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Welcome to our newest feature at Polymer Clay Central! One of the common questions that we always receive, either in email or on the PCC Message Board, is about the availability of teachers in any given geographic area. We answer the questions as best as we can, but we wanted to find an easier way for prospective students to contact a teacher who can fit their needs.

Here is our answer - The PCC International Polymer Clay Teachers Directory! We are now offering a centralized place where teachers can list their qualifications, contact information, teaching programs, and photos, and where students can find teachers for individual instruction or Guild Workshops with the click of a mouse. Each teacher providing their information will have a Teacher Webpage at PCC, including photos of their choice, and students will be able to search out teachers by name or area.

As PCC reaches out to many, many countries, we want teachers from all countries to submit their information. We want this to be truly International, and to serve the needs of Clay Artists the world over. This Directory will meet a real need for clayers, and we hope that many of those who teach, from seasoned Professionals to the Semi-Pros and Amateurs who have a love for teaching, will take the time to fill in the form and get listed.

Yes, this is not just for the Professional teachers - everyone who can conduct a class is welcome to fill out the form. The only qualification we ask is that teachers should have at least one or two classes in their experience.

So, teachers, here's a chance for students to easily find YOU and arrange classes! And all it takes is a few minutes to fill out a form and upload some photos! That, coupled with the Internet reach of Polymer Clay Central, can only help to improve your class acquisitions! Start now...