be any taller than three inches. Signup by 3/21. Closed!5Yes5/21/99
3/2/99Frog (and amphibian) Bead Swap
Karen Van Bebber
Make 20 frog or amphibian beads. These beads can be caned, sculpted, or molded. The beads should be no larger than 3/4 inch. Signup by 3/13. Closed!20Yes5/15/99
2/27/99Flower Bead Swap 2nd Group
Michelle Fitch
Make 25 flower beads in summery colors. Signup by 3/31. Closed!25No5/15/99
2/27/99CosmicCat Swap
Lucy Swayngim
Should contain cat(s) and stars, moon or other indication of cosmic influence. Not limited to beads -- may be small sculptural piece. Signup by 3/15. Closed!25No6/1/99
2/25/99Angel Swap
Create angel inspired things of any type. Pins, jewelry, magnets, figures, etc. Nothing over 4 inches and as small as you like. Signup by 3/31. Closed!10No5/31/99
2/24/99Y2K Bug Swap
Kathy Fiete
Interpret this annoying little pest any way you'd like! Can be small sculptures, pins, beads, etc. Multi-media or any technique is fine, as long as it's a majority of polymer clay. Signup by 3/1. Closed!20Yes4/1/99
2/24/99Patriotic Symbols
Kathy Fiete
This swap is for patriotic symbols a bit more involved than stars and flags and red, white and blue designs. It can include people (Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, Betsy Ross), things (Liberty Bell, Bald Eagles, etc.), buildings (White House, various monuments, Independence Hall. etc.) It can be small figures, beads (a pair if small), pins, etc. Signup by 3/15. Closed!12No5/1/99
2/24/99Turtle Swap
Shauna Poong
Create five turtles -- magnets, pins, pendants, or small sculptures. You will recieve five turtles back plus a surprise! Closed!5No4/1/99
2/21/99Cane Swap
Katy ze French Woman
Make items with a custom cane and share the way you built your cane - email for more info! Signup by 3/31. Closed!10Yes5/15/99
2/19/99Easter Egg Swap
Andrea Pinkus
Polymer clay covered eggs. any design or technique. Will be sent back in time for Easter. Closed!6Yes3/27/99
2/18/99Polymer Clay Postcard Swap
Andrea Pinkus
Check out how polymer clay can be mailed like a regular postcard!! Each swapper will send in 5 PCC postcards, and I will send them back individually through the mail.. for examples, take a look at here. Closed!5Yes3/27/99
2/17/99Flower Bead Swap
Michelle Fitch
Flower beads in summery colors. Signup by 3/30. Closed!25Yes5/15/99
2/16/99Mermaid Swap
Byrd Tetzlaff
Mermaids, In groups of 5, up to 30. 4" or smaller. Closed!30Yes5/15/99
2/16/99Ready Stamp Swap
Sarajane Helm
Make 10 pendants or pins of polymer clay using Ready Stamp products (stamps, matrixes,or plates). Must fit inside a 4" square. For more details on Ready Stamps, or this swap email Host. Closed!10/GNo4/10/99
2/7/99Clay's Choice Quilt Swap
Jan VanDonkelaar
Send 15 4-block Clay's Choice quilt squares, use colors of your choice and please refer to Diana Crick's website for instructions on how to put the Clay's Choice quilt square together. Each quilt slice should be made up of 4 of the blocks put together and should be 1 inch square, sliced 1/8th inch thick and please DO NOT APPLY A FINISH--sand and buff,if you like. Signup by 2/26. Closed!15No4/2/99
2/6/99Inclusion Pendant and Matching Earrings Swap
Karen Van Bebber
The pendent and earrings should have some type of inclusion. It can be embossing powders, crayons, foils, spices, or something else. The pendant needs to have some method of being attached to rat-tail or leather cording. Types of earring backings can be decided by the group. Closed!7No4/8/99
2/5/99Troll Swap
Pat Smith
Under 4" tall. Can be ugly, funny, under-the-bridge-type trolls, Tolkien-type trolls, whatever. Signup by 2/28/99. Closed!10Yes4/30/99
2/5/99El Mucho Caliente Chili Pepper Ristra Swap
Sherry Cox
Each participant will submit 15 of the same chili peppers. Peppers can be red or green or, say, mostly red with a few green peppers. Peppers should be between 2 1/2 to 3 inches in length, with a 1/2 inch screw eye to the left side of each pepper for hanging. Pieces should be at least 50% clay. Signup by 2/18. Closed!15Yes3/18/99
1/30/99Tiny Tropical Fish Swap
Sharon Bolmey
Make 15 identical tiny tropical fish, approximately 1 inch. Be sure to include a hole or hook for hanging. Other types of tropical sea creatures are okay. Have fun! Signup by 2/14/99. Closed!15Yes3/30/99
1/30/99Mardi Gras Mask Swap
Janice West
Five masks (can be all similar or all different or inbetween). Size of mask - approx 1" to 3". Mask should contain at least 50% polymer clay. Need to send $3.20 (stamp) for return Priority Mail. Signup by 2/14/99. Closed!10Yes3/31/99
1/30/99Small Caned Bead Swap
Lisa Mondy
1/2 inch diameter beads from cane slices in bright or high contrast colors. A loose theme is "any complex cane containing a bullseye or Skinner blend." Faces, animals, fruits, kaleidoscopes, scenes, abstract patterns are examples. Signup by 2/15/99. Closed!20Yes4/15/99
1/26/99Tiny Book Swap
Shannon Sack
2 by 2 inchs .square or triangle shaped. Can be tied or hinged ,premade holes ,coiled wire,ect. folded acordian style pages are prefered. Can also include onlay,stamped,carved,mosaic,caned or transfered images. Signup - 3/19. Closed!10Yes4/15/99
1/25/99Movable Figure Swap
Figures 2-3 inches tall, with arms and legs attached to the body with round elastic. Animals, human, fantasy, etc. Closed!10Yes4/15/99
1/13/99Fantasy Bead Swap
Melissa Lugo
Make a sculpted bead , no larger than an inch high, of fantasy characters like fairies, unicorns, magicians and the like. Closed!15 - 3/31/99
1/13/99Baby Things Bead Swap
Melissa Lugo
Make a sculpted bead , no more than an inch high, of baby things - like bottles, pacifiers, etc., sticking with baby colors. Closed!15 - 4/13/99
1/12/99Feel the Bead Swap
Crafty Owl
Make 25 beads, all the same design, between one half and one inch on the longest measurement, with holes roughly the size of a darning needle. Beads must have an interesting shape, surface texture or carving. Moulded beads would be suitable, as would any bead which feels good with your eyes shut.So that the beads look OK together too, please use shades of green as your main colours. Closed! - - 4/15/99
1/12/99Sunshiney Bead Swap
Crafty Owl
Make 25 beads, all the same design, between one half and one inch on the longest measurement, with holes roughly the size of a darning needle, using only red, orange, yellow, gold, copper, translucent. Beads do not have to be on the theme of sunshine, it's just to describe the colours. Closed! - - 3/1/99
1/4/99Spring Time Bead Swap
Shannon Sack
Two beads either the same or complimentary, sticking with spring pastels. No bigger than an inch, hole running side to side for necklace or bracelet. Can include anything spring like flowers, butterflies, grasshoppers, etc. Closed!15 - 2/15/99
1/3/99Tiny Bottles Swap
Cindy Pack
Use small glass or other bottles, covered in Poly Clay. Bottles must be at least 1 1/2 inches and not bigger than 2 1/2 inches. I will sign people up in groups of 5. Join as many groups as you wish. For each group you join, make 5 bottles. Closed!G/5Yes3/10/99
1/3/99Face Bead Swap
Ruthe Paul
2 beads each (either the same or complimentary) either cane or sculptured. any size, holes top to bottom Closed!10Yes3/2/99

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