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Carl Hornberger Bead Roller
An Easy Way to Pointed Oval-Shaped Beads

The double-pointed oval is a traditional art expression and is very appealing in the form of beads. As part of a necklace, this form interacts well with disks, rods, and spheres to develop both simple and complex patterns.

The Hornberger Bead Roller comes as shown on the right - a base, or "trough", to hold and shape the bead, three paddles (which produce three different size beads), and an example of a bead created with the roller.

As shown on the left, the bead is formed when a ball of clay is placed crosswise in the trough at one end, and stroked back and forth with the paddle.

The different size paddles create different size beads.

As shown on the right, core or "base" beads can be made with the Roller, ready to apply your favorite canework to make beautifully symetrical beads. During the forming of the bead, the normal flow of the clay develops very interesting surface flow patterns, and these patterns can be used to create some striking Moire designs (shown below, all beads created with the Hornberger Bead Roller).

Bead Rollers are designed and fabricated by Carl Hornberger
Photos © Leigh Ross

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