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January 22, 2000:

.Dianne> The general topic this morning is 'selling your art/products online'. Please feel free to just jump in with comments, suggestions, questions.
.Dianne> I do a very nice business over the 'net with my Eclectic Artist supplies.
.Dianne> Until last August, I also...
.Dianne> had my art up in an online catalog for sale, but I found...
.Dianne> that I have many more artists visit there, so I changed my focus on my website to supplies.
.Julie> Have you had any luck with selling a pieces on ebay?
.Julie> a=any
.Dianne> Has anyone here sold on ebay? I have resisted doing Julia Sober has pointed out before...
.Dianne> There is an inner conflict for me as artist to use an auction site...
.Dianne> it devalues the art, I fear.
NITEFALCON> i haven't tried to sell anything yet actually
.Dianne> However, I do know several artists who make products to sell on ebay...more like production pieces.
.Julie> I do not like the concept of ebay really. But I wonder if I could sell from a website
NITEFALCON> I see what you mean about Ebay...i never thought of it that way...I always think of art and auctions like sutherbys or such :)
.Dianne> I want to say that I do sell my art and production pieces...
.Dianne> through interest generated from my web section on "In the Studio"...
.Dianne> also I consign in two stores and go to juried shows.
.Dianne> NF, well, you have a point there too.
.Julie> I have done a couple small church and school shows but that is all so far
.Dianne> Have either of you been looking to sell or are selling online?
.Julie> I have been considering it but not sure how to start
.Dianne> Ok, now forgive if I ask some questions that I really already know the answers to, but have forgotten.
.Dianne> Do you have a website?
.Julie> Not currently
.Julie> but can whip one together in no time
.Dianne> Have you been thinking about using ebay? Do you have access to scanner?
NITEFALCON> i also don't have one, but I've put up some stuff on photopoint
.Julie> I have a scanner and digitial camerea, HEY HELEN
.Dianne> I really like photopoint.
NITEFALCON> i've been toying with selling stuff for a while..not just PC but I don't have the time...
.Dianne> with the scanner and camera, you could actually consider ebay..
.Dianne> Do you do production work?
.Dianne> Or one of a kind?
.Dianne> Helen, do you sell art online now?
.Julie> Yeh, or put together a site, I do both
NITEFALCON> with my normal job to create enough pieces to sell...or time to deal with the "marketing" aspect...going to shows or whatnot
HELENCLAY> No...not at the moment
.Dianne> NF, I understand that...always working in to the nite here.
HELENCLAY> I have been thinking about selling online but I don't have a camera
.Dianne> Helen, I don't have a camera either...but
HELENCLAY> What do you do then...I don't have a scanner either
.Dianne> I use my 33mm and scanner ...and often just my scanner for my web..
.brigitta> i,m saving money for a mavica of sony
.Julie> They work!
.Dianne> works great. Ok, you will want a you have a web site already?
HELENCLAY> oh...maybe someday....I want a sony mavica too...
NITEFALCON> ...i also feel that if I was going to try and sell stuff it would become a "stress" and not an "anti stress" at least at the moment....
.brigitta> he costs 1399 gulden here
NITEFALCON> but my interest for the future is there.
.Dianne> There are , of course, some tools to successfully setting up for online selling.
.Dianne> NF, I sure understand that. I am often making adjustments to my business.
.Dianne> I have a full time job outside of must balance without getting stressed.
.Dianne> Back to online ideas..
.brigitta> i have try to put new picts of my dolls on the forum but my scanner doesnot work very well
.Julie> I sometime wish my clay could be the fulltime thing AHHH they cannot take my dreas
.Dianne> I would encourage any of you who does production work to look at ebay...
.Julie> DREAMS
HELENCLAY> Have you tried ebay already Dianne?
.Dianne> but I would recommend your own website for your more arty, unique work.
.brigitta> lorlei of the fantasy within has new doll for sale on here homepage they are beautiful
.Dianne> NO, Helen, I haven't...but one product that I may try on ebay is..
.Dianne> my BeDe Bracelets...after making their design, they are now production work..
.Dianne> ebay, to me, is a good place for production work..
NITEFALCON> what kind of scanner do you have briggita
.brigitta> when you try ebay, will it work out , i mean do enywan sell somethimes things??
.Dianne> Yes, I have been watching others' sales on ebay and...
.brigitta> i always make one of a kind dolls
.Dianne> I see that some folks are actually getting higher bids than what they had set as their retail price...but...
.Dianne> I have not seen that with one-of-a-kind pieces, only production pieces.
NITEFALCON> somebody mentione amazon zshops on the forum...they aren't auction sites I think...
HELENCLAY> Amazon has an auction section too....I think
.Dianne> Julie Wisecrafts does sell several of her pieces at ebay...and I know that Jan Ruh has done so too.
NITEFALCON> its more like a regular shop, you set a price but you sell through amazon
.Dianne> Yes, Amazon and Yahoo. Hi Honey!
.brigitta> darlene mortenson sell one of a kind doll to on ebay and thats working
.brigitta> so far i now
.Dianne> Brigitta, I know that I bought a Dutch Darling via ebay...and for people outside of the US, ebay, yahoo and amazon may be a more viable way to sell their art.
.Dianne> BUT, people who buy on auction sites are looking for deals!
.brigitta> oh yes?
.Dianne> I am not sure that I want artwork that I have created and loved going on the auction 'block' when there are other ways to market them.
.brigitta> or they looking for something special
.Dianne> brigitta, good point!!
.Dianne> I will keep that in mind.
HELENCLAY> When I have looked it looks like there haven't been any bids on most of the people wait until the last minute to place their bids?
.brigitta> on my homepage i,may not sell my stuff ,but on my forum i can sell my stuff
.Dianne> If I am looking for something, I will bid right away.
.Dianne> Brigitta, tell us about why you think that is.
HELENCLAY> Maybe I have looked at the wrong times then...I really don't visit ebay all that often.
.brigitta> thats the sever rules
.brigitta> when i sell stuff on my homepage than must i pay more to my server costs
.Dianne> Oh, I may not sell on your homepage, but you may in your forum.
.Dianne> There are some free ecommerce site, btw.
.brigitta> yes in delphi forum it may ????.......i think hahah??
NITEFALCON> also brigitta amazon has european components, not sure if ebay does.
.Dianne> has free site for you to set up your estore.
.brigitta> thanks for the adres info
NITEFALCON> not that I'm advocating one over the other...just suggestions
.Dianne> And, there are others...
.Dianne> in exchange for allowing them to put ad banners at the top...
.Dianne> they will also help you set up...and this is a major plus..set up your secure online shopping carts
.Dianne> If any of you are contemplating ecommerce, you should check those type of marketing sites out.
.brigitta> wow i right it down
NITEFALCON> dianne, when you ship overseas (if you do) are you able to do the customs work from your end.....or...
.Dianne> These sites allow you to set up a store for no cost...
NITEFALCON> is it up to the person on the recieving end...
.brigitta> this year i going for the first time stand on the biggest bears and doll show at rotterdam , and i make a special collection dolls for that show
.Dianne> I already had my merchant account and website when I discovered them.
PATTIBIRD> what sites, dianne?
.Dianne> Ok,NF...I am still trying to work out customs difficulties...wish we could beam over the 'net. ;)
.Dianne> Brigitta, good idea...that show should a terrific place for you.
.Dianne> Patti, and
.brigitta> ria has sell here dragon an send it to they usa and it was in little pieces
.Dianne> NF, any suggestions on the overseas shipping? I like global priority for speed.
.Dianne> Brigitta, I heard that...we have to package very, very securely.
.Dianne> I always double and triple cushion my overseas packages.
.Julie> I sent nat her angel swap global on Sat, she had by Tues BELGuim
.brigitta> yes, she sad that she has packages carfulliy but it wsanot
NITEFALCON> what problems do you have dianne...globabl priority is good, my parents send me stuff with that
.Dianne> Yes, global priority is terrific...if you are mailing light.
HELENCLAY> Julie...Is it expensive to ship the package to Belguim. About how expensive was it to ship if ...if you don't mind me asking.
.Julie> Around 7 or 8 dollars, she only had five angels though
.Dianne> $5.00 if you can keep it flat in a small global envelope.
NITEFALCON> are the packages getting refused on the other end...or are they not allowing them to be shipped
.Dianne> J, that is a good price. did you use a global box??
.Julie> I had it priorty, not knowing global so they put it in an evelope, mor secure
.Dianne> That is good. Now, I have another area regarding international purchases online...
.Dianne> What about money exchange? Anyone dealing with this?
.Dianne> I love it when international customers have credit card...eliminates the concern for how to exchange money.
.Gaby> I have to exchange money sometimes, but I prefer to buy with my credit card
NITEFALCON> international customer should also be able to go to a bank and get an american money least in europe
.Gaby> yes NF we can do that in Mexico
.brigitta> when i sell my stuff i love to have the money in dollars , when i turn it in for dutchmoney i get more for it , thats wat i talking about to ria the other time
.Dianne> I know that I request a cashier's check in US Funds..that works.
.Dianne> Brigitta, yes, I understand that.
NITEFALCON> thats what I mean dianne
.Gaby> but I never buy in a site that doesn't handle credit card
HELENCLAY> It sounds so complicated with all of the exchange of money from foreign countries...Is it worth it?
.Dianne> One thing that I learned from Kathy at Polymer Clay Express...
.Julie> I wish Shirley at Spumoni would start using credit exchange, It is so hard to send a check and wait.
.Dianne> is that once you have name recognition in an online community...
.Gaby> thats the reason for I don't buy at spumoni
.Dianne> you can utilize email ordering..that's what I do and have been very successful about that.
.Dianne> Yes, I believe if you are serious about selling online, you have to accept cc.
.Dianne> cc=credit cards
.Gaby> I think so Dianne
.Julie> I would think you would almost have to
.Dianne> And, there is quite a fee for merchant you must plan your online business carefully.
.Dianne> I love my supply business side of my art...but...
.Julie> CC charge a percent of the sale and fee don't they
.brigitta> most of the time is it first the money than i send the stuff
PATTIBIRD> dianne, does your web server have the credit card acceptance with it, and does it allow you to have the credit card machine,too?
.Dianne> one must plan carefully...purchasing from suppliers...beginning new products for sales..or you can lose money and not make a profit.
.Dianne> Patti, My web server does have secure shopping, but ...
.Gaby> that is always a risk :)
.Dianne> I can use my own merchant account...that is why I have stayed with Netopia.
.Dianne> I don't currently have an estore, only an ecatalog...because...
.Gaby> and it works just fine Dianne, I said that as your happy customer :)
.Dianne> the estore is about $400 per year.
PATTIBIRD> what are the advantages of estore?
.Gaby> expensive :(
.Dianne> I need to pay my monthly bills and get my profit line up so I can afford an estore...the advantages...
.Dianne> are that shoppers are more inclined to purchase with online secure shopping carts.
.Dianne> You have to have a relationship with your potential customers or a reputation ...
PATTIBIRD> the ecatalog doesnt have carts?
.Gaby> yes Dianne
.Dianne> with the online community if you use email and ecatalog.
HELENCLAY> So you just email your sales information?
.Dianne> No the ecatalog is just that select from it and write out your order, emailing it to the merchant.
.Dianne> Yes, Helen. And , I recommend two emails..
HELENCLAY> thank you...I am new to the language...
.Dianne> One with your order, name and cc #...the second with your cc expiration date and address..
HELENCLAY> I think that I get it now.
.brigitta> over 2 years we have new money that calls the ecu, than its hard for the poeple, you must learn again to handle youre money
.Dianne> that way it is more secure.
.brigitta> thats european money
.Dianne> Although do you realize that your email is more secure than the telephone!!
.Dianne> I have heard of ecu.
.Julie> absolutely, we are not afraid to catalog order over the phone
HELENCLAY> Really? I always phone in my orders.
PATTIBIRD> brigitta, are people using eurodollars on ebusiness?
.Gaby> I know that Brigitta the comunity european money
.brigitta> i donnot like the new money
.Dianne> Helen, yes. When you phone your order, there are ways for unscruplous people to pick your too, but most servers have secure firewalls.
.brigitta> i want to hold my dutch guldens lol
.Dianne> And, I have an additional secure certificate for my incoming email.
PATTIBIRD> brigitta, thumb in the dyke keeping dutch guldens from leaking out ~;->
HELENCLAY> Dianne...Now that I think about it...I even use a cordless phone. And they say that people can listen in on those.
.Dianne> I am confident that ordering from me via email is more secure than by phone.
.Dianne> Fax is more secure too...because it is machine language.
.Gaby> ooops Helen!
.Dianne> Yikes, Helen!
PATTIBIRD> how do you get a secure certificate for you email, dianne?
HELENCLAY> Cross my fingers ...I haven't had any problems that I know of yet.
HELENCLAY> What is a secure certificate?
.brigitta> hellen where you from ??
HELENCLAY> Washington
.Dianne> Oh, Patti, I have to go into my URL is with verisign...I think URL is can set your options for your browser to higher security, but that can be a pain and I
.Dianne> don't recommend it unless you get some advice from someone who understands the hitches.
.brigitta> oke i,m from the netherlands
.Dianne> MI
.Julie> OH
PATTIBIRD> i'm thinking of just getting someone to come in and set eveerything up, i am a technoidiot
.Dianne> I didn't answer your question very well, Patti. sorry.
PATTIBIRD> i'm still stuck back in "file transfer protocol"
.Gaby> I am a technoidiot too Patti, but I have learnt some in this site too :)
.Dianne> Verisign site will explain secure certificates better than I am able to.
.brigitta> dianne have you try the voicechat on pcc forum startpage yet thats very nice
.brigitta> if he,s working
.Julie> Dianne It is, We used it a couple times when setting up sites for customers
.Dianne> Thanks, Julie...can you explain service briefly.
.Dianne> Brigitta, I haven't tried voicechat yet at pcc, but I love the icq voice message...I always bug Gaby with it. ;>)
.Dianne> I am not a techie, btw...just tech user.
.Gaby> Dianne maybe we can try that tomorrow morning :)
.Julie> They insure a site for Not sure exactly how much I want to say $100,000 against loss with credit card transactions
.Dianne> I learn what is necessary for me to do business online.
HELENCLAY> Ok Dianne...I see that everyone uses btw...what does that mean?
.Dianne> by the way.
.brigitta> i have try the voicechatdemo of hearme and thats very nice , i want it to try on my forum ones to look if its working its very nice to do voicechat
.Julie> They take the hit to make sure that the sites is secure and to make sure we as consumers are safe in giving out cc numbers
.Gaby> Julie that is good
.Dianne> Thank you, Julie!!
.Julie> welcome
.Dianne> Regarding voice chat, I feel a special chat session coming in the near future.
.Dianne> ;>)
.Gaby> ????????
PATTIBIRD> brigittta, is the voice chat through microphones?
HELENCLAY> Now would that chat like one way communication..I mean like talking on a walkie talkie?
.brigitta> for me works voicechat fine, its for my english to learn beter
.Dianne> Any more comments, suggestions, questions regarding selling online?? It is fine if you want to chat on other subjects, I just want to make sure we get all questions, etc on the subject.
.brigitta> yes patti
.Dianne> Helen, I suspect so...yes, Patti , through a microphone.
.brigitta> yes you must have a mic.
.Dianne> If you have a duplex modem, then you can talk at once.
PATTIBIRD> dianne, is it hard to set up that thing where the customer clicks on the thumbnail to get a close up picture?
.brigitta> you have on the voicechat also an textchat
.Gaby> we do that with ICQ
.brigitta> you can typ and talk
PATTIBIRD> so you keep two conversations going?
.brigitta> icq voicemessage must you send?? voicechat you can talk atones
.Gaby> that is better then Brigitta
PATTIBIRD> julie, do you sell online too?
.brigitta> yes its going very fast
.Gaby> icq you must send the messags
PATTIBIRD> multi tasking max
HELENCLAY> Thinking about it makes me dizzy
.brigitta> yes and on icq you must always see of the voicemessages arived
.Dianne> Patti, thumbnails...hehehehe...I cheat...the company that I am with (server) actually...HI Julia!!
.Dianne> Netopia, my server, has a wonderful , easy to use website setup that includes the thumbnails.
PATTIBIRD> so, you just feed both the thumbnail then the close up?
.Dianne> so I do no , repeat, NO programming...justfollow the directions and they walk me through my setup.
.Dianne> It is different depending on whose ecommerce service you are using...
.Julia> netopia is your isp, Dianne/
.Julia> ?
PATTIBIRD> cool, i think i might check it out, my path on setting up free webpage got too confusiing and complicated
.Dianne> on eCongo, they have you upload both the thumbnail, and regular pict separately, but in the same window.
.brigitta> always my boyfriend makes my homepage
.Dianne> Netopia manipulates it for us within the estore.
.Dianne> Yes, Julia, netopia is my isp
PATTIBIRD> have you tried e congo or just use netopia?
.Dianne> Hey, have any of you heard of Yes, Patti I have tried eCongo but use Netopia because I began with them..I pay for Netopia, but eCongo is free.
.Dianne> Now, I know, why pay when you can get it free...
PATTIBIRD> does your webserver do some "promoting" with browsers?
.Dianne> Because I want to offer more than just my supplies..I want to .. no, Patti, my webserver does not promote on my site, is that what you mean?
.Dianne> I want to offer lessons, techniques, picts of my (we can chat on my site too).
PATTIBIRD> yeah, i heard that the webserver can get your page hooked up to the larger browsers so that a search will bring in your page
.brigitta> what is youre adres dianne of youre homepage??
.Dianne> The free sites are straight ecommerce with banners at top.
HELENCLAY> So you pay so that you can have it all under one roof? Dianne
.Dianne> Oh, Patti, I understand now...yes, my isp does do that for me.
.brigitta> i go for a look now ,
.Dianne> Right, Helen, and netopia is very reasonable in comparison to others.
.Julia> Sounds like a good ISP. Is eCongo a part of it, or is that a free service?
HELENCLAY> thanks Dianne
.Dianne> For an ecatalog, I pay $19.95 monthly... eCongo is free, Julia, for what you are looking for , you should check them out...but I have another URL for another one that might be better.
.Julia> cool, sounds great, Dianne. I'll bookmark it.
.Dianne> btw, netopia is affiliated with netscape.
.Julia> Oh good, I write my pages on their composer.
PATTIBIRD> my friend uses verio, i think she pays $70 a month, had to fight to use her credit card machine at fairs on the same account
.Dianne> very good in getting back with me with any problem and website setup is a no brainer if you are a computer user.
.Dianne> Patti, netopia will allow me to use my existing merchant account when I go estore and I still can have a 'full-service' website..with lessons, etc.
PATTIBIRD> wow, sounds like a good deal!
.Dianne> (gee, I should talk to them about getting paid for promoting them...hehehehehe)
PATTIBIRD> you should get a finders fee!
.Dianne> Well, these are, of course, just IMO. Hey, Patti, good idea, I like that!
PATTIBIRD> does it give an easy access for customers with both netscape and internet explorer?
.Julie> okay
.Dianne> Any more comments, questions, etc...Ah, my grey pearls..they are a fun mix..I like the way they turned out.
.brigitta> i have seen a beads roller tool is that working??
.Dianne> :::hint, wait til you see my white pearls and opals:::
PATTIBIRD> do you find that you fall behind trying to fill orders?
.Gaby> I haven't receive mine Brigitta, but I think so
.Dianne> Not so far, Patti. I do pride myself in fast turn around. And, I have my friend, from 'my friend's garden' products, helping when she can.
.brigitta> oh gaby you have order him
.Gaby> Ria told me that DB did one for her with pvc pipe
.Dianne> I like to get orders out in 24 hours max...but sometime if something is out of stock, there is a short delay.
.Dianne> I try to never be out of stock.
PATTIBIRD> wow, that's great, i've had to wait for supplies sometimes, drives me nuts!
.Gaby> But you have a great service Dianne, you keep touch with your customers
.brigitta> oh yes that idea had i too to make it of pc pipe
.Julie> I get annoyed when you do not get email confirmation of orders that you place. Dianne you do that though!
.Dianne> You, folks, talking about bead rollers...check Sue Lee's on the message board...I just orderd a set.
.Dianne> Julie, good point. I always give an email confirmation...I hate that when folks don't do that.
.brigitta> yes thats are the wan i mean
.Dianne> I want people to know that I value their trust and that I am trustworthy.
PATTIBIRD> dianne, do you ever run out of space or memory with too many pictures?
.Julie> I think it is important if you want to conduct business over the net to keep in touch with them
.Dianne> Patti, not so far. I am a little over the halfway mark now with my site's memory.
.Dianne> I can always buy more memory very reasonably, if I need to.
PATTIBIRD> do you get dedicated web space from somewhere or through you isp?
.Dianne> through the isp, part of the service.
PATTIBIRD> so, they would sell you more if you filled up?
.Dianne> Right.
PATTIBIRD> how many pictures do you think would max the space?
.Julia> How much memory is in your initial account, Dianne?
.Julie> You could do a seasonal rotation if you had product like that or art for holiday
.Dianne> I am not really sure, Patti, but I have learned to get maximum qu ality with low memory quantity...does that make sense?
.Dianne> right, Julie, I can drop picts...keep them stored on my zip drive.
PATTIBIRD> does someone design your home page?
.Dianne> Julia, I think it is 10mg...but don't remember for sure..I know that I would purchase more in 10 mg quantity.
.Julia> I have 10 meg with earthlink, but I'm considering dropping them.
PATTIBIRD> oh, oh, getting to that 'puter language........
.Dianne> I use netopia's platform for designing it...I did it...and netopia does give you some leeway in designing but NO Programmin...I don't write html.
PATTIBIRD> is that software, julie?
.Julie> Some have on line capability
PATTIBIRD> who or where are they?
.Julie> AOL has an expess that is now too hard.
PATTIBIRD> an express?
.Julie> I think has one and if I look it up I think there are a few more
PATTIBIRD> oh thank you!
.Julie> is a shareware freeware site that also has web page building stuff
.Dianne> Julie, doesn't delphi also have a site for learning html??
.Julie> Yep I think they do
.Dianne> DO you have background in web design?
.Julie> Some of the programs are WYSIWYG what you see is what you get and are very easy
PATTIBIRD> oh, oh, i'd love to avoid learning html.........~:-{
.Dianne> That is what I have WYSIWYG
.Julie> Yes microcomputer degree and design
.Dianne> Oh, all right!!! Julie tell us more!
PATTIBIRD> the expert steps forward.........
.Julie> No expert, just a user
PATTIBIRD> anyone using right fancy words liek WYSIWYG looks like an expert to me!
.Dianne> But, perhaps you can give us more info. Julie, is html hard to learn, worth learning?
.Julie> Some programs are just a matter of choosing a background for the page, typing in the headline and adding a few picture. The hard part is linking pages together and that is not all that hard eighter
.Julie> Either
PATTIBIRD> yeah, is it hard to run links?
.Julie> I find knowing html helpful but not necessary
.Julia> I'd like to know how to do frames, but that's beyond my html skill.
.Julie> The page I created for my place of employment is done with frontpage
.Julia> I like the use of frames on your site, Dianne.
.Julie> if you have time take a look
PATTIBIRD> is frontpage a software?
.Julie> yes microsoft product
PATTIBIRD> easy to use?
.Julie> It helps in loading the page to the internet.
PATTIBIRD> or do you think i should go to the tucows site?
.Dianne> see, Julia, that is netopia, I didn't do that.
.Julie> basically yes. I would head to tucows, they have easier stuff
.Julia> that's cool, Dianne. I may have to look into netopia.
.Julie> Diane, did you create your pages ?
HELENCLAY> oh...I went to check out the web site that Julie created...
.Dianne> I made my pages within netopia's framework...selected from several page skeletons that they have available.
.Dianne> They also allow you to write your own, if you like.
.Julia> earthlink's pagemaker bites.
PATTIBIRD> wow, sounds worth it, dianne, all that for around $20 a month?
HELENCLAY> I didn't realize that I would have to re-enter the chat...Julie..It looks wonderful.
.Julie> Some of the word processing packages available allow for pagemaking too. It depends how creative you are. THANKS
.Dianne> Yes, Patti, I pay in advance so get 13 months for about that monthly cost.
PATTIBIRD> so they also handle a cart too?
.Dianne> Oops, missed something here...Helen, what were you looking at?
.Dianne> Yes, P, they do, but the estore is about $400 annually.
PATTIBIRD> sounds like a good start for me, easy, get the page up, handle ebiz, then upgrade later
HELENCLAY> Dianne...Julie put up the web site that she designed...
.Dianne> Ok, I 'll check it later then. Thanks.
.Julie> Dianne did you have trouble with loading the page to the server at all
.Julie> Or did they do it for you
.Julia> I was thinking that too, Patti.
.Dianne> No, not at all.
PATTIBIRD> well, you guys are actually giving me hope, i was stuck in a file transfer protocol problem but i might be able to just go to these user friendly paths
.Dianne> Julie, they have software that I downloaded taht connects me into their system.
.Gaby> that is easier
.Dianne> It automatically 'saves' for me and puts up my pages, changes, etc.
.Julie> Tucows has a ftp software that is easy to use
PATTIBIRD> yeah, dianne, that's the place i got stuck, so netopia is an easy download process?
.Dianne> Yes...I do want to encourage you to shop around though...there may be better isps...once you select one and get everything set up, it is a pain to change.
.Dianne> That's is one reason why I chose to stay with Netopia instead of going with a free site...that, and I want full-service site.
PATTIBIRD> yeah, the chat today has given me a list of place to check into!
.Julie> hooray
.Dianne> Ok, folks, by my clock, it is 11am and our chat on selling online is officially over. Please feel free to continue chatting...
PATTIBIRD> D, do you think you'll be up to a full service site at some point?
.Dianne> Would you like to continue this topic next Saturday?? Or, another suggestion?
.Dianne> Yes, Patti, that is my plan.
.Julie> I am game, if everyone else would like, I will brush up on my info
PATTIBIRD> i'll set my coffee maker to be done before the chat, tho
.Gaby> Thank you Dianne for the usefull information :)
PATTIBIRD> when is the sunday chat?
.Dianne> Oh, good, Patti is passing out the coffee next week.
.Julie> yes as always Dianne you are the best
HELENCLAY> Thank you Dianne
PATTIBIRD> yes, fresh from seattle!
HELENCLAY> I'll help you Patti
.Dianne> I'll have my DH make some bagels! Hey, you are all terrific in my book too!!

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