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Welcome to PoLEIGH Talking Welcome to PoLEIGH Talking!
Tips and Techniques on Polymer Clay!
April 28, 2002:
Wow, it's been awhile since our last visit to Poleigh Talking! Recently I made some accent beads and a number of our members asked for a quick lesson on how to make them. It's not hard to make them, and the nice part is that you can also incorporate some other great lessons that we have offered at PCC right into this lesson. You'll find the links to these lessons, and I would encourage you to try them out!

So, here's the lesson - The Leaf Accent Bead - give it a try. I think you'll like it!

July 4, 2000:
For the Month of June our forum hit 200,028 hits! That is the highest number of hits we have ever had! It is amazing and I am so excited about this, you have NO idea!!!

To show everyone how happy I am, we have put together a Rainbow Skinner Blend Lesson. I do hope you all enjoy it! We will be doing a lot more lessons now that I have a writing partner to help me make sense out of all these words I'm always using! She can find those words five times as fast as I can, she doesn't even have to look them up in a Theasaurus! Sunni Bergeron is a treasure, so make sure everyone thanks Sunni for helping!!!

June 2, 2000:
Finally, with the help of Guest Writer Sunni Bergeron, we now present our lesson on Cleaning the PASTA MACHINE! This will be for the Atlas Pasta Machines, which are the only ones I have available (if I find any others, I'll see what I can do to figure out how to clean them, too)!

As you can see in this photo, I've been playing with some very gooey clays lately, and have managed to gum things up quite nicely! I'm going to take this completely apart and clean it from stem to stern! There will be two ways to clean this, the COMPLETE TAKE-APART method, AND the LEAVE THE BOTTOM ON method. Either one can be used, but the COMPLETE method can be a real pain in the butt to get back together, so make sure you have some coffee or a valium available!(and no small children around!) Just kidding - Sunni's excellent text and Stephen's great photos will have you doing this cleaning on a regular basis!

Keep checking in at PoLeigh Talking because we promise to bring you even more of the best stuff we can find for Polymer Clay and Polymer Clayers!

Simple Leaf Ornament 11/21/1999: I mean, really, don't they look beautiful? Check out the new Lesson, and keep watch as for the rules for CHATELAINES INTERNATIONAL TREE PROJECT. And ongoing project to build a tree with PolyClay Leaves from all over the world! For Children' of all ages!
If you don't have access to Polymer Clay, we will send you some so you can be a part of our INTERNATIONAL TREE PROJECT.

Stay tuned to the next edition of PoLEIGH Talking for all the rules and information!

10/28/1999 Just a quickie on this one, the Natasha technique is going up the Project sheet will be coming soon, but the basics are up!!!

Just so much to do with so little time!!! Hang in there I'll be putting up more and more!

And fixing typos!!!

10/24/1999 - I can't begin to tell you how much my recent emails have meant to me! I'm getting so many emails from people all over the WORLD telling me how much they appreciate the lessons! To you all I say, "Thank you so much for taking the time to write, it means so much to me to know these lessons are being used and understood."

It feels so good to know that even from my home I can help someone around the world, learn how to do Polymer Clay! What a Gas!!!!

I would appreciate it if those of you who do write would tell me what part of the world, or the USA you are writing from! I'm Collecting all the letters so I can show how many people are interested in Polymer clay from all over the World! Maybe I'll even make a chart and put it up here, we can all watch it grow! Well, one of these days!!!

Any questions, comments or feedback, please email:

Please include what part of the World you are from!

© 2000 - PoLEIGH Talking - Leigh Ross

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Any questions, comments or feedback, please email:

Please include what part of the World you are from!

© 2000 - PoLEIGH Talking - Leigh Ross