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Basic Polymer Clay Technique

Jack-O-Lantern Project

Covering Glass

Here is a quick step by step guide for covering glass with polymer clay using the PUMPKIN CANE found on this site. This makes a great Jack-O-Lantern for the holidays!

Four Face of the Jack-O-Lantern

I used a big globe for one and put different faces on each side! With a candle inside it looks awesome, and there are no tears from the little ones when you have to throw out the rotting pumpkin!

Another project could be the PMS GLOBE. Put face canes around the globe with different expressions on them like HAPPY, SAD, CRANKY, and CRAZY. Then, whatever your mood is that day, you can put that face out! Could work as a great early warning system? Or maybe a fun Bridal Shower gift?

Picture 1
1. Start with a cane, here we used the ***PUMPKIN CANE*** from our lesson.
I'm using cornstarch on my blade to make sure I get a good straight cut.
Picture 2
2. The slice should be just about the same thickness as your thickest setting on the Pasta Machine. If it's a little uneven, it will add character to the piece. But if it's too uneven it won't stretch well!
Picture 3
3.Send the slice through the Pasta machine at it's thickest setting!
Picture 4
4. You can see here it distorted just a bit because it was thicker on that side of the slice.
Picture 5
5. Line the slice up to go through the pasta machine again, but turn the setting down ONE setting size. Turn the slice a quarter turn from the last pass and put it through.
Picture 6
6. Take a good look and see which side needs to be stretched out more.
Picture 7
7. Put the larger side down for the next pass on the pasta machine! Turn the setting down one more time and put the slice through.
Picture 8
8. It's starting to get thin, so be careful when it comes out of the pasta macnine, take your time and make sure the edges don't touch. If you aren't in a hurry, you can let it rest for a few minutes or put it in the fridge before you go any thinner.
Picture 9
9. Put it though again at a thinner setting.
Picture 10
10. You really need to be careful now, one more time, one setting thinner.
Picture 11
11. Only you know your pasta machine and how thin you can go with it. Put this slice through as many times as you can! TRUST ME, if you think "Maybe I can do it one more time" STOP!!! That's when I always mess up!
Picture 12
12. Take a clean glass or what ever you are going to cover, and gently lay your slice of pumpkin over the glass. Don't press anything down yet until you are happy with the placement! Once you start pressing down, you aren't going to move it.
Picture 13
13.Once you are happy with the placement of the main picture, start from the center and gently push the air out and the clay down to the glass!
Picture 14 14. Now that the main design is in, you can either put more slices of pumpkin in all different sizes, or you can do what I've done here and gather up the waste clay from the cane. Picture 15 15. Squish them all togehter but don't mix them too much!
Picture 16
16.Put the squishy lump through the pasta machine at the same setting as the thinnest setting you used for the pumpkin.
Picture 17
17. Take the slices of the mixed cane and cut it into pieces that will fit around your main design.
Picture 18
18. Fit them together much like a jigsaw puzzle, butting the edges up to each other.
Picture 19
19. I use my trusty needle tool handle to help smooth the edges together. When you ROLL this over the edges, they will start to melt into themselves!
Picture 20
20.Try not to overlap any of the clay, it will just make a bump you have to try to get rid of later! When the glass is covered, I make sure the clay is even and run my fingers gently over the clay. You can do this without moving the design, but it will take out some of the fingerprints. You can also roll it on a flat surface if the sides of the glass are straight. If you ahve airbubbles, puncture them with a pin and push the air out! Air Bubbles are your enemy here!!!
Picture 21
21. Don't forget to do the bottom, I have found it helps to keep the clay on the glass, to have a complete covering all over the glass! Of course more waste clay could be used on the bottom.
Picture 22
22. I hold my candleholders up to a light bulb, this way I can see if there are any holes or places missing clay! It also gives me an idea of what it's going to look like with a candle in it!
Picture 23
23. For the Jack-O-Lantern, cut out the face from the clay before it's baked!
Picture 24 24. And there you are, Bake at the manufacturers recommended temperature for about a half hour! I will let it cool down in the oven, if I'm not in a hurry!
Now Pat yourself on the back!!!! You did good!!!

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