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PCC Chats With
Marie and Howard Segal
From the Clay Factory

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Date: Tuesday, November 16, 1999
.jake> the group has quiet entry set so you can begin when your ready
.marie> Ok what do you want to talk about Polymer??????
.Leigh> We are going to try to keep it informal if the crowd gets unruly we'll lock them up
.Elizabeth> LOL!!!
.Jan> ok!
.marie> LOL!!
PLAYSCLAY> Hi Everyone!
HOWARDSEGAL> who is everyone here tonite
.Leigh> I'm here!
.marie> Hi
PLAYSCLAY> it's me Howard, Helen.
.Jan> I"m Jan Ruhnow
.KathyG> Kathy Gregson
KRISTIE29> kristie goldberg :)
.Claire> Hi, I'm Claire Savastano
.Maggie> Maggie Teasenfitz
.Leigh> Let's go around the room and introduce everyone
> .jake your friendly moderator

.marie> Hi all
.Leigh> Stephen is here too, my friendly slave
HOWARDSEGAL> anyone didn't say hi yet?
.Elizabeth> Ziggy, here.
.marie> Hi Stephen nice to meet you
.Dianne C> Dianne Cook, Hi everyone.
.Stephen> HTML slave
.marie> LOL!!!
.KathyG> LOL
.IceChic> Hi everyone!
BEN286> Hi, sorry, I have never chatted before, not sure what I'm doing!
.Leigh> Love a man that knows his place!
.Stephen> Hi Marie and Howard - nice to meet you!
.KathyG> Welcome Ben
.marie> Good that makes two of us hehe!!
.Leigh> Your' doing fine Ben, just hand in there
HOWARDSEGAL> ((((((((( to everyone ))))))))))
.Leigh> hang, not hand
.Leigh> Typos don't count in chat
PLAYSCLAY> back at cha, Howie!
.Jan> I hear Howard is a good hugger
.Maggie> I heard you give 'incredible' hugs Howard...thanx from a fellow hugger..:)
.marie> Yes he is known for that!!!
.IceChic> Hello Howard and Marie. Nice to see you . I'm so thrilled I actually managed to get on line.
BEN286> I got here because I'm looking for polymer clay push molds.
.marie> Why don't you make your own Ben
BEN286> Care to tell me How?
.KathyG> What kind do you want or make your ow
.KathyG> own
.marie> With Polymer ,sculpt your object and bake
.Leigh> In case there is anyone in the room that doesn't know who Marie and Howard are, they own THE CLAY FACTORY in Calif. And Marie is one of the moset awesome clayers I have ever seen!
.Elizabeth> And she's got GREAT outtakes in her videos!
.marie> and then use armor all and-or baking powder
.KathyG> I second that
.Leigh> Had to say that in case we have any new comers to polymer caly here!
PLAYSCLAY> I agree Leigh! (((())))) to Marie!
.marie> Thanks Leigh
.Leigh> The BEST outtakes!
BEN286> I'm making windchimes. I've been doing an exhaustive search for things to hang them from. Can't find anything on the web so I though I'd make my own. Had my first experience with Sculpy II today
BEN286> and it was wonderful
.marie> Wipe out the excess and press your clay into and pull out and then bake to finish
PLAYSCLAY> Marie, I started the new guild in Toledo. Our first meeting was a play clay day last Saturday.
.marie> The only thing with polymer is the sound not the same as ceramic glass or metal
.Leigh> And as one person who used to think she was a goddess, I have decided that she is just a down right nice person and learning from her is an experience you won't fast forget
.marie> Congratulations
.marie> Good job!!!!! the more the merrier
.IceChic> You know... my son LOVES one of Marie's videos. I think he's watched it about 20 times. (he's two)
.Leigh> LOL, my 4 year old granddaughter loves her videos too!
.marie> Leigh you are making me blush
.Leigh> Well, good!
.Dianne C> Marie, do you have any new videos or books in the works?
.marie> Look at the funny lady with the red hair mom!!!
.marie> I am doing some thing for the Polyform How to page should be stuff up soon!
.Leigh> Oh no, you have to realize that Delaney is very serious about her clay and her videos!
.IceChic> Acuatlly Marie I was wondering if you would like to borrow him. He's really good at cranking things through the pasta machine. (even things he's not suppose to)
HOWARDSEGAL> no more kids
.KathyG> LOL
.Leigh> ROFLL
.marie> LOL!!!!! that's what my kids did with it I had soooooooooo much scrap clay
HOWARDSEGAL> we're gonna have a grandkid next year
.Stephen> congrats!
.marie> Howard is going to be a grandfather
.Leigh> they're the best kind
.Dianne C> Congratulations!
PLAYSCLAY> wow, congratulations!
.Jan> congrats! I have two..
.jake> Marie, you do not have to que your question, please ask direct
.KathyG> Congrats
BEN286> gotta go folks. thanx
.Maggie> ....the reward for having been thru parenting, Howard...I have 10
PLAYSCLAY> I'm going to be a great aunt next March!
.marie> What do you mean Jake
.jake> oops I meant Kadewey, qued a question to me
.jake> please ask openly
.froggie> Marie, I understand you and Howard will be tunning the Ravensdale Store; will anything be different?
.Elizabeth> Bye, Ben! Good luck!
.Leigh> we will do this informal as long as we don't overwhelm Howard and Marie, if it gets to be too much then we will close off the room and ask formal questions
.froggie> running, not tunning
HOWARDSEGAL> i'm the one doing the store
.marie> Yes we are doing the store we will try to keep up the coffee thing too
HOWARDSEGAL> i have to review things from the past and see if any changes will be made
HOWARDSEGAL> but artists that will have things in the store should be more prepared
.marie> well that stopped them Howard
.marie> Kathy Dewey are you here
.Jan> Is there a "virtual store" too? (for us poor souls in Texas :)
.Elizabeth> That's froggie, Marie. ;-)
.marie> Ahhhhhh!
HOWARDSEGAL> that would be a great idea jan
.marie> Hi Kathy!!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> i'll suggest it
.Cathy> Marie Hi Its
.froggie> Hi, Marie.
.Jan> Have credit card..will travel!
.Cathy> Its Cathy Johnston
.KathyG> Marie type /showrn and it will give you the real names
.IceChic> Hi Kathy! Nice to see you! I can only hope I get to go to Ravensdale again. I'm not sure my hubby will be willing.
.marie> Wow I am all messed up sorry
.Leigh> I dont' know if my body will make it into a plane!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> you can do it leigh
.marie> You better!!!!
.KathyG> Well it made it to Shrinemont so a plane is next ;0)
.marie> Shaking finger at you like your mom!!
.Cathy> are we talking about Ravensdale
.Leigh> I'm working on it!!! Don't know, maybe a couple drinks and som e valium
HOWARDSEGAL> yes cathyjonsto
.froggie> Do you have any new cane designs or tips?
.Dianne C> Marie, do you have any spots with Carol Duvall coming up??
.marie> Valium is great worked for me the first time
.Cathy> whatever it takes
.Cathy> thanks Howard
.marie> First the tip ________ get out of this clay thing before you go crazy!!!!
.Stephen> lol
.Cathy> lol
.Maggie> Too late marie...:)
HOWARDSEGAL> we are all addicted
.Leigh> Too late, sanity was never a strong point of mine!
.Dianne C> already gone
.KathyG> Way too late
.froggie> It's not a religion; it's only clay.
.marie> New design- some new cane designs - not yet hehe!!!
.Elizabeth> Heh heh.... too late! For anyone here, anyway! LOL!
HOWARDSEGAL> its my religion
.Elizabeth> It's my religion, too! LOL, Howard!
.marie> New cane designs notyet- new designs some
.Dianne C> Any Carol Duval shows coming up?
HOWARDSEGAL> i gotta go take shasta to work,,,,,, i'll be back....
.froggie> Your canes are so beautifully done; do you sell bulk canes for the non-caner?
.marie> Not that I know of but you could write her!!!! Hehe
.Dianne C> You bet I will.
.marie> I could sell canes but I do them custom
HOWARDSEGAL> and charge alot too
.Jan> Me too..we need more clay on Carol D and other
.IceChic> It's not fair. I dont get Carol Duval. Maybe you could get her to make a video of all her clay guests?
.marie> So no body has the same thing
.marie> See you soon howard
.Maggie> bye <<<<<>>>>>>>>>
.Cathy> see you later Howard
.marie> you are coming back right
.Dianne C> see you soon Howard
.Jan> bye howard
.KathyG> Bye for the time being, Howard
.froggie> Could I get a price quote on a custom cane?
.Bean> Howard...
PLAYSCLAY> bu bye Howard
.Leigh> bye howard see you later
.marie> What do you want?
KRISTIE29> i don't get her show either. bye howard :)
.marie> I don't get the show either
.Bean> hello all.....
.marie> Hi Bean is that you?? Anita
.Jan> Hi Bean
.KathyG> Hi Bean
.Leigh> Hi Bean Welcome
.Bean> sorry i missed's me marie
KRISTIE29> hi bean
.jake> hi bean, guest chat in progress have a seat and welcome
.marie> He will be back
.Jan> Marie..maybe I can afford a slice of your cane? LOL
.Bean> how is everyone tonite?
.marie> as soon as he can
.Cathy> Marie I missed you at the northwest clay camp
.marie> I missed you too!!! I wanted to go sooooooo bad I love that one
.marie> My canes aren't that high of price really
.Leigh> What is coming up for you next in the way of Teaching Marie?
.Jan> you have any new videos coming out soon? (I'll talk to you email re: your canes :))
.marie> HIA
.froggie> Is HIA in Anaheim again?
.marie> I don't know about the videos right now -have several things in mind though
.marie> Yes it is!!! I am sooooooooo excited I get to take my own car!!!
.Bean> it'll be loads of fun
.Leigh> ROFL, does that mean you get to pack what ever you want to bring?
.marie> ]Ok Jan sounds good to me
.marie> Yes but riding with three others
.marie> have to still go compact
.Elizabeth> Don't let LEIGH pack for you!
.Bean> is howard going too?
.Leigh> LOl ZIggy! nad!!!
.marie> He will be there Saturday and sunday I think
.froggie> What's an average day like for you?
.KathyG> Leigh brings the kitchen sink!
SEEKSWISDOM> Greetings all!
.marie> I saw that!!
.Bean> hi seeks
.Elizabeth> Hello, Seeks!
.Leigh> I did better in Conneticut
.marie> But it was nice for me since I couldn't bring all that stuff
.marie> If I needed something I went to Leigh
.KathyG> Hi seeks
.Leigh> LOL See, I knew someone would need it!
.Leigh> Marie, do you have anything left from the first canes you ever made?
.marie> sorry froggie
.marie> what did you say!
.marie> Yes Leigh I do
.Leigh> and how long ago was that first cane?
.marie> I can't remember!
.Leigh> well, about?
.froggie> What's an average day like for you?
.marie> No the first cane I did was for my watermelon kids
.marie> I am on the phone on line and doing clay all at the same time
.Kathy> Hi everyone...Hi Marie! Took me forever to get here..
.Cathy> you are good
.Dianne C> How many hours per day do you clay??
.froggie> Sounds like a C&W song.
.Leigh> Do you have a headset for the phone?
.marie> Had to be in the mid 80's I didn't know it was caning
.marie> 2 to 8
.marie> Hrs
.marie> Who is this Kathy
.KathyG> Hi Kathy
.Kathy> Clay57,
.Bean> hi kathy.. it's bean
.Kathy> Hi all...
.Kathy> ANITA??
PLAYSCLAY> Hi Kathy!!!!! It's Helen!
.KathyG> There are three of us on here
.Bean> yep
.Kathy> Hi Helen!
.Kathy> Sorry I'm arriving so late, took me about 20 minutes to get here for some reason
SEEKSWISDOM> must go, gotta cook.
.Cathy> Hi are you three in the Detroit Guild
.Bean> how are ya?
PLAYSCLAY> yup - in the Detroit, National, Sandusky and Toledo guilds.
.Kathy> I'm good! How's everyone else?
.Dianne C> Marie, are you working with Premo bleached translucent??
.Cathy> I'm Sue Kelseys sister
.Bean> wow helen
.marie> Yes I love it
.Kathy> HI KATHY!!@!!
.Patty Barnes> Hi All!!!! :_) Happy to see you!!!
.marie> LOL!!!!!
.froggie> Have you finished exploring vessels made of Liquid Sculpey constructed from molds?
.KathyG> Hi Patty
.Leigh> You mean CFC 06
.marie> Hi Patty
.Leigh> Sues Sister!!! I've heard about you!!!!
.marie> Not yet!
.Cathy> Hi Leigh
.Dianne C> How have you been using the CFC 06?
.Cathy> I hope it was all good
.Bean> helen...what about the columbus guild?
KRISTIE29> helen, i was hoping to join your toledo guild, but i'm just a little too far away :(
.marie> It's the same 06 is not on the retail market
.Dianne C> Also, Marie, could you tell a little about your work with TLS and vessels, or is it too early to do so??
PLAYSCLAY> Where are you located Kristie?
.Bean> kristie....where are you?
.marie> I am not there yet
KRISTIE29> in springfield
.Leigh> I'd like to remind everyone that we are in an informal Chat with Marie Segal, we want to try not to bombard her with too many quetions at the same time
.Dianne C> How is is it different??
.marie> Jody Bishel is the queen and I will probably do that in my class at Ravensdale
PLAYSCLAY> We had one person come in from Lima.
.Bean> you mean springfield between dayton and columbus?
.Patty Barnes> Hi Marie, met you at Lone Star Retreat (2nd time) sat as close to you as I could get! Want your talent to rub off on me...:-)
KRISTIE29> yes bean :)
.marie> LOL!!!!!! it is really just practice Patty
.Dianne C> Yes, Jody is fantastic and a good teacher, just like you!
.KathyG> Hi Sue
PLAYSCLAY> Kristie - are you close enough for the Columbus guild?
.Leigh> Jody will be here in chat soon also!
.Bean> kristie.. i live in dayton
.marie> How is what different Dianne?
.Kathy> Cathy Johnson...are you coming to retreat?
.marie> Oh goody!
.Dianne C> Jody will be here 12/3!!
.marie> Oh darn
.Leigh> Excelent
.Dianne C> Marie, how is the CFC 06 different?
.Patty Barnes> Marie, where do you see the future of polymer clay going?
.marie> I was hoping she was coming tonight
KRISTIE29> sort of.. only i can't seem to get a babysitter. oh wow bean we're almost neighbors!
.Cathy> No I can't make the retreatthis year
.Leigh> Marie, are you comfy with the questions being thrown at you this way?
.marie> AHHHHHH That is a big one Patty
.Kathy> Darn! Sorry to hear that..
.Cathy> Cause I am saving up for Ravensdale
.marie> 06 is bleaches is premo bleach is all the same
.Kathy> Lucky you (Ravensdale!)
.Elizabeth> It's the same as the Premo translucent at the store, then?
.marie> I see it becoming one of the staples of the art and craft market with us making history as we speak!
.Dianne C> I do too!! CFC 06 is my favorite translucent. Hands down.
.PatrickOrTreat> Marie, you own The Clay Factory located in CA.?
.marie> No the Premo trans at the store is not the same as 06 bleached or premo bleached
.Kathy> I agree....and I think we're lucky to be a part of it all.
.Bean> i see more and more polymer projects being printed in craft magazines and more book being printed
.Jan> the O6 is much more transluscent when baked
.KathyG> Definitely
.marie> And more books are coming and everything is moving forward
.Dianne C> Marie, I am amazed at its translucency!
.Jan> great stuff!!!
.Leigh> the 06 also tends to give your finished product a better shine
.marie> I am too!!!!!!
.Kathy> Marie, are you doing another video in the near future?
.marie> I am hoping too!
.Dianne C> I am using it with pressed cool
.marie> but don't know when
.Ron Shuboney> Hi everybody
.Kathy> We do, too!!
.Leigh> Patrick, Yes, that is the same Marie!!!
.marie> or with who hehe
.KathyG> Hi Ron
PLAYSCLAY> sounds neat Dianne
.Kathy> boy, oh, boy, now you got us going!
.Kathy> How ya been, bean?
.KathyG> Leigh, do you see how many folks are on here tonight?
.PatrickOrTreat> Marie> What are your thoughts opn the demise of Promat and do you have any left.
.Ron Shuboney> Wow, I think we set a new record for attendance tonight =D
.Leigh> Yes I do KathyG
.marie> Yes I do have some promat left
.marie> but it is very old and olive
.Bean> busy!!!!! I have a show over thanksgiving weekend that I have to prep for
.Patty Barnes> And Marie showed us how to drop the hot baked clay into ice water to increase the translucent
.PatrickOrTreat> I'll buy it all!!
.marie> By Anita
.marie> OK
KRISTIE29> wheres your show bean?
.froggie> Best set that Promat aside for Patrick; he is one hellava sculptor.
.Kathy> I have a show this week end, and haven't done anything new. Tams show went really, really well!
.Dianne C> Oh, Marie, thank you for that trick!! Absolutely wonderful!
.marie> I learned that from Ginny Bezinge in Chicago
.Bean> i'm not leaving quite yet marie....
.PatrickOrTreat> My hat tips to you as well Froggie.
.Bean> it's at Hara Arena.. a 3 dayer
.marie> Oh! ok sorry just trying to keep up with everything
.Leigh> For those who have just gotten here, MARIE SEGAL is our guest, we are running the chat in an informatl way and hope to have everyone keep the cross talk down until the end of the chat
.Dianne C> Ginny does some marvelous work with glitter and bleached premo
.Kathy> WOW!! At Hara, that should be a big one!
.Ron Shuboney> o k a y . . .
.Kathy> Sorry...didn't mean to interrupt
.Cathy> bye all I need to go
.Cathy> by sis
.Bean> hopefully some day with all teh technology.. we can have "Live show and tell" chats
KRISTIE29> oh wow.. i bet that is going to be big Anita!
.KathyG> Bye Cathy
.marie> Sorry you guys you are dealing with the computer disabled
.Leigh> We are trying this new format, in stead of locking down the room because it gives people a chance to make teh guest feel more at home!
.marie> By Cathy
.froggie> Does Polyform have an new products coming soon?
.Bean> by cathy
.marie> Yes I am sure they do
.PatrickOrTreat> Marie> How often are you in the store? I would love to come by and meet you some time.
> .jake passes out taffy to the crowd..:)

.Dianne C> Marie, is there a possibility of doing colors with bleached premo??
.marie> I am here every day till about 2 and then I have to play taxi for my kids
.Dianne C> I mean polyform coming out with bleached colors?
.marie> Yes you put them in your pasta machine and mix them
.KathyG> LOL
.marie> he he just kidding I have away to do it very fast!
.Dianne C> 8 >)
.Bean> leigh... i think you have done a marvelous job with this chat and the forum...clapping madly
.KathyG> That's what I was thinking
.Leigh> Thank you Bean!!!
.marie> Thank you leigh
.Jan> you have a favorite technique with clay?
.marie> all of them but I have to say caning is my first love
.Kathy> ditto
.marie> Sorry Dianne I didn't mean to sound abrupt
.Elizabeth> You've sure taught a bunch of us! Did you ever think you'd see Marie Segal roses everywhere you looked? *g*
.marie> But you can mix the colors very fast using
.Dianne C> You're Advanced tapes are sheer inspiration! (You weren't.)
.Dianne C> Oh, no, I meant ...
.Leigh> Well, they are in compitition with the SincereLEIGH Rose!!!
.Kathy> LOLOL~~~ Marie, that is so true! Your canes are every where~
.marie> a method similar to the skinner shade
.Dianne C> that you were not abrupt. Whew.
KRISTIE29> i really wish i could cane.. i've tried and it just doesn't work :)
.Dianne C> color me BLUSH!
.Leigh> Marie, don't worry about Dianne, she's just like US!!!
.marie> I can teach you Kristie
.Bean> marie has taught me more than clay techniques which I'm sure y'all that have met her have experirnced
.froggie> Alcohol based dyes, such as Dupont, only slightly diluted has wonderful affect on baked Premo.
.Dianne C> Whew, Leigh, (I say bright fushia-color!)
.Kathy> I know..that's why I wondered about the new video, the first ones are wonderful!
.Joanie> What sort of affect froggie?
.marie> Thank you! I am very proud of them! but I hate watching them
.marie> Yeah froggie what??
.froggie> Translucents become colored translucents and look like stained glass. Can even buff.
.PatrickOrTreat> Marie> Who produced the videos for you and where can you find them?
.Dianne C> I love you outtakes too. Are you working with alcoholbased dyes ??
.marie> Can the Guest ask questions hehe!!????
.Leigh> Gee, I think the CLAY FACTORY has them!
.jake> yes please do
.Joanie> you have a NEW video Marie? (clapping) what's the subject?
.marie> I carry them hehe and Mindstorm made them
.Leigh> Of course another reason for the informal setting
.Bean> ask away marie
.marie> Where do you get them Froggie
.KathyG> KathyD, what are the Dupont dyes used for?
.marie> No No new videos
.Dianne C> Oh, man, here I go, spending more money! Dupont dyes are found??
.marie> not yet anyway!
.Joanie> bummer... Can't blame a gal for trying
.froggie> I found a catalogue source on line. They're non salt silk paints. Dilute with alcohol and water.
.froggie> I'll go look for the catalogue.
.Dianne C> Oh, man, I just gave a bunch of those away!!! aaggghhh.
.Kathy> sounds interesting. you use them with transparent clay?
.Dianne C> (See what happens when you are too organized?)
.marie> I hate that!
.KathyG> Dianne, never give away anything! Somebody will find a way to use it with clay ;0)
.marie> That's true
.Dianne C> =(
.Jan> Can yoMarie..can you elaborate on the technique you mentioned for mixing...similar to the Skinner blend?
.froggie> Can't find it, but will post when I do.
.Leigh> so many different directions to take Polymer Clay, you can't throw out anything!
.marie> Did you write this yet Leigh
.Dianne C> Thanks, KADewey. Look forward to your post.
.Leigh> No, I have a couple to do first then that one will be done with photos
.marie> Can I just give it quick?
.Leigh> Sure!
.Dianne C> Please, please do....
.marie> You take a double sheet of trans
.Jan> bowing down to Marie
.Leigh> My putting on the web site is for reference!!!
.marie> about 2' high you can do more but just to start
.Leigh> You are the teacher of this one!!! And it's so much fun
.marie> and cut it as if you are doing a multiple shade with different colors but no color
.marie> Are you getting this soo far
.froggie> You mean a diagonal cut?
.Jan> yes
.Dianne C> yep
.Kathy> got it
.KathyG> Yes
.Leigh> the cuts look like a WW
.marie> Yeah trianle that fit together
.Leigh> the only straight lines are on either side, the others are diagonal
.marie> Roll small tubes of different colors and place a different one between each trianglwe
.marie> trianglwe- that is a special triangle
.Jan> :)
.marie> Used only for this technique
.Jan> another blooper
.Joanie> you rascalwe wabbit
.marie> and then you send the pad of colors and the trans through the pasta machine 20 to 25 times on a #1 setting
.Dianne C> agghhh, I 'm so large a tube?? How many tringlwes?
.Leigh> Dianne, I will be up on the web site
.froggie> Make a rectangle, cut a "V" in the center, line the "V" with colored sheets?
.marie> The colors will not mix and then you cut them apart and tada you have blended multiple colors
.Jan> very cool! I'll have to try that! Thanks tons Marie!
.marie> No you are using small tubes of color inbetween the triangles
.Dianne C> Gorgeous!
.Dianne C> rolled hollow tubes?
.froggie> How are you making the last cut?
.marie> And the amount of triangles is up to you!
.Joanie> Is there a finished sample up anywhere online?
.Leigh> think of a WORM of color that slides between the edges of the translucent!
.marie> no just little canes of colors
.Dianne C> got it!
HOWARDSEGAL> are you making this as marie is telling you how?
.marie> Thank you leigh
.marie> LOL!!
.Leigh> Welcome!!!
.Jan> I can't roll and type at the same time ...yet
.marie> Leigh is going to write this up for PCC
.Joanie> Leigh!! and you have time for chatting!!
.Leigh> I have to get the kids Leaf class up first then the this one! Then the CLEANING the pasta machine one
.Dianne C> I will be practicing tomorrow while my students work on their maps (grinning wickedly).
.froggie> The blended slices are at 90 degress to the sheet?
.marie> I am going to teach it this year and all my layering things that look like glass on my web page have it in it
.Leigh> ROFL Joanie
.Jan> I need to run...had a root canal and it's pain pill time! Thanks SO much marie and howard! I've logged this and will email if anyone needs it. G'night!
.Jan> and thanks jake n leigh :)
HOWARDSEGAL> nighty jan
.Leigh> Night jan feel better
.Joanie> Ouchie... take care Jan!
.marie> Plain english Kathy
.marie> Night Jan
.KathyG> Nite Jan
.marie> The colors run straight up and down
.Dianne C> I wondered and wondered about those things on your web!
.klew> nighty nite Jan
HOWARDSEGAL> cool aren't they dianne
.marie> Premo cfc trans bleached really did it
.froggie> Are you cutting straight down along the length of the sheet to get the blends?
.Dianne C> Very, Howard!
.marie> Which sheet?
.Leigh> Kathy just bought me 96 bars of it!
BUEGE> What is the address of your web page?
.marie> just the plain trans???
.froggie> The one you ran through the pasta machine.
.marie> Yes but they are separate from each other
HOWARDSEGAL> then go to marie segals gallery
.froggie> Got it.
HOWARDSEGAL> then to marie in 99
HOWARDSEGAL> ofcourse you can also look at the rest of the pictures too
BUEGE> Had to write that down. Thanks Howard!
.marie> You can mix a lot of colors at a time in the 7"
.marie> and more in the 9"
.froggie> 9"?
HOWARDSEGAL> that one is only 7-1/2 wide
.marie> Tom has done 13 in the 7" pasta machine
.marie> OH!
.Joanie> The way I understand it.. you lay your sheet of clay down... Cut a v in it from the two top corners to the bottom center... leave them laying there, but open them up.. then put little ropes of color
.Joanie> between the pieces and butt them back together? Do you then fold and roll, fold and roll like the skinner blend?
.marie> The atlas 7"
.Dianne C> Even with 13, the colors don't mix??
HOWARDSEGAL> but makes it thicker
.KathyG> Howard, are you labeling the CFC 06 with a permenant label? I have a block I can't tell it it's O6 or the other. The little sticker fell off.
.Leigh> that's it Joanie
.marie> No they don't mix
.Dianne C> amazing!
.Elizabeth> That's way too cool!!
HOWARDSEGAL> there are some that have no labels at all , some i put the lable on . and now polyform pout a label on it
.Joanie> neat.. gonna try this tomorrow!
.marie> Joanie you can do more than just 1 v
.marie> WWWWW
HOWARDSEGAL> so on the new batch it will say translucent w/bleach
.Joanie> I see, thanks!
.marie> VVVV
.Leigh> Well, the colors mix if the sheet of clay falls back on itself while the electric pasta machine is runnign!
.marie> Then the tubes of color go where the lines of the v are
.Leigh> Ah, Yes, the VVVVVV work better!
.KathyG> That's the problem. I got some from Leigh at Shrinemont and I know two of them are O6 but not which ones ;0)
.Leigh> A different color worm between each seam
.marie> Don't do that Leigh
.Dianne C> tubes go parallel to sides of triangles??
HOWARDSEGAL> line them up next to eachother kathy
HOWARDSEGAL> the ones with bleach appear mor white
.marie> Yup you may have to cut off a half inch of the sheet to start too!
.marie> the original trans sheet
.KathyG> OK, I'll do that
.Leigh> Kathy, teh CFC has a slightly violet tint
.Dianne C> what will happen if you put a different color between each seam??
.Leigh> the trans is slightly towards amber
.marie> You will get different colors of trans
.marie> That's actually what you want to do Dianne
HOWARDSEGAL> and the new batch of bleached trans is even whiter
.marie> Then you can mix several colors of trans at a time
.Dianne C> okay dokey.
.Elizabeth> Heh heh... you're racking up orders, now! LOL! Say "clearer" to a bunch of clayers, and brace yourself for the stampede!
.Dianne C> oh, man, now I have to go order more bleached!!
.marie> It is way fast and you don't have to hurt your hands to mix it and it is more Trans
.Leigh> Hey, I'm always pushing CFC!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> lol eliz..........
HOWARDSEGAL> it is clearer!!
.KathyG> That's what we've been wanting
.Leigh> I've done a zillion tests on every translucent on the market and CFC is teh clearest
.Elizabeth> How will we know when you're shipping the 'new' batch, Howard? *g*
.froggie> Is the bleached still very soft?
.marie> My beads look like glass
.Dianne C> oh, great minds...zig.
HOWARDSEGAL> just ask for it eliz
.marie> We are out of the last
.marie> aren't we???
.Leigh> And it gives everything just a little more shine than any other clay, IMHO
.Dianne C> ok, Marie has now turned me bright green!! Glass!!
.Elizabeth> Woohoo.... I don't have to worry about timing then! LOL!
HOWARDSEGAL> i still have 24 of the old batch left
.marie> And while the bead is hot out of the oven throw it in ice water and it will clear out more
.KathyG> We'll just remember to ask you for the new stuff
.froggie> And reduce plaquing and cracking. ZDEEBEE> moldz head to cieling ...
HOWARDSEGAL> yeah and make sure i write it down too
.Elizabeth> Three years from now, those 24 will still be there, lonely, forgotten. LOL!
.Dianne C> Marie, Have you used the bleached with mokume gane ?? Does it also give m,ore depth??
.Leigh> People, I believe this is the biggest chat we have had, we are teetering between 27 and 28 people!!!! WOW
.marie> Yes it is the same and better in Mokume
.marie> More surface area to see
.Joanie> Naw.... they can pawn em off on those who were to dumb to come to the chat Zig!
HOWARDSEGAL> i would think that would depend on what you were doing with it
.marie> Whoa really
.Patty> Marie, how much is the Jones tones ls per foot? & can you transfer the holographic one?
.KathyG> LOL
.Joanie> I was JUST gonna ask the same thing Dianne!
.Leigh> You guys are a great draw!!!
.marie> The Holo has to be done with TLS
.froggie> If you're a sculptor, you're going to want the older stuff.
.Leigh> I think we need to get you in here more often!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> we should do it again leigh?
.KathyG> Remember the Absolute, Marie?
.marie> LOL!!!!!!! GMTA
HOWARDSEGAL> all i have in the jt foil is the asst pack right now
.Leigh> How about January???
.marie> yes!!!! boy do I ever
.marie> Hehe!!! that was sooooooooooo funny
.Elizabeth> I just did some MG beads that really DO look like glass! I love them!
.Dianne C> I haven't used Jones is it different from magic leaf??
.klew> Geez, am I glad that I didnt order last month, now that I am out, I'll be calling you guys tomorrow! Thas if I can get through!
.Leigh> LOL
.marie> Magic leaf is leaf and Jones tones is foil Pigment suspended on mylar
.Dianne C> It comes off the mylar??
.marie> HI Klewie
.Patty> Howie, how much comes in the asstd pack? Cost?
.marie> Yes it does
.Joanie> I've been really into that transparent caning technique lately... gonna have to try it with the bleached.
HOWARDSEGAL> 12 sheets $10.00
.klew> Hi marie and Howie
.marie> It works great Joanie
.froggie> Are you using the JOnes Tones in your Mokume Gane?
.Joanie> :o}
.marie> Yes
.Elizabeth> Joanie, careful! It'll talk you out of your fimo-addict-for-life status!
BUEGE> Hi Klew! Remember me? We just exchanged emails. I am loving my texture plates.
HOWARDSEGAL> new item: texture plates this week too
.Joanie> No, no... I truly love the fimo. But there are real uses for a clearer translucent.. and I would be a fool not to take advantage of one.
.KathyG> Oh, really. Sounds interesting Howard
.klew> Marie was kind enougto demo the Mokume' and JT tech at our retreat earlier this year and it was a big hit!
.marie> Thank you Klewie
.Patty> Did she use the wavy blade too?
.klew> OOOHHHH yes!!!!!
.marie> I use the wavy blade on everything
.marie> LOL!!!!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> her favorite blade
.klew> watch out howie
.Elizabeth> I just ordered a wavy blade... dunno what to do with it, but, I will have one, if ever I get a clue! :-)
.KathyG> Like minds, Jlew
.marie> best 2$ tool you will ever have
.Leigh> She can make a pile of waste clay into a masterpiece in ten seconds flat!
.Joanie> I'd LOVE to see someone using the wavy blade. Do a wavy blade tape Marie!!
.PatrickOrTreat> Nite all. I'll be by to get the rest of your propmat asap.
HOWARDSEGAL> add that to your vidoe list marie
.Dianne C> oh, Marie can you briefly explain how you make the cuts with the wavy..
.marie> LOL!!!!!! I probably could now there are enough techs with it
.KathyG> Nite Patrick
.Leigh> Nite Patrick
.Joanie> I'm completely serious... I want one!!
.marie> You cut into the dead face of the cane
.klew> that blade really incredible for many, many things.....
.Dianne C> I have been using it for lace on clothes, etc. But what about mokume gane?
.KathyG> Wonderful on mokume
.Joanie> dead face? you the side of the log?
.marie> You stack layers very thin and cut into the dead face of the block
.marie> yes
.Leigh> Do you want to put that up on the web with the other transparent lesson Marie?
.marie> and you can cut into yucky canes that is always interesting
.KathyG> Please!!!
.klew> Marie have ucky canes???hahahahahahah
.marie> I think I will have to get back to you on that one just now ok?????
.marie> Everyone has yucky canes
.Joanie> ok, ok... I see I'm going to have for little else but clay experimentatin tomorrow.
.Leigh> No problem
.marie> But probably
.Joanie> LOLOL!! See how excited I am? I'm leaving words out and can't spell
.Maggie> I have to scoot and send hubby off to work. **HUGGLES* everyone..nite
.marie> LOL!!!! Joanie!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> nit maggie
.KathyG> Nite Maggie
.marie> Nite Maggie thank you for coming to see me!!!! LONEWOLF25> nite maggie
.Joanie> And THEN you LAUGH at me??? You're a cruel woman Marie!
.marie> And Howard
.emilyc> i'm interested in trying something with these translucents. i have the fimo, but it sounds like i'll want to try the other stuff everyone keeps talking about.
.marie> I loved you are going into the zone tomorrow???????
.klew> evenin'
.Joanie> I'm always zoned out Marie... oops... that not the same thing is it.
.Dianne C> zone?
.KathyG> Yes, Emily. Lots of difference in translucency
.marie> I loved it I mean hehe!!! I am really not one to critizie you sea!!!
.ELangsner> Hi, just found out about the chat. With the time differences I guess I missed most of it
.Joanie> the zen-clay zone!! Yes!
.emilyc> is it the cfc06?
.Joanie> LOLOL!
.KathyG> Yes
.emilyc> i'll have to get some. thanks.
.marie> Double bleached ,Premo bleached, Premo 06 is all the same
HOWARDSEGAL> it wont have the cfc lable on it anymore
.marie> but you can only find it a few place hehe
.klew> Marie, what grits sandpaper do you use prior to buffing, and do you wet sand when warm?
.marie> No wet sand warm
.marie> up to 800,1000,1500 depends on how I feel
.Dianne C> do you use sealer?
.Kathy> what labe
.Joanie> no... you don't wet sand warm?
.marie> No not on the sanded stuff
.Kathy> what lable will it have?
.KathyG> Hi Kathy
.klew> well, hubby is home gotta go everyone take care!
.Dianne C> how do you smooth the fingermarks or bumps off vessels, etc.?
.marie> No I don't wet sand warm
.Leigh> Nite Kewl
.Leigh> Klew
.marie> By Klew say Hi to Carl
.Joanie> do you use warm water?
.Kathy> Hi Kathy
HOWARDSEGAL> bye bye klewie
.Elizabeth> Bye, Karen!
.klew> ok,,,talk at you first thing be ready!
.KathyG> Bye Klew
.marie> I don['t have any finger prints Dianne
HOWARDSEGAL> you don't?
.Dianne C> Sure sure Marie.
.ELangsner> Glad to see you got home OK Klew
.marie> LOL!!!!!!!
.Leigh> Marie had her fingerprints surgically removed!
.marie> No sanded them off
HOWARDSEGAL> that hurts
.Dianne C> Geez, now I am chartruese. aggh, can't spell!
.marie> You can do it your self
.Leigh> LOL hey, taht hurts, I've done that many times
.marie> jsut kidding donnot do this at home
BUEGE> I know what you mean. Mine are gone too.
.Julia> Hi MARIE AND Howard! *hugs Marie*
.marie> HI!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> wheres my hug julia
.Dianne C> now, seriously, I have to wear gloves (allergy to the pc) but I still get the darn bumps
.Julia> I don't know where those caps came from. :)
.marie> How are you haven't had a chance to write tis the season you know
.emilyc> ok, sorry to harp on this ; i missed part of the chat. if i'm interested in the bleached translucent, what do i ask for?
.Julia> *hugs Howard bigtime*
.Diane B.> Leigh, only been able to look in every few minutes . . . fixing dinner, now have to run to school meeting. How do I get a log of the *whole* chat?
.Joanie> Mine are melted off I keep popping hot rocks outta the oven, straight to the sink... sans hotpad
.Dianne C> bumps on the pc
.marie> Bleached Translucent
.emilyc> thank
HOWARDSEGAL> emilyc that IS what you ask for
.Elizabeth> Diane, I'll send you one, if you email me.
.Leigh> Email and put SEGAL CHAT in the subject
.Diane B.> Thanks, Elizabeth . . . what's your e-mail address?
.Julia> I'd like onetoo, since I'm so late. Who do I email?
.Diane B.> OK, thanks.
.Elizabeth> Joanie, the "suffering for our art" isn't supposed to be done in burns!
.Leigh> I'll send you a log when I've got it edited
.Julia> Ah, thank you L:eigh. :)
BUEGE> Good night everyone! Thanks for so much great info. Kids want phone now.
.marie> LOL!!!!!! tell them no!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> what you gonna edit leigh
.marie> All the nasty language
.Leigh> The dirty mesages I'm sending to Stephen!
.Joanie> she's gonna edit all my silly chatter
.marie> LOL!!!!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> i didn't see those
.Elizabeth> Howard, she edits out all her typos and puts them in someone else's words.!
.Julia> Marie, my kitties say hi! :)
.Julia> You can edit that, Leigh. :D
.marie> Hi Kitties!!!!!! Waving~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
.KathyG> Well, folks, this has been wonderful but I've got to get ready for work. Hugs everyone and do come back Marie and Howard. This was fun!
HOWARDSEGAL> i'm sure we will
.Elizabeth> Bye, Kat!!
HOWARDSEGAL> bye kathyg
.marie> Bye Kathy!!!!!!!!!!!
.Leigh> by kathy
.marie> Well did everyone leave?????
.Dianne C> heck, no.
.ELangsner> This is the first time I have found a chat, do they all start on EST
.jake> lol 22 left
.marie> LOL!!!! just checking
KATHYCLAY57> Hi Marie, I'm back
.Elizabeth> It really was just super of you two to join us... we had 29 people at one point!
.Leigh> We work on Eastern, but we are going to be starting them later
HOWARDSEGAL> hi katthclay57
KATHYCLAY57> What's up?
.marie> I am flattered by this Thank you all
HOWARDSEGAL> nuttn honey
.Patty> Marie, what all do you use ArmourAll for?
.marie> Mold release
KATHYCLAY57> lololol
.Leigh> Marie, this is one of the biggest and best chats we've had!!!
KATHYCLAY57> That's cuz it's Marie and Howard!
HOWARDSEGAL> how many people can you get in this chat
.Elizabeth> You sure handled the barrage of questions, well!
.Elizabeth> As many as show up, believe it or not.
.Leigh> we don't know what the limit is, we are surprised each time
SUESSTHINGS> and pets, too!
.marie> Thanks it wasn't as bad as I thought is there anyone that didn't get answered????
.Leigh> I think you did wonderful Marie!!!
.Leigh> And howard was terrific too!
.Kathy> yup what is the cfc in now?/
.Leigh> Have about scheduling another one in January????
.marie> Both
.ELangsner> Marie I just covered a pen with a dry thin cover, naturally it cracked. I thought it looked good, but maybe others wouldn't . so am baking with translucent in the cracks. Think it will work?
HOWARDSEGAL> what you mean kathy
.marie> Or Tls over it
.Kathy> what is the cfc wrapped in now if not the premo wrap?
.Patty> I've been in lots of chats and this one was SUPER!!!PLEASE come back to visit soon.
.marie> Premo wrapped
.Julia> i'd like to be around for the whole thing next time too!
.marie> I think January would be good but in the early part ok????
HOWARDSEGAL> the cfc is premo
.Kathy> but no more cfc06 sticker?
.Leigh> I would like to start the guest chats at 9 or 10 eastern next time
.marie> No it is premo wrapped no label to signify color
.Dianne C> No problem, we'll get you all scheduled.
.Leigh> Kewl!
.marie> That sounds good for me too!!
HOWARDSEGAL> the bleached now will have label that says it is premo trans with bleach
.Kathy> oki thanks Marie
.Linda> hi marie and howie and everyone
.marie> Oh really Howard????
.Patty> Marie, are brushing the Holo with TLS then baking? Or removing the mylar first?
HOWARDSEGAL> yes i look at it this afternoon
.Kathy> Howard, that is fantastic
.ELangsner> 9or 10 eastern would be 10 or 11 Arizona time, Kinda late
HOWARDSEGAL> and it has that lable polyform put it on for me
.Joanie> I gotta go too. I did enjoy the chat & you've got me all fired up to play tomorrow. I'm so jealous of people who get to come to your claydays!
.marie> brushing then baking it is a very thin coat!!! after baked you roll of the mylar
.KADewey> Totally off topic, will you be coming to Austin soon?
HOWARDSEGAL> bye joanie
.Leigh> Go in the other directrion E
.marie> By Joanie!!!
.Elizabeth> Nope, it would be 6pm CA time, EL.
.marie> Come to clay day
.Julia> No, it would be 7 or 8 Arizona time, EL
.Joanie> time I'm in town. I will come to your next chat though! Byeee
.Elizabeth> We were ALLLLLLLL doing the math in our heads! LOL!
SUESSTHINGS> Thanks so much!
.marie> I don't know Kathy maybe when oldest has her baby!!
.ELangsner> 7 or 8 is good. Thanks for the correction.
.Leigh> I am time zone impaired, but I know i'm usually early!
HOWARDSEGAL> which won't be till july
.Patty> I second Froggie's question, will you be coming to Austin or Houston any time in the near future?
SUESSTHINGS> Bye everybody!
.marie> Do you want me to come?????
HOWARDSEGAL> maybe there should be a workshop in july in tex as
.Leigh> Bye Sue
.KADewey> Howard, don't you have a daughter who's going to UT?
.Kathy> Bye sue
.Elizabeth> Night, Sue!
HOWARDSEGAL> she stopped going
KATHYCLAY57> Bye sue
HOWARDSEGAL> changed her mind
.marie> That's the one Kathy but they are coming out here for Christmas
.KADewey> Rats, You coulda all been here.
.marie> Is the texas area having a retreat this year???
.Patty> Are there any plans to market the TLS & LS in the retail market?
.marie> Maybe
HOWARDSEGAL> well, maybe
.KADewey> Don't know; prolly not because of Ravensdale.
.marie> Hehe!!
.Leigh> Well, it has been 2 hours and I would say that the formal part of this chat is over! And I thank Marie and Howard, and invite them to stick around if they like and chat!!!
.marie> Well I will see you at ravensdale right????
.Julia> Heh! That was cute, you two.:D
.KADewey> I'll be there.
.marie> LOL!!!!!!
.KADewey> But no late nights this time.
.Patty> Marie, our ittle NEW guild in Corpus Christi will plan 1 when we grow some more. OK? You come then, deal?
HOWARDSEGAL> yeah right kathy
.ELangsner> Anyone going to Sant Fe in March?
.Leigh> The time goes by awful fast when you are enjoying something like this!
.marie> Yeah right Kathy you staying in a different dorm??????
.Elizabeth> LOL!!!
.KADewey> I'm bringing a tent.
.jake> gotta run folks
.marie> Ok Patty
.Leigh> thank you Jake
.Elizabeth> Bye, Jake! Thanks!
.marie> By Jake thank you!!!!!
.Julia> bye jake :)
.jake> your welcome, if I keep moderating I am going to have to make something clay
.marie> LOL!!!!!! Kathy I requested you stay with me
HOWARDSEGAL> she can't i am
.KADewey> And where's Howard going to sleep?
.Leigh> We'll get him claying one of these days
> .jake waves to all and leaves the porta bar open for all to enjoy
.marie> LOL!!!!!!! you don't do clay yet jake????
HOWARDSEGAL> or do i get my own room
.jake> leigh can explain
.Dianne C> Bye Jake, say hi to Deb.
.marie> OK!
.marie> Kathy not in the same room just the same apartment
HOWARDSEGAL> wooo hooo i get my own room
.marie> LOL!!!!
.marie> No you don't howard
.Leigh> no midnight visitors, Howard!
.KADewey> Dustin will will be there this year, I think.
HOWARDSEGAL> party in my room
.marie> Oh good!!
.marie> Not to the party in your room Howard
LENNARD> you all must be talking about ravensdale!
.KADewey> I've got a list of some of the teachers, still waiting for the rest.
.marie> Yes we are you are going right
.Julia> Ravensdale... *sigh* I so want to go!
.emilyc> have a good night. thanks for the info.
.Leigh> Nite emily
.marie> Bye Emily
.KADewey> Night, Emily.
HOWARDSEGAL> bye emily
.marie> you are welcome
KATHYCLAY57> Bye Emily
.Kathy> bye emily
LENNARD> yep, i'm teaching again
.marie> Who are you???
.KADewey> Hey, Marie, can I comission a series of canes, according to my design?
.marie> LOL!!!!!!!
.Leigh> lol
.marie> Sure Kathy
LENNARD> ah marie, how soon they forget....
.marie> That's one Linda
HOWARDSEGAL> she doesn't know lennard
LENNARD> tee hee
LENNARD> lennard is my childhood nickname given to me by my little sister
.KADewey> Reduced and all. That's where I mess up.
.marie> Yes I could do it for you
HOWARDSEGAL> i charge alot tho
.marie> But I don't Kathy
.KADewey> That's alright, Howard.
HOWARDSEGAL> she has to buy it from me
.marie> Depends on what they are really
.Leigh> I don't charge as much as either of them!
HOWARDSEGAL> you should leigh
.KADewey> Roses and rose buds and leaves. Graded red on black.
.Kathy> not yet right Leigh
.KADewey> three canes.
.Dianne C> G'night Marie and Howard. It has been a pleasure meeting you both!! I look forward to chatting with you again in January!
.Leigh> Right, Not yet!
HOWARDSEGAL> nighty dianne
.marie> By Dianne thanks for coming to the chat!!!
.Julia> night Dianne!
.Elizabeth> Night, Dianne!
.marie> Shouldn't be a p0roblem or expensive draw it and color it for me
.Kathy> night Diane
.KADewey> I have this Rat that needs a rose covered shawl.
.Leigh> LOL that sounds really kewl!
.marie> LOL!!!!!! that will be great!!!!!
.KADewey> I can do it in relief using a hseet mold, but I would really prefer canes.
LENNARD> EVERY rat needs a nice shawl! LOL
.KADewey> The Nanny Rat.
.marie> It would be gorgeous, I was going to grandma rat
.KADewey> It's a couple of months away, got too much other stuff to do first.
HOWARDSEGAL> in a cane marie
.marie> That's it that's what I want to be called grandma rat!
HOWARDSEGAL> ok gramma rat
.Kathy> hehehe
HOWARDSEGAL> i'm putting that on the web page
.marie> I was going to say is what I meant Howard
.marie> You better not
LENNARD> and Grandpaw Rat?
HOWARDSEGAL> that's two linda
HOWARDSEGAL> i'm just grampa howard
.Julia> Watching Marie and Howard is better than watching tv. :)
.marie> Grandpaw S--- head
.Elizabeth> *ggg*
.KADewey> Linda, what are you teaching at Ravensdale?
.Kathy> you have that right
.Leigh> LOL very true
.ELangsner> I was just goin to write this is better that TV
.marie> Yeah the comedy team of Polymer
.Julia> heh! GMTA! :)
.Kathy> hehehe rotfl
HOWARDSEGAL> and in real time too!
HOWARDSEGAL> live from escondido
LENNARD> hi kathy - i'm teaching wire and clay again and also collage night lights and polymer postcards
.marie> You should see us live
.Kathy> Good night every one
HOWARDSEGAL> nite kathy
.Elizabeth> Night, Kathy!
.marie> She just did that class here!!!!!! Very pleased people
LENNARD> been there done that! LOL
.Julia> The Howard and Marie Show?
.marie> Good night Kathy
.KADewey> Thanks, Linda. Your students did wonderful work last year.
.Julia> Marie, are you a little bit country?
.marie> LOL!!!! laughing too hard to type
.marie> He's a little bit rock and roll
.KADewey> No, Marie's punk folk.
LENNARD> they were very creative - especially debbie kruger
.marie> Debbie's was awesome
.KADewey> Debbie's very good.
.marie> Punk folk what is that Kathy????
LENNARD> debbie is amazing
.marie> I love her cane work
.KADewey> Herbs and heavy metal with a sitar.
.marie> It is the colors that get to me every time
.marie> LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
.KADewey> You and Klew.
.marie> Kathy that was great!!!! LOL!!!!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> she is rolling on t he floor in her office
.marie> That's a knee slapper
.Patty> Debbie was my roomie at Lone Star & she is both talented and sweet.
LENNARD> try not to knock anything over marie!
HOWARDSEGAL> yeah right
.Leigh> LOL
.marie> Yes and cute too. what a brat!!
.marie> Yeah right linda you've seen my office
LENNARD> yep, that's why i mentioned it! LOL
.jake> hi Howar, nice chat
.marie> Getting up off the floor with canes and all kinds of stuff stuck to me
HOWARDSEGAL> yep, it is fun
.jake> nice crowd too, hello marie
HOWARDSEGAL> i'll get a pic of that and post it on my pages
.Leigh> 'They definately filled the room and kept us interested!
LENNARD> any santa claus feet stuck to you marie?
.marie> You couldn't stay away huh?????
.marie> LOL!!!!!!!
.KADewey> How's the caned car doing?
.jake> lol, got a page just checking for nasties in Leighs other forum
.Leigh> He's a closet clayer!!! one of these days Jakes gonna play with clay and it will be all over!
HOWARDSEGAL> whos doing that to a car
.Patty> Marie and Howard, you guys are a blast and great people. I've got stuff to get ready for school tomorrow. so thanks again for a great chat. (((((y'all)))))) bye~~~~~
.marie> Oh he has a bike coming out in Syndee's book it is quite nice
.marie> Bye Patty thank you for coming to see us!!
HOWARDSEGAL> thanks patty
.Leigh> thanks for coming Patty
.KADewey> Syndee's book is out already?
HOWARDSEGAL> come back and see us again
.marie> I don't know when exactly but I have seen the proof
.Leigh> Yeah, in the beginning of January
.Julia> bye Patty. :)
.Leigh> IT's not out yet, Syndee said she would write me as soon as it is
.marie> It is very nice!!!
.marie> Good it will be out at HIA
.KADewey> That's great.
HOWARDSEGAL> you sure marie
HOWARDSEGAL> you know how publishers are
.marie> If it is being released in Jan
.marie> LOL!!!!! yes yes I do
.KADewey> Slower than writers, that's fer sure.
.marie> LOL!!!!!!!!
.Leigh> no, you are coming to see us again in the beginning of january
LENNARD> i'm a gonna take off too - see you all later
.marie> I can still come to chat!
HOWARDSEGAL> bye linda
.KADewey> Night, Linda.
.IceChic> *peeks back in* DId I miss everything?
.Leigh> YOu can come to chat any timne you like Marie!!!
.marie> The HIA show is the beginning of FEB.
.marie> Bye Lennerd
HOWARDSEGAL> feb 4th i think
.ELangsner> What's the HIA show?
.marie> Hobby industry of America
HOWARDSEGAL> hobby industry of america
.KADewey> Hobby Industry Association
.marie> One of those anyway
.KADewey> Almost got it right
HOWARDSEGAL> biggest show in the usa
.KADewey> And I wish it were in Texas.
.marie> It is a show for the retail trade Micheal's ,value craft' Hobby Lobby and such as that
HOWARDSEGAL> it normally is in dallas
.Leigh> I wish it were closer to the EAST
.marie> Not always in Dallas Howie
.Julia> Get Hobby Lobby to carry Premo already!
HOWARDSEGAL> i know that
.marie> Last couple of years Dallas
.Julia> I wrote to them. Like that helped.:)
.KADewey> It will be in Anaheim from now on; bigger facility.
HOWARDSEGAL> dallas it the hia home
.marie> $ year in Anahiem and then I don't know yet
.jake> leigh you could pop in to see us and go to the hia
HOWARDSEGAL> where are you jake
.Leigh> Woudoln't that be wonderful!!!
.marie> 4 years in Anahiem
.jake> Dallas
.Leigh> I'm still planning my HUG trip where we go around the country ands hug our online friend! And get to see the Grand Canyon!
.marie> Are you sure it will be in Ananhiem forever Kathy
.KADewey> That's what Jan said.
.marie> HMMMMMMMM!!!!!!
.KADewey> Last year.
HOWARDSEGAL> no it won't be forever, their home is in dallas
.marie> she would know I guess
HOWARDSEGAL> does she work with them
.jake> whats the show coming in Ft worth soon?
.marie> Jan Walcott
.jake> or Grapevine
DETERMAN1> Butting in..."I" had the impression that they moved it from somewhere West coast..east coast mid..and dallas was an almost constant in between each of those??
.KADewey> It's a market econonmy, HIA will go where they can establish the biggest market; Anaheim.
.ELangsner> Can anyone go?
.marie> Is that Cela????
.marie> Not really
DETERMAN1> Tis mein SD
.marie> Hi girl how are you!!
.KADewey> In Anaheim, they can reach the Asain markets more cheaply.
DETERMAN1> thought i'd missed the chat by getting groceries with hubby for the big early thanksgiving this sunday but God loved me and I made it!
.marie> I think Anaheim is great and it is right next to dizzy land
DETERMAN1> seems an age since I saw any of you!
.KADewey> It's a parking lot and 3 theme parks.
HOWARDSEGAL> we gonna go to dinyland
DETERMAN1> anybody who does clay is always in dizzy land!
.marie> Toon town here we come
.jake> lol
.marie> No kidding Cela
HOWARDSEGAL> i don't wannaa go to dland
.DottyinCA> Are we queing the messages
.marie> you have to
.Leigh> Howard and Marie, I think you guys are enjoying this chat!!! Maybe we should make it a monthly thing!!! Good for both our businesses!!!
.marie> Hi Dotty
DETERMAN1> what earth shaking things did I miss?
.DottyinCA> Hi you two!
.Julia> hi Dotty. :)
.DottyinCA> Ceilia is that you?
.marie> They logged it Cela
.DottyinCA> Oh, well that's my spelling for you
HOWARDSEGAL> we just have to know when marie will be in town, leigh
DETERMAN1> Dot e tis are you stranger??
.marie> We could do that leigh
.KADewey> Hi, Dotty.
HOWARDSEGAL> bye again jake
.DottyinCA> Hi Kathy, and CELA
.DottyinCA> Hi Marie!!!
.Elizabeth> Dotty Inca is here! ;-) And hi, Cecelia! Was away for a while, sorry, missed you coming in!
.Leigh> I think that the people LOVE to get a chance to talk to you guys~!!!
.marie> And we hate talking
.KADewey> Dotty, any new transfer techniques?
HOWARDSEGAL> buy her vidoe kathy
.DottyinCA> No, but Jody B's new video has one, with the liquid clay
.Leigh> I can tell marie
.KADewey> Laughing. You know how cheap I am.
DETERMAN1> I did and love it!
.marie> LOL!!!!! it is worth the money Kathy lots of thing with TLS
HOWARDSEGAL> yeah lets do it and see how many people will fit in this chat room
.DottyinCA> I'm finishing up my clay book so all I have been able to do is work on projects for that. Marie's work is going to be in it!!!
.marie> Thank you Dotty
.KADewey> Dustin'd been using it for about a year now on her purses.
.DottyinCA> Hey, howard, how about some of YOUR work
DETERMAN1> It'll never all fit in!
.marie> The stuff is the bomb!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> my work!!! lol
.KADewey> Who's your publisher, Dotty?
.Leigh> I believe we can fit quite a few in here!
HOWARDSEGAL> you wouldn't want it in your book
.DottyinCA> Sterling Publications
.Leigh> I think we should have a Clay Factory Nite once a month here in PCC
.marie> We can't even put it on the web page
HOWARDSEGAL> works for me
.Leigh> we'll talk in email Howard!
.marie> OK!
HOWARDSEGAL> how about the phone leigh
.Leigh> Sure, you call me!
.DottyinCA> Well, a clay day, now a Web Clay night
.IceChic> I'm going to log this and look latter. Hopefully some of my questions got answered
.marie> Hehe!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> web clay nites
.DottyinCA> Marie, I'm working with some hot new mica powders. I'll have to show them to you.
.marie> what do you want to know Ice chick
HOWARDSEGAL> fat mica?
.marie> Who makes them
.KADewey> Is there a gunmetal powder yet?
.DottyinCA> Some of them are, some of them are regular, but hot, hot colors
.Leigh> Are those the ones that Diane Has?
.ELangsner> Dotty, what's the name of your book?
.DottyinCA> Book name is The Many Moods of Polymer Clay
.Stephen> nite all
.KADewey> Night, Stephen.
HOWARDSEGAL> bye stephen
.marie> Bye Stephen nice to meet you!!
.Stephen> great chat!!
.DottyinCA> Yes, she pointed them out to me. But I have found two more types also
DETERMAN1> nite nite!
.Stephen> nice to meet you, too -seeya
.IceChic> Oh.. just what to order Next Marie ... I want glow in the dark clay for sure. Maybe some translucent colors and lots of white and pearl.
.marie> We couldn't have done it without you
.marie> We have those
.IceChic> Have you got such cool things on your web site?
.DottyinCA> So, what's new at the Clay Factory, or did you discuss that Already
.marie> Everything is on the site better than our catalog
HOWARDSEGAL> texture plates
.DottyinCA> Tell us about them
.KADewey> Who's making the plates?
.IceChic> Texture plates? *sigh* THAT sounds like something I should have too.
.DottyinCA> We all have to have EVERYTHING!
.marie> They are cool soft plastic and you can't put through your pasta machine
.KADewey> I'm going to sell texture sheets at Ravensdale.
HOWARDSEGAL> can't put thru?
.DottyinCA> Do you use them a lot Kathy
.KADewey> And you can use the pasta machine.
HOWARDSEGAL> no your not kathy
.marie> that you can sorry
.KADewey> All the time.
.marie> She can sell them in here class
.DottyinCA> I gotta see what you are doing with them!!
.marie> her class
.DottyinCA> When, where?
.ELangsner> What are texture plates?
.KADewey> There's an elf in a brocade dress on the website.
HOWARDSEGAL> we will have them on thursday
.DottyinCA> I'm gonna go look later! Thanks
.IceChic> Do you have pics of the textures hiding somewhere?
.marie> you can run the ones we carry throught the machine too soo sorry that was a typo nothing like shooting myself in the foot
.KADewey> I wanted to sell those and tools; I can't?
.Julia> I saw those at the CAPCG retreat. Very cool.
HOWARDSEGAL> no you can't cuz i am
.marie> Are you making yours Kathy???
.KADewey> Yep.
.KADewey> Out of Flex.
.marie> They are not the same she can sell them howard
HOWARDSEGAL> oh then you can sell those no problem
HOWARDSEGAL> but i get 10 %
.marie> LOL!!!!!!!
.marie> you are too much Howard
.phillyclay> this is ellen marshall; our guild meets on sunday will I find pix of the plates at the CF site? I'd like to pass on the info
.KADewey> I have several patterns: fossils, flowesr, insects, and am doing one with toys.
.marie> No we don't have them on the sight yet do we Howard???
.DottyinCA> Ellen, hi! Haven't seen you since Washington, DC
HOWARDSEGAL> we have to make some samples toscan
HOWARDSEGAL> don't even have them yet
.DottyinCA> (isn't a toscan a bird?) LOL
.phillyclay> yep the kid's still here!
.marie> I do and I can make the samples silly
.DottyinCA> Ohhhh.
HOWARDSEGAL> make um then
.marie> Those sound wonderful Kathy
HOWARDSEGAL> and that is tocan an wise
.KADewey> They work best Premo as it has the strongest memory. You can wrap the imprinted sheets around suff and not loose the patterns.
HOWARDSEGAL> i love hearing that
.DottyinCA> Oh, I like that!
.marie> Kathy Dewey plates will be very special
DETERMAN1> keep talking Kathy
.DottyinCA> You better believe it!
.KADewey> And water is the best release agent.
HOWARDSEGAL> charge twice as much
.marie> You should sign and # too
.KADewey> I'm stamping my signature on them.
HOWARDSEGAL> lets get them mass produced
.DottyinCA> with her signature
.Leigh> Hey Howard, are you selling more CFC this year than last year????
HOWARDSEGAL> cfc and premo are the same
.marie> I think leigh means the 06
.KADewey> When are people going to realize that Marie's clay is PREMO?
.Leigh> Yes, the 06
HOWARDSEGAL> i have been selling more of the 06
.Leigh> I knew it!!!
.marie> Yes we are leigh I think you might have had something to do with that!!
.DottyinCA> It's so great because you can get it almost transparent
.Leigh> Hey, it's jsut the truth!
.KADewey> brb
.JENNY P> Well leigh has been doing some great advertising for 06
HOWARDSEGAL> premo is really a better clay than that other brand
HOWARDSEGAL> once you get used to it
.DottyinCA> MUCH better
.JENNY P> Sorry, I am trying, but just can't get used to it,
HOWARDSEGAL> lol jenny
.DottyinCA> Jenny, what is it that bothers you about it?
.marie> Try mixing with your clay of choice 50 -50
.marie> Me too!!!!!
.JENNY P> It is to soft, and I am doing some mixing, and some leaching
HOWARDSEGAL> the newer batches of premo are firmer
.DottyinCA> I've only had a few that were really soft. The rest are just like firm cheese.
.JENNY P> And it feels different!!!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> but it is easier to make a soft clay hard than a hard clay soft
.Leigh> Yeah, the last batches I've been getting are a great consistancy
.DottyinCA> I'd bet you that if you use Premo every day for a month, you will never want to go back to the F word.
.Julia> Yes they are! I bought a little block of trans. and made jade with it. It was pretty stiff.
.marie> Everybody has there likes and dislike please use POlymer just to use Polymer and if you don't like my clay that's ok too!!!
.Leigh> 'I was a tried and true FIMO fiend, but the Premo had a lot of things that make me keep coming back!
.marie> But I felt the same way when I first started using it Believe me you all cannot hold a candle to what a F--- snob I was
.DottyinCA> No, people who want to work with the clay. You can exchange ideas and build on them
HOWARDSEGAL> 15 years dedicated users
.DottyinCA> But the new clay is the best thing to happen to the clay world since it all began.
.marie> It is really just a different mind set Dotty
.JENNY P> I do love the pearl Premo though, I have been adding it to everything!
HOWARDSEGAL> thats a start jenny
.DottyinCA> Don't cha love Mike B's tape on using the pearls?
.marie> :-( I haven't watched it yet!!!!
.DottyinCA> I just made some angels and used his "snail" technque for their heads
.DottyinCA> Marie, shame on you! Get one out and watch. It's great!
.JENNY P> I don't have that video, my list is longer than the $$ in the checkbook
.Julia> I saw your posts on it, Dotty. I can't wait to learn that!
.Leigh> We are going to run a new project in the Castle, Chatelaine is going to build a tree. And it will be from the LEaves that people make from clay and send in to her
.DottyinCA> It's really one that stirs the cretive juices.
.Leigh> If the kids don't have clay, they can write to Chatelaine and she will send them enough clay to make a leaf with enough pearlex so that they can dinf out what it's like
.DottyinCA> Leaves? Golly, there are some great ones on Jody's tape! Haven't tried them yet though.
.Leigh> then send the leaf back to chatelaine
.marie> That sounds like great fun Leigh
.Leigh> I'm going to put the lesson up the end of this week, on how to take an outside leaf and make it in clay
.DottyinCA> Making something with polymer clay polymer clay
.DottyinCA> Every day can chase the blues away
.marie> Dotty I will trust you then I don't really have enough time to watch them
.DottyinCA> Okey dokey, Marie. You can trust me. I wouldn't kid you.
HOWARDSEGAL> do you sell your clay work
.marie> You could do reviews for us Hint hint
.JENNY P> dotty if you had to choose just one video, which one would you buy?
.Leigh> what kind of reviews are you looking for, Marie?
.DottyinCA> Golly, people. I gotta go fix my DH his dinner and I don't want to miss Buffy The Vampire Killer. Hate to leave but I had to at least get on here for a few minutes.
HOWARDSEGAL> not buffy
.DottyinCA> Bye
.Julia> night Dotty!
.Leigh> Thanks for coming Dotty
.JENNY P> nite Dotty
.Elizabeth> Bye, Dotty!
.marie> Thanks for coming Dotty hope to see you soon
HOWARDSEGAL> bye dottie
.DottyinCA> Yeah, Howard, BUFFY!
.Leigh> It was good tonight Dotty
.marie> You guys have time to watch TV?????
.Leigh> I watch it over my computer
.JENNY P> Since Dotty has left, I will ask the group, if you had to choose just one video, which one would it be?
.marie> Mine
.marie> LOL!!!!!!
.Julia> I've only seen one!
.ELangsner> 1st chat was fun thanks from Scottsdale. Bye
.Leigh> Maries
.marie> Bye EL thanks for coming
.JENNY P> marie, not me, I only get 2 stations, and I dont' even watch them
.Leigh> When I watch it I have such incredible memories from Shrine Mont and Conn
.marie> we get about 10 but 3 are in spanish
.JENNY P> Howard that is the problem, I want to learn it ALL!
.Leigh> Jenny, what are you looking to learn from the video?
HOWARDSEGAL> so buy one every once in awhile
.marie> I like Mo Carlson's Faces faces faces
.ineri> if i could only have one i'd choose none cause ya get bored silly with whatever ya chose anyway....
.Leigh> I think Donna Kato's Potpurrie of techniques is good
.JENNY P> LOL, I have that one marie! my budget only allows one or maybe two a year, or a book
HOWARDSEGAL> i'll have to start a video club...... once a month for 40 dollars amonth you get one video
HOWARDSEGAL> each month
.Julia> Gwen Gibson's was a big inspiration for me. But that's the only one I've seen.
HOWARDSEGAL> join a clay guild
.marie> They are all really very good and cheaper than taking a class usually
HOWARDSEGAL> most guilds have them
.ineri> alright well ,anyway........nice not talkin with ya......
.JENNY P> Howard, the nearest guild is about 15 hours one way drive from me
.Julia> They loan them out, too. At least the chicago one does.
.marie> Bye Ineri
.Julia> night ineri
.marie> thanks for coming
HOWARDSEGAL> that's what the post office is for
.Leigh> Jenny, if you are looking for the most youj can learn, I would go for one of the ones that has a lot of different things in it
.JENNY P> nite Ineri
.Leigh> nite ineri
.Julia> I hear Maie's are excellent. (heh heh)
.JENNY P> LOL, I can't decide, so I guess I will save for some more books
.Julia> Marie's, I mean :)
HOWARDSEGAL> the best thing you could do cyn is be around other people
HOWARDSEGAL> have som e fun
.Leigh> It's funny but of all the videos that I have, the one that I play the most is Tori Hughes one on bead shapes
.marie> I think it is so hard to choose to tell you the truth
HOWARDSEGAL> i want one of each
.Leigh> I watch maries a lot, but that's to see Marie!
.marie> But Barb Macguires and Sue heasers books are both great!
.Julia> Jenny, do you have Sue Heaser's book?
.JENNY P> I have seen tories! I couldn't keep them though,
.Leigh> If you want to do canework, Maries i BEST
.IceChic> *waves to Jenny
.Julia> It's really excellent if you're looking for a lot of techniques to try.
.JENNY P> Which one julia?
.JENNY P> ~~~~~~hi nan~~~~~~
.Julia> The new one, um... let me get it and I'll tell you the title.
.Julia> "The POLYMER CLAY techniques book'.
.Leigh> That's a kewl book!
.Julia> Sheesh. You'd think I could remember that. :)
.marie> Tory's new one looks good too
.Leigh> So is Barbara McGuires
.JENNY P> I am asking, so I can put them on my christmas list,
.Julia> and more random capital letters.
.Leigh> Tory has a new book?
.Julia> Barbara's has a different focus, but it';s also wonderful.
.marie> New tape
.phillyclay> PC techniques book? who is the author?
.Julia> Sue Heaser. Buy it! It's very good!
.Leigh> Which new tape is this, Marie????
.marie> Hinges
HOWARDSEGAL> kathy has it leigh
.Leigh> Ah, YEs and I adore her giant samplies
.marie> She already has it
.marie> LOL!!!!!!
.Leigh> Best part was that Kathy had made fun of me the week before because I used these GIANT beads for teh Natasha lesson, and then Tory haw the giant hindges!
.marie> I love Sue's book too Julia
.Leigh> You know I did a neener neener!!!!
.JENNY P> Marie, I know you guys have a shop, and you do a lot of teaching, do you also do production work to sell?
.Julia> I finally made a premo metallic checkerboard thanks to Sue.
.Julia> I was so excited. :)
.marie> Well sometime I don't really like to do Production anymore
.marie> I think 15 yrs is enough
.Leigh> Speaking of production, how much did the biggest cane you ever made, weigh?
.JENNY P> LOL I know what you mean!!! I am in the middle of it myself, and am getting really tired of the same old stuff
.marie> I think we did one that was about 45 but we tried to keep them to 30-35 pounds
.Leigh> and how long was the longest sheet of clay you put through the pasta machine?
HOWARDSEGAL> that's alot of bead
.marie> If you take two hours every week just to play it will be better abd you will end up getting more done too!
.JENNY P> No kidding!!!
.Leigh> I should have asked those questions sooner, that would have gotten a bid response!
.Leigh> Next time I"ll ask them!!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> next time leigh
.marie> When Mike B was here we had a sheet that was probably 20 ft long
.JENNY P> LOL, thanks marie, I try that, but then end up playing for 2 days!
.marie> You have to take time for yourself or the creative self dies
HOWARDSEGAL> sometimes you just have to walk away from it all
.Leigh> oh ain't that the truth!
.marie> You schedule the time and until them you keep a journal of what you want to do during play time
.Leigh> I've been so busy with non creative stuff, I'm going nuts
.Leigh> but then it's not a long trip!
.JENNY P> Leigh, I don't know when you sleep, much less take time to play
.marie> AWWWWWWWWW come now leigh
.Leigh> LOL, hey, I don't want to be sane, at least not completeLEIGH
.Leigh> Sleep???
.Julia> well, it's past my bedtime and I don't want to go, but I have to work tomorrow.
.Leigh> It's not the sleep you should worry about, it's the cleaning!
.Bean> i'm back
.Julia> Speaking of sleep. :)
.Leigh> rehi bean
.JENNY P> Cleaning???? what is that????
.marie> By Julia So good to see you again Take care
.JENNY P> Hi Bean
.Bean> hi jenny
.marie> Hi Bean
.Leigh> Nite JUlia
.Julia> It was really great to see you again, Marie! And to meet you, Howard! *hugs*
.Bean> nite julia
.JENNY P> Nite Julia
.IceChic> I need to get some sleep too... it's past my bed time. *hugs to all*
.marie> Say Hi to the Kitties
.JENNY P> Nite Ice
.marie> Bye Nanette
.Julia> I will! I'll pet muppet for you. Night!
.Leigh> Nite IceChic thanks for coming
HOWARDSEGAL> hugs to you to julia
.marie> Good to see you too
.Bean> nite ice
.Leigh> Marie and Howard, what a terrific Chat!!!! Kudos to both of you!
.Bean> ok.... what all did i miss
.phillyclay> bye all this was fun
.Leigh> bye philly
.marie> Bye Philly
.Leigh> thanks for coming
.marie> Thanks for coming
.JENNY P> Bean, I got here late too, I don't know
.JENNY P> nite Philly
.Leigh> Bean, if you email me, I'll send you a lot of the chat
.IceChic> yes... I dont' know how soon I get to order more clay... maybe not till January... especially since I'm going to need SOO Much
.marie> You are welcome Leigh we have had a great time and you got me into a chat
.IceChic> Hey Jenny.. I Logged most of it
.Leigh> and tell you that the Segals promised to come again!
.Bean> i was here earlier and then my puter went into cyberspace seizure
.marie> LOL!!!!! I haven't been to one in months
SANDIREDMAN> Marie, one question before I sign off; does your website have
.Leigh> I did and you did fantastic Marie!!! You are no longer a chat virgin
SANDIREDMAN> descriptions of your videos?
.marie> LOL!!!!
.marie> Of mine or all of them?????
.JENNY P> Thanks Ice, someone is already going to send me a copy
.marie> Do they Howie
.Leigh> Ziggy says goodnight too!
.marie> Good noght Ziggy
.Bean> leigh.. you should have seen marie during the aol chats... this lady is a pro
.JENNY P> Nite Ziggy
.Bean> nite ziggy
.Leigh> Ah, she was holding out on me!!!
.IceChic> okay... sounds good! niters all
.marie> Howard thinks so
.JENNY P> Is this the same bean I used to see in elf hollow?
.Leigh> Heck, she's a pro in all ways!
.Bean> the same one jenny
.marie> Thanks leigh
.Leigh> I want to grow up to be just like Marie!
.JENNY P> ((((((BEAN))))))) nice to see you again
.Leigh> If I grow up!
.marie> But I won't be able to get out of the door of my office tonight my head will be so big!!
.JENNY P> Leigh, me too!
SANDIREDMAN> thanks, bye yall!
.Leigh> Marie, better your head then your butt
.Julie> Hiya Marie!!! Hows my favorite smoking bud?
.marie> That's true you got me there
.Leigh> Bye Sandi
.Bean> ditto jenny
.Leigh> LOL
.marie> Julie wise??????
.Julie> Hiya Girlfriend!!!!
.marie> Hiya How ya doing?????
.Julie> Great and you?
.marie> I am ok and that is good
.JENNY P> Well I am going to go now too,
.Julie> Hiya Howard! Cow lady here
.Leigh> Nite Jenny thatn's for coming
.JENNY P> Nite all, it has been fun
.Julie> I sure missed seeing you when you were here
.marie> Nite jenny hope to see you again
.Bean> oh jenny..... a short time is better than none... nite nite
.JENNY P> if you come back here, you most likely will
.marie> I'm sorry I missed you too!!! Where were you????? hehe
.marie> Save up your questions Jenny
.Julie> Pnemonia got me again Dear
.marie> Oh that's right I remember now
.Bean> julie... hope you're doing much better now
.Elizabeth> Hi, back! Poor cyn!
.Julie> Took 2 months to clear all the way up this time. Much better now though
.Elizabeth> Hi, Julie!
.Julie> Ebeth!! Hi!
.Julie> Marie, got any new and exciting tips to share?
.Bean> now i have to go.. i have a pup that needs to go out, and snowmen that need to come out of the oven
.marie> Like what????
.marie> I don't know I get so confused and forget who I told what!
.Leigh> Good to see you Bean, thanks for coming!
.Julie> hehehe I don't know?! Anything different to peak my interest?
.marie> Bye Anita Waving say Hi Micheal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
.marie> wellllll.............. let's see
.Bean> leigh.... thanks for organizing everything.... marie and howard...big hugs and hope y'all have a great nite
.Leigh> would you like me to send you a log of the chat Marie!?
.marie> Sure
.Leigh> My pleasure bean
.Bean> michael says hi back
.marie> I then can see what an idiot I was
.Bean> yes... please send me a log... the email addres is
.marie> Send one to Julie too
.Julie> You! Never!
.marie> There is a translucent Technique on there
.Julie> Marie is my old smoking bud in Chicago
.Elizabeth> Oh, gosh, I'm not the only smoker in the group????
.Bean> nite nite all.... and watch for the meteor shower tomorrow nite..suppose to be spectacular
.marie> SSHHHHHHHHHH don't tell anybody we are the lepers of society
.Elizabeth> Thanks for the heads up, B
.Julie> Oh, I've been doing some neat stuff with the bleached trans! I need to write it up and send it to you Marie
.Elizabeth> eanstress
.marie> Oh gosh I hope it isn't foggy
.Leigh> lepers?
.marie> Ok send away
.marie> Smokers
.Julie> Got any clues how I can get premo to look more porceleiny?
.Julie> Particularily a flesh tone?
.Leigh> Ah, I hang out with Kathy, she smokes enough for both of us!
.marie> the colors or the trans
.marie> then just a touch of white should do
.Julie> Doesn't matter, I need a color close to flesh cernit for some mermaids I am doing
.Julie> I like the porcelein effect of cernit, but you know me! I want it in premo
.marie> the flesh in premo is translucent
HOWARDSEGAL> mix some bleached trans with the beige/flesh
.marie> No I think I would use the one with out and a touch of white
.Leigh> You know, the bleached trans has a very special effect on all the clays
.Julie> Good idea. Both of you! I am just used to ecru for my flesh
HOWARDSEGAL> maybe 2 part trans with one part flesh
HOWARDSEGAL> it will be very close to the cernit flesh
.marie> Yeah but some doll people don't like the 06 because it gives an ethereal aqpperance
.Julie> Great! I'll send you a pic of what I am doing. Totally different than my usual caned stuff
.marie> Mermaids
.marie> Ok I would love to see!!
.marie> Yes it does Leigh
.Leigh> There is something about it that just makes things more shiney and a bunch of other things
.Karen> Hello!
.Leigh> Hello Karen
.marie> HI Karen
.Julie> Mermaid is on her way Marie
HOWARDSEGAL> i gotta go home
.Leigh> you guys realize that you have been chatting for 3 and 1/2 hours!?
.marie> Thanks Julie
.marie> Man!!!
HOWARDSEGAL> see we hate chattn
.Leigh> You guys are just super!
.Julie> Still needs some finishing touches, but you'll get the idea
.Julie> Marie and Howard are great people!
HOWARDSEGAL> thank you
.Leigh> Oh I sure knew that!!!
.Julie> Wish I had remembered earlier
HOWARDSEGAL> seeya all next time!
.marie> She is cute Julie
.Julie> Thanks Dear
.Leigh> Yes, Next January
HOWARDSEGAL> bye bye for now big hugs for all
.Julie> Trying to get a few done for that gallery show I told you about this weekend
.Julie> Night Howard
.marie> Bye you guys thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for making us at home!!!!
.Karen> bye!sorry I couldn't get here sooner!
.Cathy> night Howard
.Julie> Talk with you later Marie!
.marie> Good luck Julie make lots of money!!!!!
.Leigh> thank you guy
.Leigh> Have a great night
.Cathy> by sis
.marie> Thanks again you guys you can write anytime you know!!!
.Julie> hehehe Thanks
.Leigh> WE will!
.Elizabeth> Nighty night, all!
.marie> Bye Cathy did you say you are not going to michigan
.Cathy> that is correct
.Julie> I gotta go too!!! Bye all!!!!
.marie> :-(
.Cathy> cause of Ravensdale
.Leigh> I'm gonnna try to get to Michigan!
.marie> Well I guess that will be good then but it's just not going to be the same with out you
.marie> I hope so Leigh!!!!
.Cathy> what can I say Sue will keep you company
.Leigh> I gotta get my arms around Sue!
.marie> Bye you guys Howard is Chomping at the bit
.marie> Thanks again see you all soon
.Cathy> bye Marie
.Leigh> Nite ALl
.Cathy> nite Leigh
.Leigh> nite Cathy thanks for coming!
.Karen> Is everybody leaving?
.Cathy> not if you want to talk
.Elizabeth> Hi, Karen!
.Leigh> I think so Karen
.Leigh> Ooops, mauybe not
.Elizabeth> We all got jazzed, time to go to work, Karen! LOL!
.Leigh> I have to go, I have more work to do
.Karen> yeah, I'd like to chat, if anyone else can!
.Cathy> I can for a while
.Leigh> and IO sure have to go to the potty after 3 1/2 hours!
.Elizabeth> If you can stand it, I'll schtick around for a bit. :-)
.Elizabeth> Heheeee!!! Too much coffee, Leigh!
.Karen> okay, Leigh, you can go!
.Cathy> what di youwant to talk about
.Leigh> Well, I'm gonna split if I get back I'll jump back in for a while!
.Elizabeth> Chataholic!!!
.Karen> bye, Leigh!
.Cathy> ok Leigh
.Leigh> Thanks for coming guys! It was a great chat!!!

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