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Cleaning the Atlas Pasta Machine

Some text here as an Introduction

1. A clean pasta machine

2. Leigh's Dirty Pasta machine (note that her front cover plate, removed in a later step, has remained removed). Important - set the roller at it's thickest setting!

3. Remove screw on right side

4. Lift right side away from machine

5.And remove it

6. Find the two nuts on bolts

7. Using a wrench, remove first nut

8. And then remove second

9. Grip the top of the right side plate while bracing the machine and pull away

10. This will separate the rollers, the front and back top plates, and bottom scraper plates from their holders - remove the front and rear top plate and two bottom scrapers

11. The 2 bottom scrapers, now removed and shown here, acquire a LOT of stray clay

12. Begin by pulling clay off the bottom scrapers with your fingers

13. Now Leigh uses a bamboo or wooden skewer to scrape clay off the bottom scraper (don't use anything that might scratch the rollers or plates as it will then texture your clay forever!)

14. Make sure you clean into the crease of the bottom scrapers

15. After scraping clay off, moisten a paper towel with plain rubbing alcohol

16. and then thoroughly clean off the remaining clay residue from the bottom scaper. Repeat with other bottom scraper

17. Pull back on right side and use skewer to remove clay that has gotten into the junction of the roller and side wall.

18. Do this on the leftside also (notE that the main roller doesn't pull out from left side)

19. Also clean in the rear roller junctions

20. Now scrape clay off rollers with skewer

21. Make sure you get any remaining clay out of the junction with the sidewall
22. To clean more in the leftside junction, fold some wax paper, and begin to insert it into the junction of roller and sidewall
23. use left fingers to push roller to the right to make insertion of wax paper easier

24. pull roller back toward the left, or brace it against your body and rub wax paper inside junction to remove clay residue

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