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A great thing happened when Leigh posted this message on the PCC Message Board...

"Do you have any special HOLIDAY TRADITIONS? You know, something like putting cookies out for Santa? I mean, we almost all have done something like that at least once. But we have so many members from all over the world, it would be very interesting to see what people do for the Holidays. I often wonder if what we do is what others have done, or did we invent it? How did the tradition start up? Anyone Interested???"
This led to so many heartwarming reminisces that we wanted to share them with all of you - so, here are the
PCC Holiday Traditions!

Our tradition is certainly not original but we do have one. Ever since the boys were born we have had a birthday cake for the baby Jesus on Christmas. They always seemed to like helping to make the cake as much as opening their presents.


Well, growing up, Ma always made pressed maple christmas cookies. Lordy I can remember coming home from school and that smell would be in the whole house. I still make then with her Mom's 1930-40's cookie press! That's what sticks most in my mind. I'm not sure though if it's a Scots tradition or and Irish one. Or just my Grandma's own idea. My G-Grandmother was born in Scotland and G-Grandfather was an Irishman! So whow knows!!! But my Ma grew up with it and she passed it on down to us! We put them out for Santa with a big glass of milk!! I know my Dad just loved that part, he'd always leave the glass on the plate with a special gift for each of us, around the plate, and I remember the glass always had a "lip" print on it! And the napkin was used and folded off to the side. Thanks Leigh for making me remember this.


LOL - this thread makes me laugh and I have to relate the reason. Last year my entire family (only 11 of us, so not a crowd) went to my sister's house because she had the youngest grandchild for Mom and Dad to spoil. Well, on Christmas Eve Richmond had a horrible, and I mean the worst in years, ice storm. Tree limbs were breaking off, bouncing off of cars, car alarms were blaring. Sis thought, "This has to stop soon". We were planning on starting some traditions for Emily, the soon-to-be 3 year old niece. I decide to go make some bacon and bisquits we could nuke in the morning to finish it up for a quickie breakfast. Just about the time that was done, the electricity went off. My sis starts to panic - we have a turkey to make, we have pies to do, we have toys to find in the deep dark basement and then to put together. I say "awwwwww this cant last too long!!" Geesh famous last words. It starts to get dark - sis has a migraine- her hub is home from work and says things don't look too good out there and BTW a tree limb bounced off of your car (talking to sis) who is now almost delerious. I'm sitting in a chair reading The Night Before Christmas to Em. Sis is saying "This isn't how this is supposed to be!" Em asks for tree lights and I shine the flashlight in that general direction and tell her that is as good as it gets. For dinner we have cold cuts and salad. And, oh yeah, the brother and sis-in-law and 25 year old niece have arrived. About 7PM the brother and sis-in-law decide to go back to their motel, and of course, they have electricity. Lynda, the 25 yr old niece stayed for the fun. At about 9PM, Em is in bed and the "putting the presents together" part is here. Oh yeah, and put out the warm milk and cookies for Santa, except it is Yogurt milk (Em said Santa couldn't drink milk cause she can't) and diet cookies and a couple of carrots.

We all go to bed early - hoping that the electricity will come back on during the night. The dog wakes me up and wants to go out so I get off of the couch and quietly go to the door to let her out. When I'm on my way back to the couch I notice the time ( I thought it should be almost morning). I asked quietly, "Lynda are you awake?" yes she is - "Do you know what time it is?" "About 6 in the morning?" I tell her it is 11:30... Well, she throws back the covers and lets go a string of words, and I just about laughed my ass off and asked her if she was enjoying our traditions.. About 2AM Sis gets up to light the gas fireplace cause it is cold as hell in the house.

Christmas morning comes and boy, am I glad I cooked that bacon and bisquits. Here comes the brother and SIL and we open presents and kill more time and the have a wonderful Christmas dinner of bacon, leftover bisquits, bologna, salad, and cookies, oh yeah, and reindeer carrots. Geessssssshhhhhhhhhh !!

The ice on the deck was 2" thick. That night we had a screaming 2 year old visitor and his crying mother to keep for the night - Their fireplace mantle had started to melt. Sis still had migraine. Deck the halls and on with traditions! I'm giving sis bologna and ice for Christmas this year...


Every Christmas Eve, while we weren't watching, Santa's Elves would sneak in and leave just one present for each child. It was always new pajamas. Then, on Christmas morning, we'd look nice for the pictures. I've continued this one with my own daughter, Maggie. Last year, even though she had Santa all figured out, she reminded me that she had to get new PJ's for Christmas Eve.


This is fun!! My fondest memory is the tradition of "Christmas Eve's Gift." Every year when we awoke on Xmas Eve Day, we would slink and steal around the house (that's mom, dad, brother, g'ma, g'pa AND me) to see who could sneak up on whom. Then, as soon as you saw someone, you'd hafta quick say "Christmas Eve's Gift!!" before the other person. Whoever won the race was awarded silly gifts. I take great pride in the year I even beat my brother!! That year I got a rusty bobby pin from my g'ma, a broken pencil from my brother, a torn hair net from my mother, I gave my dad a bent out of shape paper clip and my g'pa a cracked marble. Clear up to the last Christmas visit with my parents, brother and niece, we still played the silly game. Over the years there has been much laughter at the oddball gifts and the shenanigans we went thru to get the drop on each other!!!


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