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Cleaning the Atlas Pasta Machine
Part 2

25. Pull rightside panel back and clean clay off ALL roller areas

26. Once all surfaces are scraped, get alcohol and some Q-tips

27. Now wipe down roller junctions with Q-tips

28. Use your skewer again if needed

29.Once ends and junctions are cleaned, wipe down rollers with paper towel and alcohol

30. Wipe down ALL surfaces, bolts, and rollers

31.Looks a lot better now,doesn't it.

32. Align up rollers and bolts and tap the rightside panel into place

33. Replace the nuts on the bolts but only just a few turns - enough to stay on. We need the slack to help replace the scraper plates and rear plate (Leigh discards the front cover plate at this time. It makes future cleaning easier and it's easier to see the clay as it goes into the roller)

34. Replace 2nd nut the same way as the first- just a few turns

35. You might find it easier during this next sequence to put machine on its lefet side.

36. Take the front bottom scraper plate and insert its tab into the rightside panel

37. Here's a closeup of the tab in place (note: this tab is the longest of the end tabs on the scrapers)

38. Now align the left side of the scraper in its proper position. This will be a snug fit before the tabs are put in place, but it possible because the nuts haven't been completely tightened

39. Push scraper into place with your thumb and it will "snap" into place as the tabs enter their sockets.

40. Now we do the same with the rear bottom scraper plate (picture shows the longer tab that goes into the right side plate)

41. You might have to maneuver the machine into a more comfortable position while doing the rear scraper, but the process is still the same, sliding and "snapping" the rear scraper into place on the left side after the right side tab has been inserted first. Do the same with the rear top plate

42. Now make sure that all rollers and scraper tabs and rear top cover tabs are in place and begin to tighten the nut.

42. Continue with second nut

44. Snug up the nuts with your wrench

45. Replace right side plate cover and screw into place

46. Clean and shiny as new, and more functional with the front top cover removed.
It's also possible to clean your pasta machine without removing any pieces. This will be a "quickie" cleaning, as opposed to the "complete" cleaning just discussed
47. Insert your bamboo or wood skewer into the space between the scraper plates and pull the residue clay up and out. Be careful not to push skewer all the way through or you will bend the scraper plates (you can see how this would be much easier if the front cover plate was removed!)

48. A closeup of inserting the skewer into the scaper

49. Pulling the clay out of the scraper area
Continue to scrape and pull out as much clay as you can. Remember, large residues of clay can also bend your scrapers!

And That's It!

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