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Shirley Dougan

Shirley Dougan
Mt Evelyn, Vic 3796
Website: N/A

Background Information

Years Teaching:  13
Years Teaching Clay:  13
Years Working w/Clay:  27
School or Studio:  Home Studio
Freelance:  Yes
Specialties:  Polymerclay dollmaking - i.e. heads, hands, feet/shoes. Polymerclay mosaics incoporating all sorts of techniques, jewelry and moulded things.
First Experience With Clay:  I met Brian Froud who is an illustrator and "creature maker" in England while on a trip in 1983 and he put me on to polymerclay.
Past Teaching Experiences:  I have taught in 5 of our 7 states and also in New Zealand and in the USA 4 times. I have taught hundreds of people how to make polymer clay dolls and have also been artist-in-residence at schools on 3 occasions. I have also taught at conventions as well as organising 4 retreats and 6 shows.
Publication Experience:  Article in Australian Country Craft & Decorating vol14 #5, 2003
Gallery Picture in Contemporary Doll Collector - USA, 2002
Project in Dolls, Bears & Collectables vol11 #1, 2004
Article Dolls, Bears & Collectables. Vol10 #1, 2003
Project in Australian Country Craft & Decorating vol14 #5, 2003
Project in Dolls, Bears & Collectables. vol10 #1, 2003
Article in Australian Doll Digest, 1996
Project in Miniature Collector - USA, 2003
Article in Dolls, Bears & Collectables. vol4 #4, 1997
Article in Australian Doll Digest, 1985
Recently have written a regular column for Dolls, Bears & Collectables
Teaching Level:  Professional

Lesson Information

Private Lessons:  Yes
How Far Will Travel:  Anywhere
Reimbursed Expenses:  Airfare, accommodation
Group Lessons:  Yes
Minimum Number of Students:  8
Maximum Number of Students:  20
How Far Will Travel:  Anywhere
Reimbursed Expenses:  Airfare, accommodation

Class Prep Time: Depends upon what the class is
Maximum Consecutive Days Teaching:  5
Class Listings & Descriptions: 
Faerie, Pirate Captain, Victorian Santa, Picksie: Each doll has polymer clay head, hands/gloves, feet/shoes, wire armature, cloth body and clothing. Students make the whole thing. Generally two-day classes except the picksie. Some pre-work required.
Polymerclay classes: bead-making, mosaics, moulds, imitative techniques, image transfer, canes. All polymer clay classes are half-day and are mostly technique-based with samples of finished articles for inspiration and ideas.
Teaching Craft Course: this course is for those who want to teach craft but are not sure how to do it. Covers everything from how to get classes, preparation, costing, to the classroom experience.The course is 4 sessions of 3 hours per session.

Words of Encouragement to Novice Teachers:

"I would suggest that the person might know a heap about the medium but needs to know about the teaching process. Go and do some classes (can be in any craft) and watch what the teachers do. Note what you liked about the teaching and what you didn't like - odds are that if you don't like a particular thing, the other students likely didn't too."

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