Something very interesting happens if you want to make a larger blend! You keep the same width for the template and keep the same measurements for your marks, you just make the sheet of clay longer.

After putting the measurements in, draw the lines the same way as shown on the previous page!

Here are three different sized templates that will result in the same rainbow blend as the first one!

Color Variations

Here I"m using Premo violet, then our lightened turquoise used on Page 1, Ultramarine Blue with no translucent blended in and the Fushia blend used on Page 1.

You can see just how saturated the Ultramarine Blue. See how it is taking over the blend!

This jelly roll was done using the entire strip of the blend, not just a slice or two of the slab! Just another variation.

Here we have green, Yellow lightened with a little white, the red blend we used on Page 1 and Cobalt Blue with no translucent blended in.

Because the Cobalt Blue was not desaturated, you can see how it takes over the blend! This is a good lesson on saturation and how important it is to blend your colors with translucent clay!

This Jelly Roll was done with TWO slices of the striped slab, giving more color.

Uses: Now it's your turn to fill the page!

This bead was made with the original blend from the first page! Look carefully at these photos. Do you see how the white pearl seems to recede behind the more vibrant colors? That's because of the translucent in the clay! Really makes the colors stand out!

Sanded with 400 grit wet dry sand paper, and then with 1000 grit.

Buffed on a bench grinder with a muslin wheel!!!

Now it's your turn to show me what you have created! Be sure to post your creation on the Message Board so we can all ooh and ahhh over its beauty!

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