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The Leading Edge With syndee holt
January 21, 2003

StarGazer: *LOG at 1/21/2003 9:33:51 PM* Topic:
Ronnie: since i got your kit i just stare at it, don't know where to begin heheheh maybe that's a start.
Caneguru: I didn't know where to start when I got mine either. Just stared at it for a week or two, then Marie got me started on ink mokume
Ronnie: yup - that's me!
SYNDEEHOLT: I hate to open the new kits, it's too pretty. I also have a box of new crayons in my linen cabinet
Caneguru: Syndee, any chance of upgrading the actual box? I'd pay for a better travel case
SYNDEEHOLT: depending on when you got the kit, they have upgraded at least the handles.
Caneguru: My handle broke the first time I opened the box. it was early on, I guess, one of the first kits that Marie and Howard got in
SYNDEEHOLT: I love my kit - I use it for the background on my how to photos
SYNDEEHOLT: Linda - call Jacquard and request a new case! They'll send it right out.
Caneguru: really? I'll do that
SYNDEEHOLT: Call and ask for Corrine, but do it before Thursday cause we'll all be leaving for HIA. email me at and I"ll give you 800 number
Caneguru: got it. Thanks!
SYNDEEHOLT: If you don't mix the inks in completely you get lovely marbeling. after baking, wash it with a mix of the brown and yellow pinata and rubbing alcohol and it picks up every little detail Well, the straight rubbing alcohol didn't dry shiny, so it's the small amount of pinata. I love those inks, I find more ways to use them. did you all see the bamboo article in Expression? they are beautiful to rub on unbaked clay to age it
Caneguru: they're marvellous inks. Did you see the tutorial somebody did about UTEE and inks to make amber?
SYNDEEHOLT: I've been requested to ask you all for your input on the next 8 colors of PX
Caneguru: GITD LOL
SYNDEEHOLT: Oh yeah, I say that tutorial!! it looked amazing.
SYNDEEHOLT: OH OH, Polyform loved our fuzzy clay idea.
Caneguru: They mention "permanent ink"
SYNDEEHOLT: GITD PX - that's a thought
Caneguru: would Pinata be "permanent ink"?
SYNDEEHOLT: Oh, well pinata would be perfect, since it's transparent also
Caneguru: She used a Suze Weinberg ink.. but what I have is lots of pinatas
SYNDEEHOLT: yellow, with a couple of drops of brown and a drop orange. Polyform has some cool new stuff coming out at HIA, I'll post next week and let you know
Caneguru: New stuff? New STUFF!!!! YAY!
Ronnie: ? we have to wait a whole week ????
StarGazer: Wahoo!!
Ronnie: she's weakening -- maybe giving us a hint!
SYNDEEHOLT: No I can't, well I thought it was cool
Caneguru: bribes Syn with brandied cherries
SYNDEEHOLT: ACtually, I may not even know all the stuff
Ronnie: we can risk that
Ronnie: :-)
SYNDEEHOLT: syn not a sweet eater, popcorn, potato chips
Caneguru: bribes Syn with Cascade Potato Chips
Caneguru: passes around the brandied cherries
Caneguru: ;-b
Ronnie: :-)
SYNDEEHOLT: good thing I'm on that low carb diet!!
Ronnie: is it working Syn?
Caneguru: yer a tough nut to crack
SYNDEEHOLT: no, but I feel better.
SYNDEEHOLT: my brother is type 2 diabetes, so I follow his diet as a preventative measure
Caneguru: How many times have you done HIA?
SYNDEEHOLT: 6, 7 8 times
SYNDEEHOLT: no, it'll be 9 years
Caneguru: Is it always at the same place? Or does it travel?
SYNDEEHOLT: It travels every 4 years Las Vegas, Dallas, Anaheim. Next year is Dallas again. That's how I can count how many I've done
Caneguru: stamps foot cuz it should come to Seattle
Ronnie: *sigh* never to Connecticut!
Caneguru: and YOU should come to seattle
SYNDEEHOLT: They need a HUGE convention center. I'm coming to Seattle for the RD vendor show. Ronnie - don't give up on Conn., one of my 2 cousins lives there and my good friend Raine
Ronnie: Woo-Hoo!!
Caneguru: You should come up to SEattle more often than that ... how about Claycamp in May?
SYNDEEHOLT: Claycamp in May? hmmmmm May whAT?
Caneguru: uh... hold on
SYNDEEHOLT: I'll get a sponsor
Ronnie: I live almost next to the airport
SYNDEEHOLT: I'm taking boys to Italy in Aprl
Caneguru: I think it's before Mom's day
SYNDEEHOLT: whoa - using vacation time for vacation - never done THAT
Caneguru: Did you get my email, btw, with the lady from Italy?
StarGazer: hee-hee me neither....
SYNDEEHOLT: yes, I sent email to her,but haven't heard
Caneguru: 'k
SYNDEEHOLT: any guild retreats, just let me know, I can try to line up sponsors so I can go
Caneguru: Sponsors?
StarGazer: neato!
SYNDEEHOLT: Yeah, my companies to pay my way
teddyDodge: Sponsers?
Caneguru: Ah sweet!
teddyDodge: how can we help?
SYNDEEHOLT: If they don't, I just do it anyway. Just let me know ahead of time of events and I'll start asking companies - also for raffle stuff
Caneguru: dang.. I should pay you to mentor me. =)
SYNDEEHOLT: Okay, back to extruding.. how many have tried
StarGazer: my guild has asked me to do a MG demo with Pinata inks for our next clay day.... any neato ideas???
Caneguru: tried extruding, Syn?
teddyDodge: I tried it
SYNDEEHOLT: YOu mean in terms of ultimate design ideas?
teddyDodge: made a big mess. lol
Caneguru: I wondered if yours was a full sentence or sentence fragment.. .nemmermind
StarGazer: oh just tips or neat things to do to create the MG stack... :)
SYNDEEHOLT: Okay, I'm tying these 2 threads together - I've thought about doing MG with PInatas and extruding gold coils to run between the layers
Caneguru: coolness
StarGazer: gold coils? can't make the picture in my head?
SYNDEEHOLT: Star - demo putting PX on the clay sheet first, then putting PInata over it to seal it
StarGazer: ok! (yippee)
SYNDEEHOLT: it doesn't even have to be solid layer of PX
Caneguru: it makes it so jewellike to do that
StarGazer: cool!
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, I guess the coils would be smashed and wouldn't keep their shape, but it'll come to me somehow the method
StarGazer: lol okay!
SYNDEEHOLT: USE GLOVES - that pinata doesn't come off
StarGazer: how about loops instead of coils?
SYNDEEHOLT: I have lovely amber nails..
StarGazer: LOL
SYNDEEHOLT: how bout pressing something round through the stack and putting a length of gold clay into the hole left? gold polka dots in the MG
StarGazer: cool!
Caneguru: will Pinata stick to metal leaf?
StarGazer: i've used pinata's with transfers.... REALLY bright colors! :D
SYNDEEHOLT: yes, it will, put the leaf on the clay, then drop pinata inks onto the leaf
Caneguru: oooooh
SYNDEEHOLT: let it dry really well, then stretch the clay with your hands - the leaf will break up and take the inks with it
Caneguru: cool. I have a half a notebook of ideas, that being one of them, that I haven't been well enough to try
SYNDEEHOLT: upcoming Expression has another way to use Pinatas
StarGazer: cool!
SYNDEEHOLT: Ultramarine blue clay with gold leaf and then red, green, orange dropped on it is just fabulous
Ronnie: i really need to open that kit!
Caneguru: Yes you do, Ronnie
StarGazer: yes you do! :)
teddyDodge: Open it Ronnie
SYNDEEHOLT: of course all the kits have my "white" paint - green lumiere
Caneguru: Syndee.. might there be a more metallic looking gold Pinata coming down the pike?
StarGazer: is confused.... :)
SYNDEEHOLT: Linda - you can have the most metallic looking gold pinata you can dream of by adding PX to the PInata
Caneguru: ;-) Ok
SYNDEEHOLT: you can make sludge ink if you are so inclined..
Caneguru: Can't wait to get back to the workshop. Maybe this weekend.
StarGazer: lol
Caneguru: sludge ink?
teddyDodge: is it like muck?
SYNDEEHOLT: sludge ink is the stuff they use for a lot of the surface techniques and for mokume gane
SYNDEEHOLT: Did you all know that there is a little message board for clay and Jacquard products on my little website off now that I've got my network up and screaming DSL, I'm gonna have the laptop in the garage and be posting as I work!
Caneguru: I think I saw that..
StarGazer: no... i didn't....
Ronnie: no
StarGazer: Wahoo!!!
Caneguru: Yeeee ha
Ronnie: :-)
SYNDEEHOLT: OH MY GOD! We could do a project that way!!
Caneguru: do you have a webcam?
SYNDEEHOLT: now class, make a sheet of Ultramarine..
Ronnie: hehehehe i'd like that!!!!
teddyDodge: yes teacher
SYNDEEHOLT: Linda - I'm talking to their webmaster this week..
Caneguru: who's webmaster?
Caneguru: ah!
SYNDEEHOLT: live stream the sucker
StarGazer: Wahoo!!
Caneguru: yessssss
Ronnie: that would be great!
SYNDEEHOLT: at least I can write the text for it and you won't see me in my jammies in my messy garage
Caneguru: ah.. part of being human
teddyDodge: picture that
Caneguru: like the outtakes on Marie's tapes
SYNDEEHOLT: but if it's all text, it'll be there for the folks who weren't there "live"
StarGazer: some webcam demos i've seen have a participant "scribe" the webcam event...
SYNDEEHOLT: that's how HGTV does it and they get it wrong
StarGazer: it would be like typing in your text as you get to that part of the demo for the rest of the participants...
SYNDEEHOLT: everytime..
StarGazer: frees up your hands...
SYNDEEHOLT: YES!! I write Marie's and my articles that way, i can type as fast as I think. then I can take digitals as I go and have webmaster post them on a page..
StarGazer: really?? you think fast! (oh oh oh... and if... ) hee-hee
SYNDEEHOLT: yes I type thought stream..
StarGazer: cool!
Caneguru: Syn, speaking of digitals...
SYNDEEHOLT: digitals
Caneguru: I'm still very interested in hearing about your ideas for teaching photography to clayers... and crafters.. and jewelry makers...etc.
SYNDEEHOLT: Ah, didn't I send that to you?
Caneguru: Nope I just bought some background paper for photography.. gawd it was pricey
SYNDEEHOLT: I thought I did from my MSN? send me email at and I"ll send it tonight
Caneguru: 'k
SYNDEEHOLT: why use background paper, use natural areas around your house
Caneguru: I generally do, but DH wanted some for photoing colored stone stuff. This stuff is nice.. kinda skinnerblended paper
SYNDEEHOLT: I use sheets of poster board, curved against the wall when I'm forced to. don't forget textiles make interesting backgrounds. Linda - you live in scarf land - they work great for backgrounds
Caneguru: indeedy. Maybe I oughtta do photoshoots in the fabric shop :)
SYNDEEHOLT: don't you usually make your jewelry to match your clothing?
Caneguru: Nah. I buy the clothes to match the jewelry
SYNDEEHOLT: NO - the other way around - make the jewelry to match the clothes!! what really sucks is when I buy a new outfit and come home to find a jewelry piece that already matches it
Caneguru: too funny, Syn
Caneguru: make another piece that goes with it
SYNDEEHOLT: We had someone bring in REAL candy on April fools and use it for Show and Tell as clay
teddyDodge: lol
SYNDEEHOLT: we were REALLY impressed, until we noticed she was so red from the joke - try it
Caneguru: The Graduate Gemology course has a colored stones identification test. They put in a piece of Jolly Rancher Candy
teddyDodge: kewl
SYNDEEHOLT: UMMM, love that apple green color
Caneguru: The one that I've seen was red. lol. Looks like synthetic ruby boule
SYNDEEHOLT: They'll have to include UTEE this time..
Caneguru: Have you done much with UTEE? I have tons of it
SYNDEEHOLT: I love colored gems - you can have diamonds - boring..I'm waiting for my meltpot
Caneguru: Agreed, Syn. well colored diamonds aren't too shabby
SYNDEEHOLT: no, I understand that they are now coloring rejecting diamonds with lasers for colored gems
Caneguru: Oh yeah, that's old technology. especially green diamonds. DH sells diamonds. :)
SYNDEEHOLT: substandard diamonds I meant to say, but the word escaped..
SYNDEEHOLT: Understand from the Powers that BE that pearls are back..
Caneguru: Syn, re: pearls.... ever see the old Swarovski "creamrose" faux pearls?
SYNDEEHOLT: NO! I want to try to make green pearls
Beanie: do you mean pearl colors or pearls
Caneguru: I have a ton of creamrose.. they're gorgeous. I don't think they make them anymore
SYNDEEHOLT: faux green pearls - that makes more sense. Oh, I think I know what you mean - they are beautiful color
Caneguru: I buy them from Purple Finch in NH. I like em better than most genuine pearls
SYNDEEHOLT: I think faux green pearls and blue pearls to set off RAku beads..
Caneguru: blue pearls. Hmmmm
SYNDEEHOLT: there is a bluish-black pearl
Beanie: oo bet that's pretty
SYNDEEHOLT: my brother's sis in law has a pearl website for the jewelry she imports and she has lots of computer problems. I see more than I want to of pearls
Caneguru: Does PearlBabe come to shows near you? They do the Intergem shows
SYNDEEHOLT: don't know, I've gone to one gem/bead show in about 3 years - everything was pearls
Beanie: syndee.. can I ask you a question?
SYNDEEHOLT: shoot Beanie
Beanie: will you be going to HIA?
SYNDEEHOLT: yes. I leave Friday
Beanie: rep'ing Expressions?
SYNDEEHOLT: no Polyform, and visiting Expression and Jacquard
Beanie: oh... that's great
Beanie: then another qusetion.. if you know. is there anything "new" out there in terms of polymer clay other than Kato Clay?
SYNDEEHOLT: as far as I know, there haven't been any major advances in the material in about 2 years unless you count eraser clay, which is cool too, but not for our "mature" market
Beanie: that's what I thought... figuredif there was anything you'd know. well.. we kinda make eraser "mature"
SYNDEEHOLT: Oh I love eraser clay - I mix it into my premo for really cool colors
StarGazer: any favorite color recipes??
Caneguru: I need to get some flexclay
Beanie: me too.. i would love to see a translucent eraser clay
SYNDEEHOLT: the problem with translucency is that you don't want to step closer to vinyl to get your transparency
Caneguru: so translucency = higher vinyl content?
SYNDEEHOLT: I think that's the way I heard it Linda, and I make eraser for my kid who still gets notes from his teach "send more erasers"
Caneguru: translucent eraser clay.. hmmm... and then mix in sparklies
Beanie: actually I just mix the eraser clay straight with translucent to get really neat pastels
StarGazer: ooooh i like sparklies!
teddyDodge: they might tear the paper
Caneguru: who erases with it? LOL
teddyDodge: lol
Ronnie: lol
Beanie: lol
SYNDEEHOLT: I like to cane the stuff
Beanie: i love to make rainbow skinner blends with them
SYNDEEHOLT: both Flex and Eraser, mixed with Premo make a really comfy bead for the back of the neck
StarGazer: eraser necklaces.... for the person who makes mistakes... :)
Beanie: i made an eraser "head" to wear on a necklace to have for boo boo
Caneguru: lol, Beanie
Ronnie: awwww
StarGazer: hee-hee
Caneguru: Syn, will eraser clay work like flex for extruded cords? mixed w/Premo?
SYNDEEHOLT: eraser switch plates are great for people who hit the plate
teddyDodge: might help with ring around the collar
SYNDEEHOLT: eraser is probably a little grainy for extrusion, but it doesnt hurt to try
Caneguru: 'k. Cuz I have no flexclay and nowhere around here sells it...gotta place an order
Ronnie: don't feel bad, we don't have it here either
SYNDEEHOLT: Geez, Linda get yerself some or write me
Beanie: OH.. and Polyform has been nominated for Award of Excellence in a couple of catagories for eraser
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, they have
Beanie: they deserve to win each one!!!
Caneguru: Who does the awards?
SYNDEEHOLT: With Expression taking a Silver Ozzie for best new design, we're doing good
SYNDEEHOLT: The coolest thing about caning with eraser clay is that you bake the cane and then slice it! Perfect for you guys that do demos
Caneguru: that's handy
StarGazer: yeah! :)
SYNDEEHOLT: Oh me that can't keep a round cane round..
Caneguru: Is Marie doing HIA, too?
SYNDEEHOLT: my oldest son just came into the room said he made the top 8 percent of something last year in algebra and got "some" award of excellence..of course the paperwork is in a friends backpack..
Caneguru: Yay!
StarGazer: neato!!
Ronnie: Woo-Hoo!
StarGazer: better make room on the fridge! :)
SYNDEEHOLT: I'll be picking Marie up on my way and we are roomies as usual for 5 days - count em no laundry, no cooking..
StarGazer: wahoo!!
Caneguru: Give her a huge huggle from me, ok?
SYNDEEHOLT: I will give hugs to everyone
Caneguru: She leaving Howard behind to keep the homefires burning?
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, except he'll be up on Sat. Actually, Marie and I are teaching a class together for a project using extruded cords of clay. 2 ring circuses are always fun..
Caneguru: Cool. I wish I lived down your way
SYNDEEHOLT: add the polyform people and it becomes a 3 ring circus
Caneguru: lol
SYNDEEHOLT: although a little quieter without Chuckie
Caneguru: sigh...
SYNDEEHOLT: our Ringleader
Ronnie: and i take it your circus still doesn't include CT?
Caneguru: I never got to meet him
Ronnie: hehehe, Connecticut...
SYNDEEHOLT: Hey we are Roadies - watch out CT!
Ronnie: guess the circus isn't coming to town
Caneguru: Get Jacquard to get you the pinata/PX version of the wienermobile
SYNDEEHOLT: You guys have a retreat that way don't you? I didn't find out until too late last year
Ronnie: there is one in ct, but I couldn't make it
SYNDEEHOLT: You know, I was seriously working on Chuckie for the Sculpey RV
Caneguru: I think it's a grand idea
SYNDEEHOLT: I really need to do that for the Western US for all the store that want demos
Caneguru: woohoo
SYNDEEHOLT: Now that both boys are in traditional summer vacations, it's possible
Caneguru: see if your different sponsors would chip in for such a thing - the rolling brayer tour
SYNDEEHOLT: The problem is that "real job" - I'd have to take leave of absence for any extended time, even though I accumulate 12 hr a month
Caneguru: still not a full time gig then...
SYNDEEHOLT: NO! I like those health benefits and regualr paycheck
Caneguru: I hear taht
SYNDEEHOLT: besides, it's kinda fun
Caneguru: what is your dayjob?
SYNDEEHOLT: I'm the business and financial officer, office manager, graphic artist, webmaster and assistant to the director of the PR department for the Schools of medicine and PHarmacy and the medical centers for UCSD
Caneguru: wooooooo
Ronnie: wow
SYNDEEHOLT: I get to play on the web a lot and handle crises
Caneguru: is that where Varda works?
SYNDEEHOLT: yes, we have several UCSD people cause Z Kripke, who used to run student health started the guild with me as sargent
Caneguru: I love Z's stuff
SYNDEEHOLT: then she took early retirement to play clay, got her husband into glass and then got into it herself along with papillon doggies
Caneguru: Really. :) so she's showing dogs and doing glass now?
SYNDEEHOLT: She used to email me "this retirement thing is great - clay all day"
Caneguru: >whimper<
SYNDEEHOLT: She doesn't show her dogs, she is involved in rescue
Caneguru: 20 years to retirement
SYNDEEHOLT: She is also a proud grandmother now. REtirement? I'd just like to have ONE job
StarGazer: i've only got 7 years to retirement!! Yippee!!
SYNDEEHOLT: I technically have 3
Ronnie: I want retirement soooooooo badly!
Caneguru: thtptttttt @ Jean
StarGazer: lol
SYNDEEHOLT: I'll be working forever - I have sons who want to go to Harvard..
Caneguru: I don't want retirement, per se... just want something more aligned with my interests.. that pays
StarGazer: syndee i sent you some pics of things i've made with Pinata inks... :)
SYNDEEHOLT: oh goodie - which email?
StarGazer: i can pop them here if you'd like to see now...
SYNDEEHOLT: ARGHH - one of the cats just stuck their paw through the keyboard drawer....   YES!
Caneguru: lol pop away
StarGazer: ok... just a sec...
SYNDEEHOLT: if you get funny postings - it's the cat
Ronnie: here kitty, kitty, kitty!!!
SYNDEEHOLT: why do they do that?
Caneguru: they like "chat" rooms
SYNDEEHOLT: they think it's funny to make me jump 3 feet?
StarGazer: *SHOWURL*
Caneguru: nice fishy
StarGazer: you can click on them to get the big pic...
SYNDEEHOLT: Wow! love the middle one!!
StarGazer: the middle pic is the transfer i was talking about earlier... :)
Ronnie: they're wonderful!! I love the transfer!!
SYNDEEHOLT: how did you apply the inks?   darn cat
StarGazer: :) *blush* Thanks!! ;)
StarGazer: first i transferred the trans clay then i painted the image with the pinata ink
SYNDEEHOLT: did you back it on Pearl clay? I think I see mica
Caneguru: very nice
StarGazer: then the transfer/trans/pinata sheet was put onto another sheet of clay (white, i think) that was covered with silver foil leaf...either white or pearl...
SYNDEEHOLT: leaf that's what i see
StarGazer: thanks linda! yup, silver!
Caneguru: What are the dimensions of that piece?
StarGazer: maybe 4 x 6?
Caneguru: thx
StarGazer: like an index card...i made that after i got my Kit! :)
SYNDEEHOLT: Did you mount it on another sheet of clay to hang?
StarGazer: yup, the white that's covered with the silver foil is on a sheet of red that is on a sheet of black...
SYNDEEHOLT: send me the URL and I'll send to Jacquard to link if you wish..
StarGazer: ok! :)
SYNDEEHOLT: - the new edress. Did you all know that Wayne at Polyform had TRIPLETS?
Caneguru: Oh MY! everybody healthy?
SYNDEEHOLT: 2 boys and 1 girl - all doing well, should come home any day
Caneguru: cool beans
Ronnie: wonderful
StarGazer: link sent...WAHOO!!! triplets!! (i'm a twin)
SYNDEEHOLT: Jacquard wanted him to name them Rupert, Gibbons and Spider (their real name(
StarGazer: send our congratulations, please! :)
SYNDEEHOLT: I will! He's hoping to make HIA
Caneguru: Spider? As in Spider Robinson?
SYNDEEHOLT: no as in monkeys - Michael the owner, loved monkeys when he was a kid
Caneguru: oh LOL
SYNDEEHOLT: Jacquard is RGS like Sculpey is Polyform
StarGazer: :)
SYNDEEHOLT: At HIA I intend to bend the ear of every bigwig from Michaels I come across about the displeasure voiced on PCC about stocking this month And thell them they can make partial amends by stocking the new stuff pronto
Ronnie: :-)
Caneguru: The Michaels out here are awful. The large Jo-Anns stores are faboo, tho
SYNDEEHOLT: Joannes is going big time on clay
Caneguru: and discounting for PCC members :)
SYNDEEHOLT: we want special coupons on PCC
Ronnie: i actually have 2 michaels, a joannes and ac moore - they're all really not bad
StarGazer: have you ever painted Pinata on a cane as you were piecing it together? like an outline? would it show?
SYNDEEHOLT: also stamping onto the sliced cane ALso, try PXing the outside of the cane and then sealing with Pinata - gorgeous
StarGazer: Wahoo!! stamping with rubber stamps??
Caneguru: that's a grand idea!
SYNDEEHOLT: Oh I use PInata to stamp all the time - you can PX underneath and PX over it
Caneguru: never thought about the outside!
StarGazer: Wahoo!!
Caneguru: gem encrusted cane
StarGazer: yeah, really!
Caneguru: I got new gems for my B-day :)
StarGazer: wahoo!!! 'course you're a gem too!
Caneguru: lol Jean lots of inclusions in this gem, Jean
SYNDEEHOLT: ACtually, you know the old texture plate that looks like cobblestone?
Caneguru: yep
StarGazer: ??
SYNDEEHOLT: reverse it into the clay so the cobbles are down and fill with Pinatas mixed with alcohol or extender for enamel
StarGazer: oh, yeah... i have that text plate!
Caneguru: uh... won't it evaporate?
StarGazer: i think it's supposed to evaporate... :)
SYNDEEHOLT: or texture right side up and color only the cobbles for gems - use gold clay and they are gems set in gold
Caneguru: hmmmm have to mess with that
StarGazer: oooooooooooooo purty!
SYNDEEHOLT: use qtips to apply
StarGazer: is SO glad she logged this chat...
SYNDEEHOLT: I tell ya, all I need practically is pinata and clay and I'm set
Caneguru: :-)
StarGazer: and PX... :)
Ronnie: i'll definitely open my kit this weekend
StarGazer: you better ronnie! :) you're missing out on all the fun!!
Ronnie: sounds like it
SYNDEEHOLT: oh okay and an extruder gun
StarGazer: LOL
Ronnie: ;-)
Caneguru: Hey, didja harrass the powers that be about bigger portions of black PX???
SYNDEEHOLT: Yes, I'm hoping that's one of the 8 new colors. Now something else? Their textile paints are wonderful on the surface of baked clay
Caneguru: yay!
StarGazer: Way cool!
Caneguru: what other colors are they thinking about?
SYNDEEHOLT: I want black, GITD, acid green, orange, red, deep purple, bright silver,
Caneguru: yes on bright silver
SYNDEEHOLT: If they have any set, they didn't tell me
Ronnie: ooohhh deep purple!!!
Caneguru: and purple. can't go wrong with purple
StarGazer: true!
SYNDEEHOLT: I want to do a mixing chart of the colors too - that's on my loooong list of things to do
Caneguru: cool
StarGazer: do you have any clay items up anywhere that used the textile paints?
SYNDEEHOLT: the blue and the super copper make an interesting color
Caneguru: Supercopper is one of my alltime favorite things... :)
SYNDEEHOLT: no Star, not yet - they are really smooth - smoother than acrylics
StarGazer: cool!
SYNDEEHOLT: but they are translucent also, so if you wipe across white textured clay and let it dry - it looks like enamels white porcelain
StarGazer: oh wow!! that's so cool!! i GOTTA get me some of those!!!
SYNDEEHOLT: So if you use white clay and blue textiles - you get a lovely sculpter porcelain effect
Caneguru: the ones just called Textile paint?
StarGazer: do that have any SWAGS???
SYNDEEHOLT: yes, Textile paints - I'll see about SWAG
Caneguru: SWAG?
SYNDEEHOLT: stuff we all get - free stuff
StarGazer: oh goody!!! i'm ready!! hee-hee
SYNDEEHOLT: is this dedication? My block had a party this weekend, I was in my garage working away with the top of the doors open - I could hear em
SYNDEEHOLT: Michaels just brought in Lumiere and Textiles
StarGazer: cool!
SYNDEEHOLT: I'll do some projects for their website and you can access for free!
Caneguru: The Art store near me has the textiles, i think
StarGazer: of course my Michaels is "not the best"...
SYNDEEHOLT: Actually, I have about 6 projects up now
StarGazer: cool!
SYNDEEHOLT: sells product also
StarGazer: oh good... that will help...
SYNDEEHOLT: Marie carries them also in Exciter paks
Caneguru: where is Jacquard based?
SYNDEEHOLT: Sonoma county - about 2 hours north of SF
StarGazer: cool, my stomping grounds... :)
Caneguru: ty
StarGazer: is Jacquard gonna post a "project" ad in one of the Polymer magazines with the Textile product being used??? their competition is...
SYNDEEHOLT: Okay - I'll do one!! Then I''l ask em..
Caneguru: get it into PolymerCAFE :)
StarGazer: competition=Createx
SYNDEEHOLT: They own Createx now
StarGazer: aha!!! i found this out cuz they are doing an ad with some of debbie's pieces...she uses Createx on Leather...
SYNDEEHOLT: Maybe I'll do a column for Expression using the same clay, same texture and Pinatas, Lumieres and Textile paints for comparison
StarGazer: that would be cool!
SYNDEEHOLT: Ooops - I gotta go make lunches and check the homework
StarGazer: yup, homework time!
Caneguru: nite nite nite nite happy HIA, Syn thanks for chatting
StarGazer: thanks for the chat syndee!!! :)
SYNDEEHOLT: not to mention cleaning up the mess from the holes we drilled for the DSL line!!
StarGazer: hee-hee
SYNDEEHOLT: I'll report in to PCC as soon as possible!! nite all!
StarGazer: *LOG at 1/21/2003 11:11:59 PM* OFF [Last participant has left the room]

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