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Jessica Greschner

Jessica Greschner
Kitchener, Ontario ZIP

Background Information

Years Teaching:  2
Years Teaching Clay:  2
Years Working w/Clay:  8
School or Studio:  Michael's Craft Store
Freelance:  Yes
Specialties:  I think my specialties would include; canework and beads.
First Experience With Clay:  I am 17 years old right now and have been working with polymer clay for years! It was really weird how I started using polymer clay, it was almost like it was meant to be. I went to Michaels, where I currently work and teach, and I was looking at some clay, (this was when I was 10ish) and thought that my parents wouldn't let me use it because it would be too much work baking every figurine I did, so I put it back. That Christmas my mom bought me a starter kit! It was like it was meant to be!
Past Teaching Experiences:  I have had my work in a store in St. Jacobs, I have also done a lot of costum orders like frog hockey team players, wedding penguins, store maskots, jewelry designs, and lots of odds and ends!
Publication Experience:  N/A
Teaching Level:  Semi-Pro

Lesson Information

Private Lessons:  Yes
How Far Will Travel:  1 hour
Reimbursed Expenses:  Negotiable
Group Lessons:  Yes
Minimum Number of Students:  2
Maximum Number of Students:  10
How Far Will Travel:  Variable
Reimbursed Expenses:  Variable

Class Prep Time:  It depends on the class, usually 45 minutes
Maximum Consecutive Days Teaching:  Open
Class Listings & Descriptions:  I teach classes all year long and will teach you as much as i can!
Introduction to Clay Beads: 2 hours, will teach canework, how to bake, put holes and glaze properly. I will teach you five different techniques to make beads.
Figurines: all depends on the season, if you have a certain one in mind i will gladly show you how to make it!
Broaches: i will show you how to make roses, flowers and more and how to make them into broaches.
Kids Classes: I do a lot of kids classes. I can teach them how to make anything from a frog figurine, to a glow-in-the-dark ghost magnet

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