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Basic Polymer Clay Techniques
1. Stamping with Found Objects
2. PearlEx as a Resist

Basic Beginners Project

Simple Leaf Ornament

Page 2

Picture 24
24. Now dab your second color all around the back so that the entire back of the leaf is covered in PearlEx.
Picture 25
25. I've bordered this leaf with the second color, to add some interest to the leaf.
Picture 26
26. Turn the leaf over again. Brush a little more PearlEx into the places where the clay color is showing through more than others.
Picture 27
27. Take a long thin tool of some kind (here I'm using a Kemper Pro Needle tool), and score the main veins of the leaf just a little bit! This gives it a deeper design! Or you can lay the tool along the line and give it a gentle fold!
Picture 28
28. Give the leaf another gentle fold in the middle. You are going to give the leaf a little shaping so that it doesn't look as flat.
Picture 29
29. Take your PearlEx applicator and go over the little spots that are left after folding it! Making sure that the PearlEx is evenly distributed!
Picture 30
30.Now grab the tip of the leaf and give it a little squeeze. You want to form the ends just a little bit to give the leaf more character!
Picture 31
31. Continue squeezing and shaping the tips of all the points of the leaf.
Picture 32
32. If you're using a big Maple Leaf like I am, you'll want to squeeze and shape as many of the little points as you can!
Now, remember what I said about one side of this leaf being cut out fast, and one side of this leaf where I spent more time cutting evenly around the edges of the leaf???
Look closly at the next picture and you can see that it really isn't as important as you might think - proving that even young children can do this project and come out with a great finished product. Something they can be very proud of!!!
Picture 33
33. And here we have our leaf, almost done! Being a Compulsive obsessive that I am, I see a couple spots that have too much clay showing through for me!
Picture 34
34. Oops, there's a little white spot hiding in the elbow of that point!!!
Picture 35
35. Take your applicator, what ever you are using, and brush across the booboo spot.
Picture 36
36. All Better!!!
Picture 37
37. Now let's poke a hole in this so we can put a thread in it later!!!
Picture 38
38. Now let's admire our pretty leaf!!! It's got a nice shape to it and it has some form and it sure sparkles nice! We'll bake it for about 30 - 45 minutes at 265 degrees! Take it out of the oven, let it cool, put a string or a ribbon on it and hang it up!!!
Nature's Beauty
Somehow those things we find in nature seem to have such a wonderful beauty all their own! Here we have captured just a little bit of it to save forever!

What are we going to do with these?
What about making them with your children? Collect leaves from the different places you visit with them and making a collection.
How about Christmas Decorations? Put a gold thread to hang it from and maybe a golden bow on it! Can you see a whole tree filled with different colors of shiny leaves?

Another idea, how about your children helping to make them. Make a whole bunch and put them together as a Holiday wreath for Grandmother! What a wonderful present.

©1999-Leigh Ross


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